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Vrogros, the Underlord[edit]

Neither myth nor song exist to tell of their coming.

Deep below the surface of the world lay unknown wonders and horrors. Down and down again, well beneath the slithering magma fields and simmering roots of dormant volcanoes stands the obsidian city of Aziyog, its incomparable stonework spanning an endless cavern. Within honeycomb walls mortared with the bones of countless slaves lies the domain of the Abyssal Horde, and their brutal underlord Vrogros.

Armed by the monstrous forgemasters of his kind and well-practiced in the arts of the Dark Rift, Vrogros is able to conjure forth flame and crippling malice through the twist between worlds. He seeks always to expand his holdings, destroying or enslaving all he encounters. Yet the lands offered by the subterranean realm are few, and so his sights have turned upward. By his command the first waves of abyssal invaders have already marched through the rift, a few doomed legions meant merely to test the might of nations above. Now, as his full force readies itself for unending conquest, Vrogros himself steps into a sunlit world to announce his coming reign. Those who face the Underlord will bow and pay tribute, or be crushed where they stand.

Conjure waves of abyssal flame to immolate enemies held paralyzed in your spiteful grip. Feast upon the carnage of battle, gaining strength as foes perish around you, their attacks diminished by your very presence. Tear a rift in reality to teleport yourself and your teammates across the map, delivering bloody retribution to any who would defy the will of Vrogros the Underlord.


Underlord - Liquipedia Dota 2 Wiki


Calls down waves of fire that damage enemy units in the target area, burning for additional damage over time.

Burn Damage 1%/2%/3%/4%



Cast Range 600/625/650/675

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Does not pierce Spell Immunity.


The flames of conquest blaze forth from the darkest depths of the abyss.


  • Burn damage is a percentage of the enemy’s maximum hp.
  • Total damage:
    • 150 + 8%
    • 0908603917%
    • 0908603917%
    • 0908603917%
  • Total damage to Buildings:
    • 0908603917%
  • The burn debuff does not stack with itself.
  • Burn damage does not affect Roshan.

Underlord - Liquipedia Dota 2 Wiki


A deadly pit is conjured at the target location. Any unit that enters is rooted by malefic forces.

Root Duration 1.2/1.4/1.6/1.8



Does not pierce Spell Immunity.


Twisting into the seams of reality itself, Vrogros’ manifest hatred paralyzes those who defy his will.


  • Does not interrupt channeling.
  • Does not affect ancient creeps.
  • Enemy units can be rooted once per interval. This interval is tracked individually for each enemy.

Underlord - Liquipedia Dota 2 Wiki


Nearby enemy units are weakened, losing a portion of their base damage. If a unit dies while under this effect, Underlord gains bonus damage. Underlord also gains a permanent bonus if a hero dies under the aura.

Damage Reduction 5%/15%/25%/35%



Bonus Damage Per Creep 2/4/6/8
Bonus Damage Per Hero 30/35/40/45
Bonus Duration 35/45/60/75
Allied Hero Attack Damage Bonus 50%


Does not pierce Spell Immunity.

Disabled by break.

Illusions also carry this aura but cannot use the damage gain.

To merely stand in the presence of the Underlord is to feel the conviction of battle sapped from one’s soul.


  • Each stack has its own independent duration.
  • Stacks are not lost on death, but the duration continues counting down.
  • Dying illusions and clones do not give bonus damage.

Underlord - Liquipedia Dota 2 Wiki

Dark Rift

Underlord - Liquipedia Dota 2 Wiki

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Allied Creeps


Opens a dark rift at the targeted friendly unit’s position. After a short delay, Underlord and all nearby friendly heroes are teleported to that unit’s location. Dark Rift can be cancelled at anytime during the cast. If it is cancelled in this way or the target unit dies before the spell becomes active, Dark Rift goes into cooldown.

Teleport Delay 6/5/4


Charge Replenish Time


Dark Rift can now be cast on allied heroes. Reduces cast delay and cooldown.

They come without warning, leaving fire and blood where kingdoms once flourished.


  • Cannot teleport to player-controlled units, only allied creeps and buildings.
  • When targeted on the ground, Dark Rift will search for the nearest valid target within 3500 range.
  • If further than 1500 range away from the fountain, double clicking will cast Dark Rift directly to the fountain.
  • If Underlord or the target dies during the delay, the spell is canceled.
  • The target’s priority is lowered and is attacked last by enemy units.
  • Can cancel Dark Rift at any point after cast. Will still go on cooldown.
  • The visual effect can be still be seen when invisible.

Underlord - Liquipedia Dota 2 Wiki

Cancel Dark Rift

Underlord - Liquipedia Dota 2 Wiki


Immediately stop the teleport.

Aghanim’s Scepter Ability[edit]

Underlord - Liquipedia Dota 2 Wiki

Opens 2 portals, one next to Underlord and one in the target location. Allies can channel a portal for a duration to teleport to the other side.

This spell is granted directly by the scepter.

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