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Hyoue Kuroda

Japanese name: 黒田 兵衛

(Kuroda Hyōe)
Age: 50
Gender: Male
Date of birth: unknown
Occupation: Police Superintendent
First appearance: Manga: File 913

Anime: Episode 810
Appearances: Chapters: 18

Episodes: 14

Movies: 1

OVAs: 0

Specials: 0

Openings: 5

Closings: 0

Cases solved: 2
Keyhole number: Volume 86
Japanese voice: Yukimasa Kishino
English voice: Richard Epcar

Hyoue Kuroda (黒田 兵衛 Kuroda Hyōe? ), is currently the Tokyo Police First Division Managing Officer, former Nagano Police First Division Chief and a character within the manga and anime franchise Detective Conan.


Hyoue Kuroda was originally an officer from the National Police Agency.[1] At some unknown point in the past, he became the victim of an accident, which put him in a 10-year long coma; that accident was what caused him to lose his right eye. His hair turned white due to the stress of the accident and he looked like a completely different person, and he says that he’s missing a few memories. Detective Yui thinks that Kuroda has a prosthetic right eye as a result of the accident that put him in the coma.[2] After having recovered, Kuroda was assigned to Nagano Prefectural Police as the Chief of the First Division, where he first encountered Conan. Some time after the Kawanakajima murder case, he was transferred to Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department to replace Kiyonaga Matsumoto. He has heard rumors about Conan being ‘the brain behind Sleeping Kogoro’ and seems to have trust in him.


Kuroda is a very intimidating man, with the wound around his right eye being especially unnerving. Kogoro, Ayumi, Genta, Mitsuhiko, and even Haibara have been scared by his demeanor and his face. His no nonsense approach to cases, coupled with his enigmatic persona keep those he works closely with on their toes. Unlike other policemen like Jugo Yokomizo, he is willing to listen to others than the police’s thoughts on a case, as seen when he tells Kogoro that he is welcome to come with his own thoughts.


Plot overview[edit]

Kawanakajima Murder Case (Manga: 913-917, Anime: 810-812)[edit]

This case marks Kuroda’s first appearance. He came to the crime scene right after Shigeru Takeda’s head was found in the river. Conan got surprised as he was a well-built and old one-eyed man, which partially fits Haibara’s description of Rum. He hinted knowing that Conan was the brain behind the Sleeping Kogoro, which was a rumor he heard from the National Police Agency. Although he may also have heard it from Kansuke Yamato, Yui Uehara, and Taka’aki Morofushi of the Nagano Police, since he was stationed in the Nagano Prefecture at the time.

He was shown to be a scary person but in the end he turned out to be on Kansuke Yamato and Taka’aki Morofushi’s side, helping them to catch the real killer in the case. Yui Uehara said that he had been in a coma for ten years after an accident and had pitch black hair before that. Kansuke jokely says that with a face like that he looked like a boss of some organization.

A Blog That Causes a Death (Manga: 918-920, Anime: 814-815)[edit]

Conan and Haibara were discussing about Kuroda. Ai said that they shouldn’t worry because he didn’t make any suspicious moves and he was in Nagano, far from the Black Organization. However, at the end of the case it was found out that he had moved to the Tokyo police department replacing Kiyonaga Matsumoto who presumably got promoted. A bit earlier in the case Takagi spoke with him (referring to him as the superintendent), where he gave orders to Megure and Takagi that they should do what Conan tells them to do. When Takagi mentions that he was surprised to learn that Conan knew their new superintendent, he arrives saying that he was confident that Conan could help with the case. He asked Conan to take care of him. Haibara got scared when Kuroda leaned in closer.

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A Secret of the Big Couple (Manga: 925-927, Anime: 822-823)[edit]

Haibara said to Conan that she hadn’t felt the Black Organization Aura from Kuroda. She had only gripped his shoulder because his face and expression were really scary. In fact, she implied Kuroda couldn’t be Rum, as he saw her and should have noticed she resembles Shiho Miyano. If this had happened, things would have gone out of control and Rum would’ve broken into Agasa’s house and this didn’t happen.

Rumi Wakasa’s Neighbor Murder Case (Manga: 980, Anime: 896-897)[edit]

Kuroda reads on his phone an article about Rumi Wakasa catching a killer and comments that it was well done.

Burning Tent Murder Case (Manga: 987-989, Anime: 909-910)[edit]

Kuroda is sitting at his desk looking at the details of the case from 17 years ago. Shiratori brings Kuroda the file on the robber case that occurred at the elementary school at the time Rumi began working there. Shiratori also informs him that the Detective Boys are going camping with Rumi soon and gives him a pamphlet for the camp grounds. Kuroda goes to the camp grounds and spies on Conan’s group through the opening of his tent. The tent next to his catches fire and he is forced to reveal himself. He catches Rumi spaced out staring in his direction and asks her if they should call the police. As Yuminaga’s team investigates, Rumi accuses Kuroda of spying on someone.

Both to Shiratori and to Yuminaga, Kuroda calls Conan: “Sleeping Kogoro’s bag of wisdom”, perpetuating the rumor further.

Crimson School Trip Case (Manga: 1005, Anime: 941)[edit]

After the case is solved, Kuroda, along with Wakita, is seen reading something on his phone, that mentions Shinichi’s involvement in the case.

Missing Maria Higashio Case (Manga: 1008, Anime: 941-942)[edit]

He is seen reading the article where the blogger who claimed that she saw Shinichi wrote he was nothing but an illusion, with a smirk on his face.

Policewomen Serial Murder Case (Manga: 0908603917, Anime: 972-974)[edit]

Kuroda appears at the crime scene of the murder of the second policewoman from the traffic division. He tells Chiba and Shiratori that the case concerns a serial murder of policewomen.

At the end of the case, Kuroda is seen talking with Amuro on the phone, who questions him about his meeting with the Kudos, calling him by his codename “Bourbon”.

Nagano Snowy Mountains Case (Manga: 1030, Anime: 1004)[edit]

Kuroda calls Kansuke’s phone and want to talk to Morofushi privately.

‎Non-canon plot overview[edit]

Zero the Enforcer (Movie: 22)[edit]

Kuroda plays a minor role in this movie, being present at all the police meetings and making a few executive decisons. He is shown making a call to Rei Furuya (Bourbon) however it is unclear whether what he says to Furuya at the end of the call. He is shown saying what appears to be a two syllable word, and one can assume that this could either be “Zero” or “Bourbon” given the context.

Relationship analysis[edit]

Family and friends[edit]

Nagano and Tokyo Metropolitan Police detectives[edit]

They have respect for him and follow his orders.

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Conan Edogawa[edit]

Conan is suspicious of Kuroda. Kuroda on the other hand seems to have trust in Conan’s abilities, even goes as far as to order the police to follow Conan’s instructions. He calls him the ‘Brains behind the Sleeping Kogoro’. When Kuroda becomes the new Police Superintendent in Tokyo, he greets Conan with ‘Yoroshikuna’ (Take care of me) which could mean that he’s hoping for Conan’s help in the future.

Rumi Wakasa[edit]

It is unknown if they had a history together, but Kuroda seems to know something about Wakasa-sensei, judging from his remark that camping wasn’t something she did. In addition, Rumi also seems to know the purpose of Kuroda on the camping trip was to spy on her.

Rei Furuya[edit]

Kuroda seems to be in contact with Amuro, and is also aware of the latter involvement with the Black Organization; calling him by his codename “Bourbon”.


Since Kanenori Wakita was revealed is Rum, it is very probable that he is Tsutomu Akai.

Name origin[edit]

The name comes from Kuroda Kanbei (黒田 官兵衛 Kuroda Kanbee? , a.k.a. Kuroda Yoshitaka (黒田 孝高)), Japanese daimyo of the late Sengoku through early Edo periods.

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