Tin can (Fallout 3)

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Tin cans are miscellaneous items in Fallout 3.

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Tin cans are sealed metal containers used to hold and preserve perishable food, such as Pork n’ Beans. Their airtight seal allows food to keep for years, though all tin cans found are open, empty, and unlabeled. In-game, they are typically found either in places where food is or was once sold, such as grocery stores and gas stations or alongside camping grounds and hideouts.


  • Used as Rock-It Launcher ammunition, tin cans are especially useful due to their relatively low weight and prevalence.
  • They are an essential component in the creation of Nuka-grenades.


  • Tin cans are extremely common and can be found almost anywhere. A total of 3,622 tin cans exist within the base game alone. This is not counting vendors, cans found in containers, or those found in add-ons.
  • A very good place to find tin cans is Museum station, which has approximately 213 tin cans and only one bent tin can.
  • 151 tin cans can be found in Metro Central.
  • 97 in the National Guard depot.
  • 91 tin cans can be found in the Super-Duper Mart.
  • 20 or more inside the factory Takoma Industrial.
  • 11 tin cans can be found at the F. Scott Key Trail & Campground.
  • 11 tin cans can be found in Arefu: 5 in Evan King’s house, 3 in the West residence and 3 in the Schenzy residence. Another can be obtained from Brailee Ewers after completing the quest Blood Ties, speak to her and she will give the Lone Wanderer an “old fashioned cookie”, which is actually a tin can. 1 more can be found at the scavenger shack just east of Arefu.
  • 11 tin cans can be found at the mirelurk nesting hole.
  • 10 tin cans can be found in the Dunwich Building.
  • 10 tin cans can be found in the Temple of the Union, there are 6 in Simone’s home and 4 in the storeroom.
  • 8 tin cans can be found in the sniper shack.
  • 7 tin cans can be found in the maintenance room of the Lincoln Memorial. 11 more can be obtained if the quest Head of State is completed in favor of the slaves: there will be 4 tin cans in Simone’s tent, 4 in Caleb’s tent and 3 in the refugee tent.
  • 2 tin cans can be found at the Moonbeam Outdoor Cinema.
  • 1 tin can be found outside of Sierra Petrovita’s home in Girdershade.
  • Tin can (Fallout 3) 16 in Blackhall Manor.


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