Mephisto (Diablo II)

mephisto diablo 2

Mephisto is the Lord of Hatred, the act boss of Act III and the first Prime Evil the player fights in the game. He resides at the bottom of the Durance of Hate beneath Travincal. To reach him, the player must fight his way through two superunique Council Members: Bremm Sparkfist and Maffer Dragonhand/Wyand Voidbringer, as well as some vampires as well if they happen to spawn on the level. After defeating Mephisto, the gate to Hell will become reachable and the player can continue on to Act IV.

Mephisto is voiced by Paul Eiding who also provided the voice for the narrator in Diablo I and Diablo II.

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Unlike his two brothers, who are both final bosses in a sense, Mephisto is relatively easy to deal with. He has a large variety of attacks, but most are various skills that belong to the Sorceress:

  • Lightning
  • Charged Bolt
  • Blizzard
  • Frost Nova

He also uses two special skills:

  • Skull Missile, which fires a compact ball at the player and deals cold damage
  • Poison Nova, which expands a cloud of poison from his current position. It is not the same as the Necromancer skill however, as it expands much more slowly.

Mephisto will tend to use Lightning and his Skull Missile most often, along with the Charged Bolts less frequently. He throws off the Frost Nova and Poison Nova if the player gets close, while he very rarely uses Blizzard.

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For ranged characters, it’s mainly about remaining mobile. The projective skills can be easily avoided by running back and forth if they keep their distance to Mephisto. Melee characters will have harder time. The most important resist is lightning, as those attacks deal the most damage and they are his element of choice.

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