Vegapunk: Who is One Piece’s Mysterious, Devil Fruit Scientist?

One Piece’s Dr. Vegapunk is one of the most brilliant people in the manga/anime. Here’s everything we know about the mysterious character.

Although Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece has been running for over two decades, there’s still a lot of mystery surrounding the scientist Vegapunk. While both the manga and anime have teased bits and pieces of the scientists’ history, the series hasn’t revealed who the Devil Fruit expert really is, leading to a lot of fan theories surrounding the character. Here’s what we know about Vegapunk for sure.


Vegapunk is a scientist for one of the Three Great Powers of the pirate world: The Marines, and he holds the rank of G-5 Marine, meaning that he is undoubtedly more advanced in age. Little about him physically has been revealed, but he wears yellow gloves, a striped t-shirt and a lab coat. Otherwise, he’s still a mystery physically. We also know his experiments, which were at least 500 years ahead of their time, were dangerous enough to eventually get him arrested by the World Government.

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Vegapunk: Who is One Piece’s Mysterious, Devil Fruit Scientist?

In terms of personality, Vegapunk seems good-natured in character, as the inhabitants of his native Karakuri Island desperately long for his return. In his youth, he regularly helped the people of his birthplace through the use of his various inventions, eventually becoming the pride and joy of his home. He also refused to release the very poisonous H2S gas that he created alongside fellow scientist Caesar Clown in order to protect the lives of the innocent people it would have affected. He also refused to use children in his experiments, being mindful of their safety and not wanting to cause them any harm.

Like many other scientists in the world of anime/manga, Vegapunk created artificial life-forms. However, instead of only creating androids and cyborgs, he also created two artificial dragons while on the island of Punk Hazard. There, he used them as guards and as a way to transport the materials he used in his experiments. This is also another nod to his good-hearted nature, as his interest in the beasts did not come from a selfish desire to weaponized them in pursuit of power.

Additionally, Vegapunk has a vast working knowledge of the Devil Fruit and their mystical properties that give the users their superhuman abilities, even going so far as to create his own artificial Devil Fruit, which allowed anyone who ingested the item to turn into a dragon. Vegapunk had such a keen interest in dragons that he even created a Devil Fruit that allowed anyone who ingested it to turn into one.

Vegapunk is also credited with the co-discovery of the Lineage Factor, which is known in the world of One Piece as the blueprint to all life. He also explored how Devil Fruit connect to the Lineage Factor and affect those who consume the powerful items. Vegapunk eventually realized he could make a replica of one’s Lineage Factor and create a humanoid clone of that individual.

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Vegapunk is a man shrouded in secrecy and mystery in the One Piece franchise. As the series progresses, more about the character will almost certainly be revealed, but until then, he’s had a major effect behind the scenes of One Piece‘s world — and when he finally does appear, expect him to forever change the beloved franchise.

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