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Im is an individual bearing the highest sovereignty within the World Government, whom even the Five Elders bow down to, and the current holder of the Empty Throne. However, Im’s existence is kept a secret within the government and to the rest of the world.[2]


Im’s face in silhouette.


Im has only been seen silhouetted so far. Im possesses a humanoid figure with a hand resembling a human’s and sharp almond eyes with red irises that have thin circles surrounding the pupils. Im wears a crown that has four sharp, incredibly tall spikes on the top and an extremely long robe that flows upon the ground a great distance behind them.[1][2]

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Little is known about Im’s personality, but they have developed a particular interest in Monkey D. Luffy, Marshall D. Teach, Shirahoshi, and Nefertari Vivi. During the events of the Levely, Im kept wanted posters or photos of all four on their person. Later, Im cuts apart both Luffy and Blackbeard’s posters as well as stabs Shirahoshi’s picture with a dagger, indicating they have a proclivity for violence or anger. Despite this, Im does seem to have a calm side, as shown when they gently handled the butterflies in the Room of Flowers.[2]

Abilities and Powers

The full scope of Im’s abilities are unknown, but the fact that they sit on the Empty Throne, a seat whose occupant would be associated with sole authority of the entire world, and the fact that the Five Elders, who are publicly considered to be the highest authorities of the World Government bow before them and address them with a great honorific, would indicate that Im has the greatest known authority within the World Government.[2]


Im possesses a saber. It has not been seen being used in combat, but it has been used to cut apart bounty posters and photographs.[2]


Levely Arc

Im meets with the Five Elders while sitting on the Empty Throne.

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As royals gathered at Mary Geoise for the Levely, Im went to a chamber deep within Pangaea Castle, and approached a large straw hat while carrying several bounty posters and photographs including Monkey D. Luffy’s.[1]

Im later went to the Room of Flowers and cut apart Luffy and Blackbeard’s bounty posters and stabbed the photo of princess Shirahoshi. With a photo of Nefertari Vivi in hand, Im then met with the Five Elders while sitting on the Empty Throne. The elders requested that Im reveal the name of the “light” that needed to be extinguished from history.[2]


  • Im is the name of a giant appearing in Norse mythology.
  • When written in katakana, Im’s name is composed of the two radicals comprising the character , which means “Buddha”.


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