The Mjollnir is an item purchasable at the Main Shop, under Artifacts. However, it can only be completed with items from the Secret Shop.


Places a charged shield on a target unit for 15 seconds which has a 20% chance to release a 225 magical damage shocking bolt at a nearby attacker and 4 additional enemies.


Cast Range: 800

Proc Chance: 20%

Proc Cooldown: 1

Search Radius: 900

Max Number of Targets: 5

Damage: 225

Shield Duration: 15


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Can be cast on spell immune allies.

Pierces spell immunity on the triggering enemy. Does not target spell immune secondary enemies.


modifier_item_mjollnir_static: Dispellable with any dispel.


  • ↓↓ Double-tapping automatically target self.
  • Successive casts on the same target do not stack, but refresh the duration.
  • The radius is centered around the shielded unit.
  • Upon proccing, the proccing unit and 4 random enemy units within the radius are hit.
    • If the damage source is more than 900 range away, then only the 4 random enemies within range will be hit.
  • Static Charge cannot proc more than once per second.
  • Does not hit invisible units or units in the Fog of War.
  • Despite the description, Static Charge can proc on any damage, including from spells, not only on attacks.
  • Can only proc on damage instances of 5 or greater (after reductions).
  • Does not trigger on self-inflicted damage, and damage flagged as HP Removal.
  • All bolts together can deal up to 1125 damage (before reductions).
  • Static Charge uses pseudo-random distribution.

Grants a 30% chance on attack to release a bolt of electricity that leaps between 12 targets within a 650 radius, dealing 180 magical damage to each. Lightning proc pierces evasion.

Proc Chance: 30%

Bounce Distance: 650

Number of Bounces: 12

Bounce Interval: 0.25

Damage: 180



modifier_mjollnir_chain: Dispellable with death only.


  • When obtaining multiple items with the Chain Lightning ability, only the one that has been continuously the longest in the inventory works.
  • The lightning bounces in 0.25 second intervals, so hitting max targets takes 2.75 seconds.
  • Can proc on fogged or invisible units, but does not bounce toward fogged or invisible units.
  • Can never hit the same unit more than once per proc.
  • All bounces together can deal up to 2160 damage (before reductions).
  • Against a lone target, adds an average of 54 magical damage to every attack.
  • Chain Lightning can proc while a previous chain lightning is still bouncing.
  • Chain Lightning does not proc if the attacker is dead. However, it can proc if the target is dead.
  • Chain Lightning uses pseudo-random distribution.
  • Attacks which proc Chain Lightning cannot miss.
  • The Mjollnir Chain buff is a hidden buff required for the lightning to jump.
  • Chain Lightning does not use a regular cooldown. It is neither displayed on the item icon when proccing, nor is it affected by cooldown manipulating effects.

Recommended Heroes[]

  • Heroes whose item build includes Mjollnir as a situational item:



  • Mjölnir is the name of Thor’s Hammer in Norse mythology.
  • Mjollnir’s item icon used to have a little bit of animations. Random static electricity would appear on the hammer, which briefly illuminated the hammer in a blue light. This animation was removed in the [ Info Needed ] patch for unknown reasons.


  • [external_link offset=2]

    Mjollnir’s Static Charge

  • Static Charge releasing lightning

  • Chain Lightning on attack

  • Animated icon layer 1 (unused)

  • Animated icon layer 2 (unused)

  • Animated icon layer 3 (unused)

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