Treasure Tree Adam

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Treasure Tree Adam is a type of tree whose wood is considered the strongest, highest-quality wood in the world. Its immense rarity makes it highly valuable, being considered a great treasure. Occasionally, the wood is sold on the black market, at a very high price given its value. Franky managed to purchase some for 200,000,000.[1]

The only known ships that use this type of wood are the Oro Jackson, which carried the legendary Roger Pirates, and the Thousand Sunny, which currently carries the Straw Hat Pirates. The wood is capable of withstanding cannonballs and gun fire quite easily, showing little wear over time.[1] However, even ships built out of this wood need a good shipwright to look after them, as it is not completely invincible.

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Franky explained the history of this one of a kind tree: once, long, long ago, an endless war raged on an island. People died, and the island was destroyed by a rain of bullets and left in ruins. However, the people kept coming back to rebuild the nation near a giant tree, the only one that remained intact, and that was Adam.[1]

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When the Sunlight Tree Eve was introduced, Usopp noted the connection between their names and wondered if the two trees were related.[2]


  • The Adam Tree is most likely a reference to the biblical story of Adam and Eve eating the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge. This can be reinforced by the discovery of the Sunlight Tree Eve on Fish-Man Island.
  • The Adam Tree may also be a reference to a real tree. A Giant Sequoia, named Adam, is over 200 years old and grows in the Sequoia National Forest in California. It is the 20th largest giant sequoia tree in the world.


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