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Hello and welcome to the One Piece Wiki, the encyclopedia for the manga and anime, One Piece, that anyone can edit. Please feel free to contribute to our site and help us complete our goal to build the most informative site for everything related to Eiichiro Oda and his most notable work, One Piece, online. From all the editors here at the One Piece Wiki, thank you for your contributions.

Please be aware, before progressing any further, that this site contains heavy SPOILERS.

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Cavendish of the White Horse, also known as the “Pirate Prince“, is a famous Super Rookie and the captain of the Beautiful Pirates. He joined as a gladiator at the Corrida Colosseum to compete for the Mera Mera no Mi.

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Random Quote
Pain is nothing more than the proof I am human! You fools cannot understand! The despair of being forgotten by one you love! The pain of being unable to feel anything you touch! Compared to the tragedies that you have wrought upon all of Dressrosa, this cannot even be called pain! You ask what I am made of?! I am forged from the burning rage of this kingdom! And with it, I will strike you down!

— Kyros to Diamante on the pain he has experienced

Current Events

Chapter 1028: “Brachiojaurus”

The CP-0 agents in Kaidou’s fortress receive a call from Rob Lucci, who reveals that battleships are positioned to initiate a World Government takeover of Wano Country should Kaidou fall. Additionally, Lucci orders his comrades to capture Robin. Meanwhile, Yamato leaves Momonosuke to generate Flame Clouds on his own while she goes to the armory to try to minimize any worst case explosion.

Meanwhile, Sanji and Queen fight fiercely, but the cook struggles to find a way to inflict damage on the All-Star as he resists Queen’s goads to use his Raid Suit. Queen fully transforms into his brachiosaurus form and reveals that his head, neck and tail are a single serpentine construct that can exit the rest of his body. Queen uses his snake form to crush Sanji, but ends up releasing him after explosive launchers on his main body misfire and strike him. The attack leaves Sanji with all his bones broken, but to his shock, his body starts to fix itself in an instant. Queen then swings a giant sword at Sanji, only for it to shatter upon striking him; Sanji comes to realize to his displeasure that the modifications his father gave him might finally be starting to take effect.

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Episode 994: The Scabbards Face-off – Kikunojo vs. Kanjuro

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Cdswalkthrough 20 July

Yamato’s Voice Actor

Starting from episode 978, the One Piece anime began showing the second part of the opening DREAMIN’ ON where several new scenes were added, such as Tobi Roppo and Kaido’s daughte…

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RubberLotus 9 July

Video Game compendium


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Other Notes

Become the Pirate King!

July 19, 2000

  • Bandai Wonderswan
  • Soft Machine
  • First licensed game
  • Only monochrome game

  • Grand Battle!

    March …

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    Arnabachi 12 July

    ” You couldn’t be Joyboy, either it seems ”

    As we saw earlier that Kaido has been trying to kill himself, in fact we saw this character’s first appearance where he jumped off from Skypiea in an attempt to commit suicide, lan…

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    Revolution:air Raid 4 June

    End the Yamato edit lock war already

    Okay first of all I could care less about Yamato’s gender. Male, female, transgender, anythings fine as long as a decision is made. I just want at least an answer about the devil …

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    GodUsoland 13 March

    The Ultimate One Piece Anime Experience

    Romance Dawn (1-3)

    Orange Town (4-8)

    [external_link offset=2]

    Defeat Him! The Pirate Ganzack

    Syrup Village (9-18)

    One Piece: The Movie (Movie 1)

    Baratie (19-30)

    Arlong Park (31-44)

    Loguetown (45-53)

    Adventure in …

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    Kunoichi101 8 March

    Chapter 1006: Hyogoro of the Flower

    This chapter we found more interesting stuffs like how the Ice Oni affected Hyogoro and his physical appearance like the previous chapter. It will be sad for the other allies like…

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