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Active Devour
Charges 3
Bonus [?]
Alert allies? No

The Tango is an item purchasable at the Main Shop, under Consumables.

Additional Information[]


Consumes a target tree to gain 7 health regeneration for 16 seconds. Consuming an Ironwood Tree doubles the heal amount.

Comes with 3 charges. Can be used on an allied hero to give them one Tango.

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Cast Range: 165

Health Regen Bonus: 7

Duration (Regular Tree): 16

Duration (Planted Tree): 32

Shared Tango Lifetime: 40




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modifier_tango_heal: Dispellable with death only.


  • When cast on a tree, it destroys the tree instantly and increases the caster’s health regeneration.
  • When targeting an allied hero, it creates a Tango (Shared) in the targeted ally’s inventory, instead of healing the user.


  • Tangos are a very effective source of combat heal in the early-game, as they do not dispel upon taking damage. When an engagement seems even or against you, using a Tango can tilt the balance in your favor.
  • Although one Tango charge heals much less and does so slower than a Healing Salve, one set of Tangos provides slightly more health per gold spent. Also, the fact that it is not dispelled by damage and its secondary effect of destroying trees makes it more versatile than Healing Salves. So if no quick and strong healing is required, Tangos are usually more valuable.
  • Since using Tangos on a tree destroys the tree, it can be used to create alternate pathways between some trees, making it easier to escape or chase enemies. Sometimes it is worth it to use a Tango just for this purpose.
  • Unlike other restoring consumables, it is possible to give allies one charge of the Tangos stack. This allows players to grant lane healing to another hero without having to be there. Giving the mid-laner 1 or 2 charges can be a deciding factor for doing well in the lane.
  • Can be used to control certain heroes, by destroying trees. For example, Monkey King will fall and suffer a long duration stun if the tree below him is broken, and Nature’s Prophet may not be able to teleport away safely if you cut a tree to gain vision against his Sprout.


  • In the original DotA, Tango’s full name was “Ancient Tango of Essifation”.
  • Tango’s active ability was called “Eat a Tree or Ward” before July 19, 2017 Patch.


  • Restoring health with Tango

  • In-game model

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