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Test ban phim laptop

To test the keyboard, press the keys (before switching to the English keyboard)



– the type of button you are holding


– the appearance of the button, after you let it go – means its serviceability

The button on the keyboard does not work for me.

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Check whether this is a mechanical or software problem. To do this, you can use our service to test the keyboard online.

(If, as a result of the keyboard test, the problem persists, then the breakdown is mechanical)

I have a stuck button on my keyboard.

The problem is solved by replacing the keyboard.

My button is stuck.

You can check this using our online keyboard testing service.

I spilled liquid on the keyboard.

If you have a laptop, turn off the power and remove the battery, then dry the laptop. Then take it to the service center, they can clean the board.

If a personal computer, then dry and wipe the keyboard.

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Buttons are sticky after spilling liquid.

If you have a laptop, replace the keyboard, this defect cannot be repaired (at least we have never heard of such a fix).

If you have a personal computer, you can carefully remove the buttons (the instructions can always be found on youtube), and wipe it with a damp cloth or degreasing liquid, then be sure to dry it, so as to avoid contact closures.

I disassembled the keyboard and cannot remember where which buttons were located.

You can check the signals from the buttons using our keyboard test online.

P.S. Laptop keyboards cannot be repaired. In 99.9% of cases, it is not economically feasible to repair keyboards of personal computers.[external_footer]

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