Check out Samsung’s infographic of Samsung Experience 9.0 features coming with Oreo

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Since the first day of the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Oreo beta program, we’ve highlighted many of the new features that the update will introduce. Oreo will also bring Samsung Experience 9.0, the newest version of its proprietary user interface, though if you go by the company’s way of doing it, Samsung Experience (SE) 9.0 is the name for the entire new software and Android 8.0 Oreo is a part of that software (which is technically correct, given the number of modifications Samsung makes to the OS).

Samsung Experience 9.0 infographic

If you were part of the beta program, you’ve probably seen Samsung’s official infographic showcasing SE 9.0 features in the Samsung Members app. The infographic includes the features we’ve covered on the site, but also talks about a few others, like the option to change the color of the screen to reduce eye strain. The official Oreo update can arrive any day now, and while we’re waiting for D-Day, we thought we’d put up the infographic for those who couldn’t take part in the beta.

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It’s a big infographic (captured using Samsung’s awesome Scroll Capture feature), so make sure you allow the image below a few seconds to fully load. Once you’ve checked out the infographic, take a look at some tips to prepare your S8 or S8+ for the Oreo update, and let us know what feature you’re looking forward to the most!

Update: The article has been updated to fix an error that said the infographic showed Oreo features as well. The infographic is only for features exclusive to Samsung’s software and does not include core Android Oreo features.

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