What is Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung? – Definition from Yogapedia

ma da

Linguistically, this mantra contains several Sanskrit letters that, by themselves, are pure mantras. Each word in this mantra is also a letter, except the last word, which is a bija or seed mantra. Each word ties to a chakra, or energy center, on the spine. Thus, in addition to these sounds containing the vibratory qualities in our world, they also enliven the same energies on our own bodies, in almost a mirror effect.

The syllable sounds and the associated chakras are:

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  • Ra (sun) – root chakra
  • Ma (moon) – sacral chakra
  • Da (earth) – navel chakra
  • Sa (impersonal infinity) – heart and throat chakras
  • Say (totality of infinity) – third eye chakra
  • So (personal sense of merger and identity) – crown chakra
  • Hung (the infinite) – sends energy from the crown back to the root chakra

While the translation of this mantra is significant and interesting, the strength in Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung is in the vibratory qualities of the sounds themselves. The practitioner can focus on the sounds and how they make them feel, or they can imagine the energy rising up their spine to the top of their head. That is a personal preference. Since this is a relatively new mantra, the practitioner is more free to use it however they feel is best.

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For pronunciation, please know that “a” is pronounced open like the “a” in father and “e” is pronounced like “ay” in the word hay. Regarding the final mantra, the bija mantra Hung, ensure that the sound is felt up in the head to experience the maximum benefits.


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