Barrett M82A1-Legend Dragon

barrett legend dragon

Barrett M82A1-Legend Dragon is a sniper rifle variant of the Barrett M82A1.


This weapon features a fading blood red to black color scheme with brown dragon decals all over its body. It has also improved stats (slightly lighter and tweaked accuracy), although it retains the classic cartridge size of 10 with 20 in reserve.



Available in all CrossFire versions.

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  • This gun has the slowest reload time comparing to any other Barrett variant in CF Vietnam. When was first released, it has the same advantage of faster reload like the Barrett-RD, but it was soon fixed, probably because the winning rate is set a higher than both Red Dragon and Royal Dragon variants.
    • For this reason, Barrett M82A1 Legend Dragon is the very first Barrett sniper rifle to be put “on-sale” in CF Vietnam during the Autumn 2016 Festival – players only need to spend 669 Vcoin in-game to obtain this gun permanently. It’s featured a second time during 2017 Lunar New Year, this time bundled with M66 & M4A1-XS Legend Dragon for only 689 Vcoin, and finally, it’s put on-sale again in February 2017 and players only need to spend 323 Vcoin in-game to obtain this gun permanently, which is very cheap.
  • In CF Philippines, this is the only variant of Barrett M82A1 that retains its original power in Mutation Mode & variants, unlike all other variants having their firepower getting nerfed.
  • In many versions, this variant’s model is zoomed in a little bit comparing to any other Barrett M82A1 variants, making it look slightly bigger.




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