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Conan vs. Kaitou Kid (コナンVS怪盗キッド Konan VS Kaitō Kiddo? ) is the 76th episode of Detective Conan anime.


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Sonoko’s family wants Kogoro to protect their priceless piece of jewelry called the Black Star from the Phantom Thief. The necklace along with other valuables will be on display at a museum where people are sure the Phantom will strike. The Phantom left a coded letter to Sonoko’s father and its the first clue.

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Thief: Kaitou Kid
Target: Black Star
Owner: Suzuki Financial Group
Location: Beika Museum
Date: March 31
Advanced Notice: April Fool. When the moon splits in half, I will come to visit the origin of the name of the jet black star at the calling of the waves.
The largest black pearl in the world.

After decoding the letter, Conan goes to meet the Phantom Thief face to face at a rooftop of a hotel. He lights a firework hoping that the cops would come and arrest him, but to his surprise Kid imitates the inspector’s voice and calls all of the inspector’s men to the rooftop. Just when it looks like the Phantom Thief is cornered he escapes with a blast bomb and leaves another note containg another clue.

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This time the note states that he will board the ship that is carrying the Black Star. While last time was a test run this time he will actually steal the Black Star. To try and prevent this, Tomoko devises a plan. She has given all the guests a fake Black Star replica in hopes that Kaitou Kid won’t be able to figure it out before the cruise ends. Sonoko can’t find her sister so she calls her and finds out that her sister and dad are still at home. This means that the Shiro Suzuki they just saw had to be the Kaitou Kid in disguise.

Tomoko brings in a magician to put on a show but Kaitou Kid then drops another letter. Fake Black Stars start exploding and the guests start panicking. Thats when he steals the real Black Star which Tomoko was wearing the whole time. Conan on the other hand has figured out where and who the Kaitou Kid is.



Translation changes[edit]


  • The names of the characters and places in the Funimation Dub are:
  • Shiro Suzuki – Samuel Sebastian
  • Shintaro Chaki – Bernie Biggers
  • Ginzo Nakamori – Mace Fuller
  • Tomoko Suzuki – Selma Sebastian
  • Jojo Hatamoto – Isaac Hannigan
  • Takuya Mifune – Quentin Mifune
  • Yuzo Tomizawa – Tod Appenheimer
  • Kazumi Sanada – Latham Laney
  • Yokohama Harbor Queens Elizabeth – Port Jefferson Northern Seaboard


  • The Funimation Dub incorrectly refers to Jojo Hatamoto as Dirk Copeland/Masashi Rokuda & Tod Appenheimer as Walton Lee and credits them as such.

Remastered version[edit]

  • The episode was remastered on May 1, 2006, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the TV series.
  • The reairing of 2015 and 2019 was also on HD.[1]


  • Sonoko, excitedly comparing Kaito Kid’s unknown, but must be this handsome, face to Harrison Ford, Jean Reno, and Brad Pitt.
  • This case takes place before and after April 1st Holiday, and then skips to April 19th.

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