Here are the 25 Best Browser Games You Should Be Playing in 2021 (Pssst…They’re Totally Free!)

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If you’re looking to pass the day away with new ways to keep yourself entertained during the pandemic, check out these best browser games for hours of fun! All of these fun browser games don’t need a flashy and pricy PC to play—you can just play these online games directly from your browser.

Browser games are almost entirely free and easy to navigate. Plus, there are a bunch of single and multiplayer browser games to choose from, no matter if you’re craving some solo online gameplay or wanting a new browser game to play with friends.


Check out this guide to find out your new favorite way to kill some time with these fun and addicting browser games to play online! Any of these 25 best browser games will make long days fly on by.

25 Best Browser Games for 2021

1. Akinator 

Prepare to be completely amazed by the mystical power of the Akinator! All you have to do to play is think of a character, object, or animal and hold the thought in your mind. Using his powers, the Akinator will try to guess what you’re thinking by asking you a series of yes or no questions to narrow down the possibilities. Once you answer these questions, watch the Akinator work his magic and guess precisely what you’re thinking.


If you’re old enough to remember playing Snake on a Nokia phone, we have a feeling you’ll love! Playing as a snake, you need to eat the glowing dots, grow longer and escape the enemies in order to win. As a fun little bonus, you can also customize the skin of the snake!

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3. League of Angels – Heaven’s Fury

When you play League of Angels– Heaven’s Fury, you’ll get to choose from a mighty Dragoon, the enigmatic Mage, or deadly Archer to embark on a quest to save the world. Once you decide on a character, you’ll recruit a team of angels from both sides of light and darkness to fight against demonic beasts and their masters in a gorgeously designed fantasy world. As you level-up, you’ll get a chance to upgrade your skills and talents to take on more powerful enemies. Once you progress even further, you’ll get to unlock relics, holy artifacts, and divine weapons to put even more hurt on your enemies!

4. Dark Knight

Start out as a sorcerer then turn devil hunter when you play Dark Knight! As you play through the game, you’ll have a chance to choose a goddess to help you fight the forces of darkness right at your side. In this browser game, you can either fight alone or with friends in the open world and master the skills you’ll need to survive all of the demons.

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5. Drakensang Online

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If you’re looking for stunning 3D graphics and effects, Drakensang Online may be the browser game for you. You even have the ability to create your own character! Fighting against evil, you’ll see picturesque medieval towns, green forests, murky swamps, and dark caves in an extraordinary 3D effect that goes beyond your average browser game.

6. DarkOrbit Reloaded

Blast off into intergalactic battles and travel the galaxy with this fun browser game. You can choose from your own faction, customize your ship, and take off into your next adventure– all in 3D! Like shooting arcade games of the past, DarkOrbit requires a quick trigger finger but there are so many more customizable options for you to choose from.

7. Lords of the Arena

Choose your hero and fight for glory, fame, and riches in Lords of the Arena! Even though this browser game is mainly an online strategy game, you’ll also be able to explore hidden dungeons and high mountain peaks to level up and score some sweet gear for your heroes, helping them strive to become the realm’s premier guardian. With over 30 heroes to choose from, you’ll fight in real-time battles against other players to climb the leaderboards and get even more power for your next fight!

8. Dragon Awaken

Awaken your inner dragon as you defend your kingdom! When you play this browser game, you’ll embody all the powers that the winged mythical creature has to offer as you face challenging dungeons and other obstacles that help your character level-up. As you go along this free-to-play game, you’ll get to experience getting lost in this immersive story. With multi-layered backgrounds which provide added depth to the game, Dragon Awaken for sure stands out from other browser games!

9. The Third Age

This free-to-play browser game draws inspiration from the most legendary of all fantasy worlds. With story-driven gameplay, you’ll get to recruit devoted heroes to fight at your side, and level them up to increase their battle power. You’ll also get a chance to build up your kingdom and defend it from invaders (human and otherwise!). All while expanding your territory and leveling-up, you’ll quickly become the greatest royal in all the realm!

10. Mars Tomorrow

The year is 2100 and Earth is dying. Along with other intrepid settlers, your mission is to make Mars suitable as a habitat for humanity and save civilization! As you explore the Red Planet, you’ll start out with a small colony that you can build up by producing goods and erecting new buildings to attract more settlers. You’ll then have a chance to form an alliance with other settlers to up your trading game and research new technologies to achieve the pinnacle of off-planet civilization!

11. Armor Valor

Expand your lands and wage war against mythical creatures in Armor Valor! The elves and the dwarves have allied against the humans, and in a far-off land, orcs have also risen up and declared war. As you explore this Norse-inspired browser game, you’ll find exciting magics and new strategies to win battles. You’ll also be able to summon mythical heroes and deploy them in combat to win battles against hordes of monsters and even fight against a dragon!

12. Mirage Online Classic

Get your nostalgic browser game fix with Mirage Online Classic! Choose your character’s profession like an assassin, paladin, or mage. Then you’ll embark on an epic adventure exploring the mysteries of the land. The key to this game is to have fast reflexes and cunning strategy to defeat the toughest enemies in this mythical world, some of which might be resistant to your best attacks.

13. Vampire Empire

The battle of vampires and werewolves in this browser game! In a humanless world of endless nights, you’ll have a chance to recruit powerful warriors from history and myth to battle against your enemies. You’ll get to build a diverse army and be able to outsmart your foes from all over the world. Play with other players to dominate the world and topple Dracula’s vast empire!

14. Starborne

If you long to build your own galaxy, Starborne is the browser game for you! As you expand your space empire, you’ll start with just a single station, and improve it by collecting resources or raiding your neighbors to build new facilities. As you level-up in this free-to-play game, you’ll learn new abilities and be able to build new stations to expand your realm.

15. Eternal Fury

Heaven and Hell are at war and the realm of man is caught in between. With a guild and up to 24 NPCs that you can call out into battle, your mission is to drive back the goddess of the underworld, Hel, and her bloodthirsty minions, before they conquer world domination! To win battles and level-up, you’ll erect a castle and use it as your base of operations against the armies of demons.

16. Quick, Draw

Quick, Draw is a great entertaining browser game if you’re looking to waste some serious time. To play, you have to draw a prompted object on your screen in under 20 seconds and then, an Artificial Intelligence bot will try to guess what you’ve drawn. As you’re playing, you’re training a neural network as your drawings are added to the world’s largest doodling data set!

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17. Prosperous Universe

Become an outer-space tycoon in this free-to-play browser game! In this intergalactic economic simulation, you’ll choose from either mining resources, delivering goods, or trading on the commodities market to make your other-worldly fortune. Compete with other players in a player-driven marketplace where supply and demand are the driving principles. What’s great about this game is that you can play at your own pace and you don’t need to constantly grind to increase your profits!

18. Mad World

Explore the wasteland of a shattered world a thousand years after the apocalypse, rebuild civilization, and fight against grotesque creatures in this battle arena browser game. Test your skills against other survivors and level-up to score sweet weapons that will help you win fights. What’s cool about this browser game is that it’s original art style is meant to evoke a feeling of despair, but also hope! Plus, it’s available on multiple platforms, so you’ll always be able to take the madness wherever you go.

19. Neopets

Let your inner child out with this nostalgic timeless browser game! In this simple classic game, you’ll enter the world of Neopia and get to adopt one of 50 different adorable Neopets. Then, simply start your adventure with your new buddy! There are plenty of activities to do like exploring your Neopet’s realm or feeding and nurturing your new virtual pet.

20. Total Battle 

Build your army from the ground up in Total Battle! Betrayed by your closest adviser, you start this browser game with just a small army of your most loyal troops. Reclaim your lost heritage and expand your kingdom to become the most feared lord in all the land! In this free-to-play game, you can either go at it alone or forge alliances with other players for total domination.

21. Hero Zero 

Fight for truth, justice, and the fanciest underpants in Hero Zero! At the beginning of the game, you’ll start with a skimpy hideout that you can upgrade like equipping weapons and gadgets. Once you do that, you’ll increase your crime-fighting capabilities to make the town of Humpreydale safe once more!

22. Dragon Ball Online Zenkai 

Level your way up to become a Super Saiyan in this fun and addicting browser game! At the start, you’ll find there are 3 races and 12 classes available for you to play. Once you reach Level 30, you’ll become an adult and you will be able to upgrade to one of two masterclasses! You’ll also be able to enter tournaments against other players to become one of the strongest.

23. Catan Universe

If the COVID-19 pandemic is still keeping you and your board game buddies apart, try Catan Universe! The browser version of the classic board game will almost feel like the real deal. You’ll need to connect to your friends over a phone call or a Zoom or Discord call but you don’t need to worry about having a fancy PC to run this game.

24. A Dark Room 

Sure, this browser game starts out as just a couple of clicks but don’t let that steer you away! This text-based game quickly becomes a strategy adventure where you venture out click-battling enemies in real-time to grow your post-apocalyptic town. Plus, it automatically saves as you’re playing so you can always go back and pick up exactly where you left off!

25. Jade Goddess 

In a world inspired by Eastern mythology, you’ll align yourself with powerful allies to protect the people of the Jade Dynasty in multiple strategic battles. When you level-up, you can upgrade your equipment for even more power and rise in the ranks to achieve even greater rewards! While also playing this fun browser game, you’ll also be able to discover ancient artifacts and use them to unlock astral powers or tame an animal for additional travel options. Tired of battling? Use your character’s social interactions and get married!

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