Haku (Naruto)

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There is only one person who matters to me, and I live to protect and serve him. That is my purpose.
~ Haku

Haku (白, Haku) was an orphan from the Land of Water, and a descendant of the Yuki clan. He later became a shinobi under Zabuza Momochi’s tutelage whom he later partnered with, ultimately becoming a Mercenary Ninja.


He was voiced by Mayumi Asano in the Japanese version, and by Susan Dalian and Mona Marshall and Michelle Ruff as a child in the English version.

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Haku was a 15-year-old boy with an androgynous appearance and was even viewed as being beautiful by Naruto, who exclaimed that he was “prettier than Sakura”, even after he informed him that he was male. He had long black hair, pale skin and large, dark-brown eyes, and a slender frame.


Haku was a good-hearted, compliant, and eager shinobi, believing that a person becomes truly strong when they have someone important to protect. Despite his talent for battle, and incredible abilities, Haku disliked needing to kill others in his role as a tool, and avoided doing so whenever possible. When forced to face an opponent, Haku did all that he could to avoid inflicting great harm, even putting them into a death-like state to prevent them from fighting further, as he did to Sasuke during their battle. Before he met Zabuza, he suffered from a belief that he was unnecessary, and served Zabuza because he wanted to feel useful. Because of Haku’s pure, kind-hearted personality, Zabuza believed, despite his deeds as his tool, Haku would be able to thrive in heaven while he was condemned to hell.


Haku grew up in the Land of Water with his parents. He was raised by his mother and father. However, when Haku’s father found out that Haku had a bloodline trait, he tried to kill him and Haku defended him from his attack. Being orphaned after the incident, Haku was founded by Zabuza who took him in as his pupil.

For years, Haku would serve under Zabuza and go on missions with him. Haku and Zabuza was tasked by Gato to go after Tazuna and help Gato maintain his power in the Land of Water. During this time, Haku saved Zabuza from Kakashi and his team when after the latter’s battle against the former. Haku later met Naruto without his mask on. During their meeting, Naruto learned about the pleasant aspect to Haku and mistaken him for a girl. Haku also helped Zabuza recover after his battle against Kakashi and Team 7. Haku also lashed out at Gato when the latter was antagonizing him and Zabuza.

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Haku and Zabuza appeared on the Bridge, that would later be named the Great Naruto Bridge, and encountered Kakashi, Sasuke, Sakura, and Tazuna. Haku and Sasuke got into battle. However at one point, Naruto appeared and Haku trapped Naruto and Sasuke in his ice mirror jutsu. During the battle, Haku managed to critically defeat Sasuke. Thinking that Sasuke died, Naruto became enraged and with the power of the Nine-Tails managed to defeat Haku. Naruto soon calmed down when he realized it was Haku and Haku tried to remind Naruto of harsh realities of the ninja world. When Zabuza’s life was endangered, Haku left Naruto and stood in front of Kakashi’s lightning cutter attack. Haku was impaled through the chest by the attack and used his last remaining strength to stare at Kakashi and to grab his arm to prevent him from moving. When Zabuza tried to cut both Kakashi and Haku down, Kakashi saved Haku’s body and laid it to rest. Gato soon appeared and attacked Haku’s body over his anger with the latter. Gato’s attack enraged Zabuza and the latter killed him in response to what Gato did. Having suffered many attacks from a mob of people, Zabuza laid down to rest next to Haku’s body before dying peacefully.

Over two years later, Kabuto took the pieces of Haku and Zabuza’s flesh and used them as pawns in the Summoning: Impure World Reincarnation jutsu for the Fourth Great Ninja War. Kabuto used Haku and Zabuza as pawns to fight against Kakashi’s army during the world war. Haku and Zabuza encountered Kakashi and Haku was happy to hear about the type of ninja Naruto grew up to be years after his death. However, Kabuto took away Haku and Zabuza’s mind and turned them into mindless killing machines against the army. Kakashi’s army managed to stop them and sealed them up. Itachi managed to fight and defeat Kabuto in battle and forced him to release the jutsu releasing Haku and Zabuza’s souls from the jutsu.



  • Due to his androgynous appearance and female voice actresses, Haku is often mistaken for a girl. Naruto even mistook him as such.



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