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Well yes, along with a few recent articles here about how Vietnamese players are currently banned from accessing the game, this article is simply another one.

But as a player, a Vietnamese player to be exact, I feel the need to make this one to summarize what Vietnamese players in DN SEA are dealing with and how none of these problems have been solved or explained.

First of all, soon after the transition from Cherry Credits to Eyedentity, it has occured to us Vietnamese players that we could no longer have access to the game using normal Vietnamese IP, in which case we would then have to fake our IP ( yes I’m spilling the truth ) in order to be able to connect to the game. If we have normal Vietnamese IP we’ll get disconnected during the cinematic sequence.


Of course as a concerned player, I looked this problem up and I stumbled on this explanation from the tech team in which they stated : ” We have licensed out Dragon Nest in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines. If you are not accessing Dragon Nest from the abovementioned locations, please send a ticket to our Customer Service Support. ” ( Photo 1 ). I then proceeded to do as told which is sending a 1:1 inquiry in the hope of receiving an explanation soon but up until now I haven’t received anything ( which is really disappointing )

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As I looked further into the problem it struck me that this same exact problem has happened with NA server before and they said ” To protect the licensees’ interests, users from the aforementioned licensed regions are blocked from playing our Dragon Nest service. “

This got me pondering. Is it true that Vietnamese players are now banned from playing just because there’s a Vietnamese server for Dragon Nest ( which is a dead server anyway, nobody wants to go back there ). Are we simply toys to be tossed around? You have to understand that some of us have been playing this game and have been spending big money on this game even before the server in VN was created. This is just a big and terrible inconvenience for me and other players LOL. Is this a deal between CC and Eyedentity? Does CC want their Vietnamese cash cows back to resurrect their server which is dead anyway due to their horrible, terrible, failed management?

Lastly I just want to say, personally for me I’d rather you spent more time improving the game and try to explain and solve the problems that players are facing instead of rubbing Tasha’s selfies on our faces on Facebook. Using a pretty face but providing horrible gaming experience does not help you maintain the relationship between players and the game. Also when I send the ticket, I don’t even know where the section in which the reply from the technical support’s supposed to be is.

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I know by now you either skipped everything I’ve written or If you did you’d be thinking im another angry kid that’s raging because he can’t play the game. But sincerely, honestly, truthfully, this game is one of a few sources of entertainment that relaxes me after all the shits that I usually go through during the busy school/work days. I’m just hoping that I could enjoy my time playing DN with my friends. It’s not that difficult innit? ED ?


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