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Mirana, the Princess of the Moon, is a ranged agility hero that uses her abilities to surprise, chase, and assault enemies. She is an excellent huntress and widely known for her Sacred Arrow which stuns her victim with deadly precision. The arrow stuns longer when it’s fired from a farther distance. Mirana can bring down the stars with Starstorm to damage nearby enemies and an additional star to cast down on her one unfortunate target. Mounting with her trusted tiger Sagan, Mirana can Leap forward over a distance, to escape or chase, and enhance her with a roar, increasing her attack and movement speed. Invoking the power of her moon goddess, Mirana uses her ultimate, Moonlight Shadow to cloak all allied heroes and herself with invisibility. At any time, Mirana and her allies can break out of their hiding with an ambush and fade into the shadows again during the duration of the spell. With an array of mighty and supportive abilities, Mirana is a versatile heroine that can excel early in the game as a mobile ganker. She is not very heavily reliant on luxury items but she can benefit from almost any item that gives her presence in the battlefield.


Mirana, the Princess of the Moon


▶️ “How long must we ride before we’re summoned again to the Nightsilver Woods?”

Born to a royal family, a blood princess next in line for the Solar Throne, Mirana willingly surrendered any claim to mundane land or titles when she dedicated herself completely to the service of Selemene, Goddess of the Moon. Known ever since as Princess of the Moon, Mirana prowls the sacred Nightsilver Woods searching for any who would dare poach the sacred luminous lotus from the silvery pools of the Goddess’s preserve. Riding on her enormous feline familiar, she is poised, proud and fearless, attuned to the phases of the moon and the wheeling of the greater constellations. Her bow, tipped with sharp shards of lunar ore, draws on the moon’s power to charge its arrows of light.


Calls down a wave of meteors to damage nearby enemy units. The closest enemy unit to Mirana in a 425 radius will be struck a second time for 75% of the damage.

Cast Animation: 0.4+0

Main Radius: 650

Secondary Radius: 425

Main Damage: 75/150/225/300 ( 275/350/425/500)

Secondary Damage Percentage: 75%



Attempts to damage if enemy turns spell immune before the meteors hitting. Does not re-select a new target for the second meteor if the closest enemy turns spell immune after cast.


modifier_mirana_starfall_thinker: Undispellable. Persists death.

The Goddess breaks the strata to empower her Princess in the time of need.


  • Meteors need 0.57 seconds to hit their targets.
  • Does not hit invisible, invulnerable or hidden units.
  • The initial wave does not hit units inside the Fog of War, but the secondary single meteor does.
  • The target for the second meteor is set upon cast of Starstorm, so it can hit its target even after it has moved out of the radius.
  • The second meteor starts falling exactly 0.8 seconds after cast, and also takes 0.57 seconds to hit its target.
  • Starstorm chooses a new target for the second meteor if the set target dies before or because of the first meteor’s impact.
  • The secondary meteor deals 56.25/112.5/168.75/225 ( 206.25/262.5/318.75/375) damage.
  • Can deal a total of 131.25/262.5/393.75/525 ( 481.25/612.5/743.75/875) damage to a single target (before reductions) with the second meteor hit.

Fires a long-range arrow with deadly precision, which stuns and damages the first enemy unit it strikes. The stun duration ranges from 0.01 to 3.2/3.8/4.4/5 seconds, with bonus damage up to 180 added, based on the distance the arrow travels to its target. Instantly kills the first non-ancient creep it hits.

Cast Animation: 0.5+0

Cast Range: 3000

Max Travel Distance: 3067

Max Values Distance: 1500

Arrow Collision Radius: 96

Number of Arrows: 1 ( 3)

Base Damage: 60/150/240/330

Max Bonus Damage: 180

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Min Stun Duration: 0.01

Max Stun Duration: 3.2/3.8/4.4/5

 Starstorm Radius: 500

 Secondary Starstorm Damage Percentage: 50%

19/18/17/16 17/16/15/14)


Causes Sacred Arrow to release a Starstorm on enemies within 500 AoE along the travel path of the primary arrow, releasing a second starfall that deals 50% damage to the impacted unit.

Can collide with spell immune enemies. Does not stun or attempt to damage spell immune enemies.


modifier_projectile_vision: Undispellable. Persists death.

modifier_stunned: Dispellable with strong dispels.

Ability Draft Notes:

Starstorm must be drafted as well for it to get applied.

Lunar energies make the Princess of the Moon’s arrows more deadly than most.


  • Sacred Arrow travels at a speed of 900.
  • The arrow starts traveling 51 range in front of Mirana, and travels forward up to 3067 range.
    • This means units within 50 range in front of Mirana cannot be hit, as it does not search for units right behind the arrow.
  • With the travel distance and radius, Sacred Arrow can hit units up to 3163 range away.
  • The stun increases by 0.064/0.076/0.088/0.1 seconds and the damage by 0908603917 for each 30 distance traveled, resulting in the following values at certain distances (before reductions):
    • 300 Distance: 0.64/0.76/0.88/1 second stun, 96/186/276/366 damage.
    • 600 Distance: 1.28/1.52/1.76/2 second stun, 132/222/312/402 damage.
    • 900 Distance: 1.92/2.28/2.64/3 second stun, 168/258/348/438 damage.
    • 1200 Distance: 2.56/3.04/3.52/4 second stun, 204/294/384/474 damage.
    • 1500 Distance: 3.2/3.8/4.4/5 second stun, 240/330/420/510 damage.
    • The arrow reaches its full potential after traveling for 1500 distance, which takes 1.67 seconds.
  • The arrow first applies the damage, then the debuff.
  • The stun duration is shown above the target’s head upon hit, visible to allies only. The shown value is rounded.
  • If the arrow collides with a unit which is not a hero, ancient creep, or creep-hero, it instantly kills it.
    • The creep is killed by getting its health dealt as damage to it, in the form of HP Removal. Spell immune creeps are not killed.
  • The arrow cannot collide with invulnerable or hidden units, it simply flies through them.
  • The arrow has 400 flying vision, which stays for 3 seconds at the point the arrow hits a target.
  • With the level 25 talent, 2 extra arrows are launched together with the primary arrow.

Mirana leaps forward into battle, empowering herself with a ferocious roar that grants bonus attack and movement speed. Speed bonus lasts 3 seconds.

Cast Animation: 0+0

Leap Distance: 575 ( 675)

Move Speed Bonus: 8%/16%/24%/32%

Attack Speed Bonus: 25/50/75/100 ( 105/130/155/180)

Buff Duration: 2.5

Number of Charges: 3 ( 4)

Charge Replenish Time: 45/40/35/30

 Critical Damage: 150%



Grants +1 Leap Charge. Leap buff grants Mirana 1.5x Critical Strike attacks for its duration.

Getting rooted during the leap does not cancel the leap.


modifier_mirana_leap: Dispellable with death only.

modifier_mirana_leap_buff: Dispellable with any dispel.

None can fail to recognize Mirana’s iconic white beast in the heat of battle.


  • Mirana gets all 3 charges immediately upon learning Leap.
    • Acquiring Aghanim’s Shard instantly grants 1 extra charge.
  • Leap interrupts Mirana’s channeling abilities upon cast.
  • Leaps at a speed of 1300 for up to 0.44 ( 0.52) seconds.
  • Always leaps towards the direction Mirana is facing. Locks Mirana’s facing angle during the leap.
  • Can leap over other units and over impassable terrain.
  • During Leap, Mirana can attack, use items and cast abilities, except recasting Leap.
    • However, she cannot turn, so targeted abilities and items may only be used in the direction she is facing.
  • The bonus movement and attack speed is applied instantly upon cast, and not upon landing.
  • The buff from multiple casts does not stack, only its duration gets refreshed.
  • With Aghanim’s Shard, Leap has an ensured critical strike, crits with a lower value have no effect if they proc, since the higher crit value takes priority.

Turns Mirana and all allied heroes invisible and grants bonus movement speed. If a hero is revealed, invisibility will restore after the fade delay as long as Moonlight Shadow’s duration has not expired.

Cast Animation: 0.5+0

Radius: Global

Fade Delay: 2.5/2/1.5

Move Speed Bonus: 9%/12%/15%

Duration: 18

 Evasion: 20%

140/120/100 120/100/80)

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Illusions are not made invisible.


modifier_mirana_moonlight_shadow: Dispellable with death only.

modifier_mirana_moonlight_shadow_killtracker: Dispellable with death only.

modified_invisible: Dispellable with death only.

Her tenure with Selemene allows Mirana to eclipse the ground, wrapping her allies in a cloak of shadows.


  • Places a buff on all allied heroes. As long as this buff stays on them, they will keep turning invisible.
    • Fully affects invulnerable and hidden allies, placing the buff on them and turning them invisible.
  • The movement speed bonus is only applied when fully invisible. It is not applied during the fade delay.
    • Attacking, casting abilities or using items during the fade delay resets it.
  • The evasion talent is always present while the ability is active, and does not rely on the invisibility.
    • Moonlight Shadow’s evasion stacks diminishingly with other sources of evasion and uses pseudo-random distribution.
    • On average, the evasion increases Mirana and her team’s survivability against physical attacks by 25%.
    • The talent does not upgrade the current instance of Moonlight Shadow.

There is no description for this ability.

Mana Burned per Hit: 20

Illusion Mana Burned per Hit: 10

Burned Mana as Damage: 80%

The amount of mana burned is reduced for illusions.


modifier_special_bonus_mana_break: Undispellable. Persists death.

Ability Draft Notes:

This talent is available and it is not bound to any ability.


  • Grants Mirana’s attacks Mana Break, causing her attacks to burn the target’s mana and deal damage based on the burned mana.
  • The bonus damage is dealt in one instance together with the attack damage, and counts as attack damage as well.
    • It can be lifestealed off of, but it is not considered by crit or cleave.
    • It is also not affected by percentage-based attack damage bonuses or reductions, but can be reduced with flat reductions.
  • Effectively increases Mirana’s attack damage by 16 against units which have enough mana to burn.
    • Effectively increases the attack damage of Mirana’s illusions by 8 against units which have enough mana to burn.
  • Applies the mana loss first, and then the damage.
  • Does not work against allied units when attacking them.
  • Fully stacks with other sources of Mana Break.


Recent Changes[]

Recommended Items[]

Starting items:

Early game:

Mid game:

Late game:

Situational items:

  • Diffusal Blade improves Mirana’s physical attacks, providing a boost to agility as well as allowing her attacks to burn mana. The active can greatly slow enemies, making them easy targets for Sacred Arrow.
  • Desolator is a strong mid-game item that gives Mirana more damage output. Because she can stun enemies for long durations with Sacred Arrow and boost allied attack speed with Leap, the armor reduction on enemy targets makes them easy prey for Mirana and her allies.
  • Monkey King Bar is a situational purchase that aids Mirana in fighting enemies that have evasion. It improves Mirana’s damage output through increased attack damage and Piere procs.
  • Daedalus improves her attack damage and giving her the chance to inflict critical strikes, Mirana can take advantage of her high attack speed and lay waste to foes.
  • Assault Cuirass greatly improves Mirana’s fighting power and gives her yet another way to buff her team’s effectiveness. The greatly increased armor makes Mirana much more survivable against physical damage, while the bonus attack speed allows her to utilize her physical attacks to great effect. The aura can be used alongside Leap to greatly increase teammates’ combat effectiveness by providing them with movement speed, armor and attack speed, along with reducing nearby enemies’ armor to further increase the potency of allies’ physical attacks.
  • Eye of Skadi is a very strong item to purchase on Mirana. It improves her stats across the board, mitigating her small health and mana pools while also providing bonus agility for increased physical damage output. The Cold Attack passive allows Mirana to slow her targets, which can be used alongside Leap to create a large movement and attack speed disparity between Mirana’s team and her foes.
  • Mjollnir is a strong attack modifier item to purchase on Mirana. It greatly empowers her attack speed and gives her the ability to deal area magical damage, synergizing with Leap and Starstorm. The active can be placed on your team’s lead initiator, allowing them to deal additional area magical damage during teamfights.
  • Ethereal Blade should be considered if Aghanim’s Scepter was purchased, since combined they deal huge amounts of magical damage – the combined burst damage can leave a hero with very little health or even kill them if their hp is on the lower part of the scale. The additional agility is also very useful, as it increases Mirana’s right-click power as well as her resistance to physical attacks. The active will also help allied wizards at dealing damage to the affected enemy, further securing a kill for your team, and can be combined with Dagon to deal even more magic burst.
  • Manta Style gives Mirana a large amount of bonus agility and attack speed, as well as increased strength and intelligence for overall increased resilience. The active can be used to remove debuffs from Mirana, allowing her to use escape abilities, create illusions to deal more damage when on the offensive, or can be used to scout out terrain to reveal enemy positioning.
  • Urn of Shadows is a strong utility item to purchase early on as Mirana. The extra strength gives her more HP for increased survivability, and the mana regen helps to sustain her casting requirements as needed. Charges can be easily obtained through participating in ganks, and the charges used to heal teammates or to add further damage in future ganks.
  • Solar Crest provides armor, mana regen, and attributes for improved survivability. Using the active on a Sacred Arrow victim makes them vulnerable to physical damage.
  • Arcane Boots is important to purchase as early as possible as a support Mirana. The ability to replenish her mana pool allows her to cast Sacred Arrow and her other spells more frequently, and helps to keep allies’ mana topped up as well.
  • Ghost Scepter is useful to obtain if the enemy chooses to focus Mirana in fights. Because a support Mirana is not able to easily farm items to improve her own survivability, Ghost Scepter allows her to become temporarily invulnerable against physical damage.
  • Force Staff is a strong utility item to purchase as a support Mirana. It provides bonus intelligence to shore up her small base mana pool, and health regeneration to help keep her health pool topped up. The active can be used alongside Leap to greatly augment Mirana’s mobility.
  • Eul’s Scepter of Divinity is a very strong caster item that greatly improves Mirana’s potency as a support. It provides bonus intelligence and mana regen, greatly improving her ability to cast her spells, and additional movement speed to give her more mobility, especially when combined with Leap. The active can be cast on herself to provide temporary invulnerability while removing debuffs from herself, or can be used on an enemy to make them a sitting duck for Sacred Arrow.
  • Rod of Atos greatly improves Mirana’s overall resilience and is easy to build. It provides a large amount of HP and intelligence, improving Mirana’s survivability and giving her a larger mana pool with which to cast spells. The active, with its long range and low cooldown, can root an enemy to hit them with Sacred Arrow, allowing allies to easily chase down fleeing enemies.
  • Drum of Endurance gives Mirana attributes across the board and is easy to build. The strength and intelligence shore up her small HP and mana pools; the active allows Mirana to greatly empower all nearby allies’ attack and movement speed during teamfights.






  • In the transition from DotA to Dota 2, various aspects of Mirana’s character have been changed to avoid reference to Blizzard’s intellectual property.[1]
    • The names of two of Mirana’s abilities were changed; Starstorm was previously called Starfall and Sacred Arrow was called Elune’s Arrow.
    • Her DotA hero title was “Priestess of the Moon“, a class within the Warcraft universe. Her title was changed during the beta to her current, Princess of the Moon. However, her voice lines remained unchanged, referring to herself still as the ▶️▶️ Priestess.
  • In addition to the above changes, Mirana’s surname – “Nightshade” – was also dropped, so that she is known simply as “Mirana”.
  • Mirana is the tiger of the Multan Fort that killed the king of Mongols (in the Mongol folklore).[2]
  • Her mount’s name is Sagan. Her response ▶️Carl meet Sagan.” is a pun on Carl Sagan.
  • She appears to be wearing the Circlet item, which fits the item description as being “designed for human princesses”.
  • In Dragon’s Blood. Mirana’s Starfall ability is shown when she fires an enchanted arrow to the sky and rains several arrows as she wounded an elf.


  • Concept art

  • Ability icon progress

  • Hero icon progress

  • Mirana concept art for Dragon’s Blood

  • Mirana concept art for Dragon’s Blood



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