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Bulma (ブルマ Buruma) is a brilliant scientist and the second daughter of Capsule Corporation’s founder Dr. Brief and his wife Bikini,[11] the younger sister of Tights,[12] and is Goku’s first friend.[1][2] She used to be the girlfriend of Yamcha,[13][14] but moved on (while remaining friends with him) and, eventually, became the wife of Vegeta, as well as the mother of Trunks and Bulla. A technological and scientific genius who can turn her talents to almost any field and understand alien technology near-effortlessly, her inventions, and the resources of Capsule Corporation, have been invaluable to Goku and the rest of the Dragon Team many times. Her most notable invention is the Dragon Radar.


Bulma is the most significant female character in the series. Aside from Goku, Bulma is the single longest-running character in the entire meta-series, being introduced in the first Dragon Ball chapter and episode, and maintaining a prominent role until the end of the series.

Mục Lục

Concept and Creation

Bulma in the third draft under the name “Pinchi”

Bulma’s original incarnation in Dragon Boy was the Princess of the Flower Country.

In Toriyama’s first draft of Dragon Ball, Bulma’s design was significantly different giving her the appearance of a western girl. During the second draft Bulma had the braided ponytail that she had in her first appearance but older looking with a different styled dress. The third draft gave her the name of Pinchi and had exactly the same design as the final draft but her clothes her tight black pants with a shirt that had her shoulders exposed.[15]


Artwork of Bulma wearing her Wild Rider Suit in early Dragon Ball

Throughout the entire series, Bulma has changed her appearance more than any character going through a total of 18 different hairstyles. Her hair colors varies between appearances, being colored: purple, blue, or turquoise. Her hairstyle was shoulder-length as a teenager. Many of the clothes Bulma is seen wearing often bear her name or the Capsule Corporation logo on it.

She had a tender appearance in her teen years, like her milky colored skin. In her teen years her bust measurement was 85cm, her waist measurement was 58cm, and her hip measurement was 84cm.[7] As an adult her bust measurement was 87.2cm before breastfeeding, and 83.4cm after.[16]

Bulma’s appearance just before going to the desert

In her initial appearance, Bulma had her hair in a braided ponytail with a red ribbon and wore a very short pink dress with her name on it with blue sneakers and purple socks. Due to wetting her panties when being captured by a pterodactyl, her clothes are quickly changed to a pair of boots, gray pants and a blue jacket with a white tank top underneath with her hair unchanged.

When she was staying the night in her Capsule House she wore a pink nightgown with one side of her hair in a pigtail and adds a pair of pink socks and blue sneakers to it when she was forced to take Turtle to the beach. After coming back from the beach, Bulma is briefly seen in a white shirt and pants with brown shoes and gloves when attempting to ride Goku’s Flying Nimbus.

When dealing with Oolong in Aru Village, Bulma is seen in one of her more consistent appearances featuring her hair down and wearing a pair of brown short shorts, red and white shoes, pink socks, a red jacket with a white shirt underneath and a red hat with her name on it.

Since she loses her Capsules at a river, she is forced to wear a Bunny costume since she thinks the previous outfit got too dirty for her to wear. She wears the Bunny costume until she gets a pair of gypsy styled clothes at Monster Carrot’s Village. The gypsy clothes consisted of her hair in a ponytail while wearing a white suit with a red waistband, a golden collar, a small blue jacket, gold armlets, and red sandals. She wears this outfit until she gets back to West City.

Bulma’s appearance in the Fortuneteller Baba Saga

When she attended the 21st World Martial Arts Tournament she wears a red tank top that has her name on it, a white shirt underneath, orange skirt, yellow socks, and purple shoes. Her hair is also ponytail with a red bow on her head. During the time, Bulma met back with Goku in West City during his time being targeted by the Red Ribbon Army, Bulma wore a red tube top that leaves her shoulders exposed, orange shorts, and pink shoes with purple socks while having her hair in a side ponytail. When she was with Krillin being pursued by General Blue in the Pirate Cave she left her shorts, shoes, and socks behind to swim and was just in her red tube top and red panties that showed her butt crack at the back. After getting back to Kame House after the incident she is seen wearing an outfit which is identical to the outfit worn before but everything being pink. She wears this outfit all the way until the end of the Fortuneteller Baba Saga.

After the three year time skip, has her hair cut shorter and wears an opened up orange sweatshirt, a red shirt underneath, white skirt, orange socks and blue shoes with orange laces at the 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament. She wears this same outfit minus the orange sweatshirt for part of the King Piccolo Saga. In the later half, she switches to a blue shirt and skirt. After King Piccolo’s defeat, Bulma is seen wearing a white and blue striped shirt with an orange skirt. After another three year time skip during the Piccolo Jr. Saga, she wears a sleeveless purple dress with a white belt that has a pouch to the side. She also is wearing white boots with yellow socks and has her hair at shoulder length again as well as wearing red lipstick. She also wears pink earrings and wears a pink bracelet on her left wrist. She also had the same appearance in Dragon Ball Z: The World’s Strongest and Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug.

Bulma during the Namek Saga

After the five-year gap that begins Dragon Ball Z, Bulma has her hair cut short again and wears white shorts, blue socks, blue and orange shoes and a blue shirt that leaves her shoulders exposed underneath an open white coat. After the year has passed in the middle of the Vegeta Saga, Bulma wears a blue shirt with a white collar and white edges on the sleeves as well as matching blue shorts with the edges on the bottom. Her hair is also back to a ponytail with a red bow. After the battle of the Saiyans is over, Bulma wears a white shirt that says Capsule Corporation and a pair of tight red jeans and has her hair all the way down with it longer than before. While on the ship on their trip to Namek, Bulma had her hair cut to shoulder length again and wore only her gray tank top and panties while traveling on board the Nameless Namek’s Spaceship (a reference to Ellen Ripley in the Alien films). While on Namek, she wore a perfectly fitting black jumpsuit on the whole body with a yellow tunic over it and pair of orange boots as with as a red hairband. In the Androids Saga, she wore an exposed midriff in a red crop top with an orange ultra short jacket, cropped jeans, & high top sneakers. By the end she’s wearing a burgundy long-sleeved shirt, white pants, and her hair was still shoulder-length which is also retained in Dragon Ball Z: Broly – The Legendary Super Saiyan while in Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Unbound, she wears a yellow tank crop top which bared her midriff, a yellow headband, white jean shorts, a pearl necklace, a red ring around her wrist, red flip flops, and also retains her hairstyle from the Android Saga.

In the Buu Saga, she wore a sleeveless green dress with the shoes similar to what her sons wear and her hair is bowl-cut and she also wears gold hoop earrings. At the Capsule Corporation garage, she wears a brown long-sleeved button-down shirt with dark green pants, a dark brown vest, and brown gloves. At the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament and for the majority of the Buu Saga, her green dress is replaced with a sleeveless red dress and a yellow kerchief tied around her neck, although she switches back to the green dress for the party celebration for the defeat of Kid Buu in “He’s Always Late”.

In Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods and early Dragon Ball Super, Bulma wears a sleeveless purple dress and a light green kerchief tied around her neck resembling her outfit that she wore in the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament and wears red sneakers and also wears small gold earrings instead of gold hoop earrings and she also retains her bowl-cut hairstyle from the Buu Saga.

In Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn, she wears the same appearance from the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament in the Majin Buu Saga while in Dragon Ball Z: Wrath of the Dragon, her red dress and a yellow kerchief is replaced by a blue dress which resembles her green dress.

Bulma’s primary outfit in Resurrection ‘F’ and Dragon Ball Super

For Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ and Dragon Ball Super, Bulma receives a new outfit which she wears a white t-shirt, a red bandanna, jeans, cowgirl boots, and wears stud earrings. She later wears an outfit identical to her future self but her short sleeved undershirt is green, her jeans is pale blue and wears brown flats. While pregnant with Bulla, Bulma wears a pink sleeveless maternity dress with a white long sleeve shirt, gray leggings and black shoes.

In Dragon Ball Super: Broly, she wears a purple jacket with yellow sleeves, a black bra-like garment, white shorts, yellow sunglasses, blue shoes and nail polish, and red lipstick.

After the Kid Buu Saga, she wears a yellow and black dress with a black leather jacket and brown gloves and black boots and retains her bowl-cut hairstyle from the Majin Buu Saga, but with an open bang and now wears gold triangle earrings.

In Dragon Ball GT, Bulma wears a long-sleeved orange dress with white pearls and black boots and retains the same hairstyle and the same gold triangle earrings from the end of Dragon Ball Z.


Her personality was based on the princess from Akira Toriyama’s one-shot Dragon Boy and her appearance was from Plamo from another one of Toriyama’s one-shots named The Adventures of Tongpoo.

Bulma’s tantrums when stranded in the wild

Bulma has a temperamental personality while being very tomboyish and girly at the same time. While known for her extreme intellect, Bulma is considerably spoiled and vain, using her great beauty as an excuse for her selfish behavior. Her selfishness prevented her from being able to ride the Flying Nimbus. While in stressful conditions, she becomes frightened easily and gets angry toward everyone including her allies. Bulma tends to have a great deal of concern over her hygiene, frequently complaining when circumstances prevent her from taking a bubble bath or replenishing her beauty supplies, even when her hygiene is the least of her worries such as being stranded in the wilderness.

Despite her temperament, Bulma often displays friendliness and helpfulness towards others. She tends to approach major situations rationally, often making crucial decisions on her own, and she tends to be very persistent in achieving her goals. As she gets more mature, Bulma focuses on becoming a great scientist and helps out by creating and fixing inventions that help the Dragon Team and her family. She is shown to be very witty, usually teasing her friends, apart of being happy and easy-going.

An example of Bulma’s attempts at using her sex appeal

Bulma enjoys strawberries,[6] attractive boys and bubble baths. While dealing in certain social dilemmas, Bulma sometimes has to deal with using her sex appeal to get what she wants. Though she shows a strong dislike to perverted men, she herself got infatuated towards any attractive guy she saw even in her early adulthood, even during the time she was dating Yamcha, whom she claimed she was in love with and intended to marry. On a related note regarding her being infatuated with any attractive guy she saw, sometimes her infatuation can cause her to flirt with a guy in a very crass manner, as demonstrated by when she encountered General Blue before learning his true sexual orientation where she grabbed his arm, licked it, and also meowed like a cat. However, she loses interest in him due to his lack of commitment to her and becomes more committed to her relationship with Vegeta. At times, she doesn’t watch her mouth, which gets her into trouble. On a similar note, she also had a severe lack of tolerance towards Yamcha being approached by other women when she was still dating him, as she initially broke up with him when she thought Yamcha was cheating on her for Hasky, and when Maron attempted to flirt with Yamcha a second time, she stormed over to the two and proceeded to furiously scold Maron (though the latter bit ended up backfiring when Chi-Chi’s timed arrival to scold Maron resulted in Maron expressing at amusement at the “two middle-aged ladies” [referring to Bulma and Chi-Chi] and caused the two to get into a furious argument over their ages).

Despite their rocky start and quarrelsome natures, Bulma tends to have a unanimous relationship with Vegeta, which increasingly improves after they get married. Bulma tends to take control over Vegeta and often berates him for his rude behavior, yet she takes pleasure in teasing him. Although they can argue often and despite him being a former enemy to the Z Fighters, Bulma is very devoted to Vegeta and truly loves him, even taking great pride at being his wife. After becoming a mother, Bulma is a very loving one towards her son and daughter, even though she demonstrated some irresponsibility when she took Trunks to the Androids battlefield when he was a baby, but she later learns from this mistake.

One of Bulma’s most interesting relationships is her friendship with Goku, having known the Saiyan for the majority of his life and becoming his first, and one of his closest, friends. Initially, she expressed frustration and annoyance towards his lack of hygiene, manners, and knowledge of the world and sought to only use him as protection whenever they encountered serious trouble when looking for the Dragon Balls. But soon, Bulma came to warm up to and care for Goku as a dear friend, their relationship being akin to that of an older sister-younger brother. As they grew up together, Bulma would assist Goku whenever he needed it and often showed great concerned for him whenever a task seemed too big or if he was in danger of being killed, though she would still get annoyed with his immature tendencies and forgetfulness and Goku has often shown to fear her temper to the point of being submissive and obedient to her. Even after they had both become adults, Bulma remained good friends with Goku even though she expressed irritation at him often being quick to fight someone and his habit of not taking things seriously enough. Despite this, Bulma’s faith and trust in Goku whenever it came to combat has shown to be absolute to the point where she often displays more confidence in him than even her own husband, Vegeta; such as the battles with Majin Buu as well as Goku Black and Future Zamasu. Bulma’s companionship with Goku also extends to his family, being a good friend of Chi-Chis and showing a great deal of warmness to his sons Gohan and Goten, even after the former grows up.

As she got older, Bulma was shown to have some irritation towards her fellow Z-Fighters for constantly relying on the Dragon Balls to revive people when dealing with a threat. This eventually came to a head when Piccolo, Goten, and Trunks were sealed inside the Hyperbolic Time Chamber when fighting Super Buu, where she called them out on their stating they’ll revive Goten and Trunks with the Dragon Balls in case they get killed, especially when Goten and Trunks were children (also calling the rest of the Z-Fighters cowards in the Japanese dub), after Krillin suggested that Piccolo, Goten, and Trunks commit suicide and then revive them.

Though she is not a fighter, Bulma can be violent when angered and defend herself if need be. Several characters such as Krillin, Gohan, Goku and even to some extent Vegeta, are shown to fear her violent temper. When it seemed Frieza had been destroyed by the Large Spirit Bomb Krillin freaked when he remembered they had left Bulma all alone on Namek and Krillin even suggested that an angry Bulma is more terrifying than Frieza. Much later, Goku freaked out when he realized he had forgotten it was Bulma’s birthday and even suggested she might be more terrifying than Beerus. Also, Vegeta adamantly refused to go training with Goku during Bulma’s pregnancy because he feared she would never forgive him, although it’s more likely that Vegeta wanted to be there for Bulma in this unsure time.

Even though she has noble qualities, she puts too high of an emphasis on her appearance, which is possibly one of the reasons why the Nimbus Cloud wouldn’t allow her to ride on it. As she grew older, she became so paranoid about losing her good looks that she went so far as to collect the Dragon Balls simply to make herself look 5 years younger, as in Dragon Ball Super: Broly, she had already collected 6 out of 7 of the Dragon Balls. It’s also implied that she’d done this a few times before.

She even angrily slapped the God of Destruction Beerus for ruining her party (however this was partially due to her belief that Beerus was a friend of her husband’s). Fortunately, Beerus responded by simply slapping her right back, causing Vegeta to angrily attack Beerus in order to defend his wife. Over time, even Beerus came to fear her temper and often tries to avoid saying anything that will anger her. When she finally comes face-to-face with Frieza after his revival and confronts him along with the Dragon Team and Jaco, Bulma bravely confronts Frieza, to the point of even addressing the tyrant impolitely and rudely. However, her confidence and bravado were shown to due to her belief that Gohan and the other Z Fighters were stronger than Frieza and quickly lost her bravado (to the point she began speaking politely to Frieza) when Gohan and Piccolo pointed out that Frieza had become far stronger than he was previously. She even attempted to get Frieza to wait for Goku, but when Frieza agreed to wait only ten seconds for Goku to appear, she lost her temper and called him a stingy jerk (and in the Funimation dub even said “Screw you!” to Frieza and called him names, such as bastard and scumbag). On that note, in the Japanese version, she was shown to use very coarse language at times, with a very notable example of this being the aforementioned interaction with Frieza, where she demanded bluntly that Vegeta and Goku return to Earth immediately due to Frieza having returned from the dead, while describing him as being an “evil, rotten, [censored]ing asshole”, with Frieza taking offense to the last part of the description (the Funimation dub tones this down to have Bulma refer to Frieza as an evil scumbag instead).

In Dragon Ball Legends, the teenage Bulma from the period before the summer vacation in which she first went hunting for the Dragon Balls and met Goku, finds herself in the present era of Age 780 during the Tournament of Time which was secretly set up by Beerus, Whis, and King Kai to fulfill the demands of the tournament’s mysterious Mastermind who had kidnapped Shin to force the gods of Universe 7 to comply. King Kai informs Bulma and the other participates in the tournament brought together from different dimensions, eras, and timelines about the tournament, claiming that the winner will be granted the opportunity to make a wish to Super Shenron (which unbeknownst to them is a lie as it is currently not possible due to the Super Dragon Balls having been previously used in the aftermath of the Tournament of Power and are currently inert as a result). As Bulma is not a fighter, Jaco of the present era is tasked by Beerus with protecting her as his background as a Galactic Patrolman and Bulma knowing him since childhood makes him the perfect person to keep her out of trouble. While she is aware of the Saiyans and Frieza Force like her counterpart, she is unfamiliar with Goku due to having not met his younger counterpart yet. She wonders about her future self, though Jaco refuses to allow them to meet to preserve history and because he knows the present Bulma would call him out on allowing such a thing due to her awareness of it being a violation of Galactic Law, as Jaco has been a vocal critic of the use of the Time Machine created by Future Bulma. As a result, Bulma is unaware of her present counterpart’s marriage to Vegeta or that she is the mother of two half-Saiyan children. Due to her youth, she is less comfortable with the larger than life conflict caused by the tournament and lacks her counterpart’s faith in Goku due to him being a perfect stranger to her. This leads to Bulma humorously wondering if Goku is her future husband after learning he knows her, but Jaco quickly refutes the notion without elaborating (it should be noted Bulma (Youth) finds adult Goku attractive during her pre-battle dialogue in Dragon Ball Legends though they are also familiar with Kid Goku as they are shocked he grew up to be “kinda of a hottie” as she puts it). As present Goku is older than her, Bulma calls him Mr. Goku at first rather than simply Goku, who insists she just call him Goku. Due to Shallot being the first Saiyan she befriends during the tournament, Bulma’s relationship with him resembles her counterpart’s relationship with Goku, though due to Shallot being older than Kid Goku, it is implied she may be somewhat attracted to him and seemingly attempts to flirt with him at times, though it is unclear if this is just her toying with him as Shallot makes it clear he has no interest in her romantically. Additionally, the teenage Bulma initially dislikes the pre-Vegeta Saga Prince Vegeta due to his personality, with Jaco finding some of her comments about Vegeta humorous due to his awareness of their counterparts’ marriage though he avoids revealing anything about it to her teenage counterpart or Vegeta. Vegeta in turn dislikes Bulma’s loud mouth to the point he demands Shallot shut off his communicator though Shallot cheekily points out he is unable to due to his lack of knowledge regarding such technology thus Vegeta is forced to put up with her commentary. After meeting Vegeta in person and due to him and Nappa acting as mentors to Zahha, Shallot, and Kid Gohan, she is more tolerant of the two Saiyans, even suggesting Vegeta came back to the Capitol due to getting lonely camping out in the wilderness without her indicating she shares her counterpart’s attraction to Vegeta once she gets to know him better though continues to disapprove of Vegeta’s evil ways and even tries to stop him and Shallot from fighting due to the damage it could cause to the Capitol if they continued, though fortunately Beerus backed her up and forced Vegeta to leave with Nappa. After joining Team Beerus with Shallot, Bulma supports the team in a manner similar to the way her counterpart supports the Dragon Team. Though she fails to understand the Saiyans obsession with fighting, she does her best to support Shallot, even bringing him food when he skips a meal to continue training to become a Super Saiyan, though when he points out the amount of food she and Jaco brought was barely enough for a snack she retorts by sarcastically calling him “Master Shallot” as she dislikes being treated like a maid. She also mistakes Turles for Goku which results in her being kidnapped by the rogue Frieza Force faction lead by Frost and Turles. Fortunately for her, they kidnap her so she can assist their ally Dr. Gero who has been helping Turles perfect the Fruit of the Tree of Might that he has been supplying to Frost’s army in exchange for gathering genes for Dr. Gero. Eventually she is rescued by Shallot, Vegeta, and Nappa who begrudgingly teamed up with Frieza to rescue her and Goku takes her back to the Capitol via Instant Transmission. After Super Saiyan Shallot beats Frieza and a Dark Ki empowered Turles, Bulma and Goku go to the battlefield to recover Shallot. Bulma admonishes Goku for letting Turles go, refusing to accept his excuse that it was to honor Shallot’s work to defeat him. Like her counterpart has done in the past, she questions how Goku can risk the fate of Earth like that and even notes it sounds like he’s brainwashed her counterpart when he notes her present self would have faith in him to deal with whatever threat they were dealing with. After learning that Vegeta and Nappa have been killed from Shallot following his recovery, she is shocked and saddened by their deaths, causing Whis to remind Beerus that unlike the present Bulma, she is lacks her counterpart’s familiarity and experience with the deaths of loved ones and having the Dragon Balls around to fix things, showing she is more sensitive to death of people she has come to know during the Tournament. She continues to support Shallot and reveals she is aware of the location of Dr. Gero’s hideout having heard about it from her father and suggests they search there despite Goku pointing out the lab was destroyed long ago, though he intuition proves accurate as Shallot encounters one of the Android 19s mass produced by the mad scientist. Additionally she repairs Android 16 so he can avenge 17 & 18 after they are absorbed by New Cell created by Dr. Gero using the genes collected by Turles. However due to her inexperience compared to her adult counterpart she fails to notice Android 16’s Android Bomb thus allowing him to utilize his Last Resort to stop Cell’s teammate Bojack during the Super Cell Games, though 16 us thankful for this as he sacrifices himself putting his faith in Teen Gohan, Shallot, and their allies to defeat New Cell. Bulma also ends up meeting the teenage Future Trunks (from shortly after Future Gohan’s death) who allies himself with Team Beerus to ensure her safety, though conceals his identity as the son of Future Bulma, though she does become aware that Vegeta is his father due to Teen Future Trunks encountering Majin Vegeta who’s evil actions she disapproves of much like her counterpart, though she forgives him once Shallot reminds Vegeta of his Saiyan pride and he turns on the Mastermind. Bulma is horrified when the Mastermind is revealed to be none other than their ally Zahha, who was acting as a double agent the whole time. However she and Jaco do their best to protect the unconscious Shallot and carry him away to safety while Goku, Adult Gohan, and Beerus confront Zahha and his allies Zamasu and Goku Black. Fortunately, they are helped by Champa and Vados as Beerus had asked them to. Champa insists that they will not find anything at where the Ice Continent used to be due to Zahha using Hakai via the prototype Super Dragon Ball he had created from the pieces he had stored in Shallot and Giblet before the Tournament began. However she, Shallot, and Jaco are determined to see for themselves and journey to the Ice Continent, despite Shallot’s conflicted feelings about confronting Zahha. Fortunately, Champa sends Hit to stop Shallot from rushing ahead in his current state of mind, which inadvertently saves him, Bulma, and Jaco. Eventually Majin Vegeta arrives to provide backup and manages to help Shallot deal with his conflicting emotions regarding Zahha, helping him realizes he has to fight to stop Zahha’s plans with Bulma thankful for him helping Shallot as she knows Zahha’s betrayal had hit Shallot the hardest due to their closeness.


Jaco the Galactic Patrolman

Main article: Jaco the Galactic Patrolman

Bulma as a kid flying Jaco’s spaceship

At Age 739, ten years before the events in the Emperor Pilaf Saga, Bulma (who is just five years old) visits with her family on Omori’s island. Bulma helps fix Jaco’s spaceship without anyone noticing, and demonstrates an intelligence that impresses both Jaco and Omori. Bulma carries with her a laser gun that she designed herself and says it was made because she thought Jaco was an evil alien. Ten years later, Bulma graduates from university and is in search of mysterious, mythical balls that can grant whatever wish their finder desires.

Dragon Ball

Emperor Pilaf Saga

Main article: Emperor Pilaf Saga

I want a bath, I need air conditioning, I don’t want to be stranded in the desert without a boyfriend or my dynocaps anymore.

— Bulma while walking in the desert, “Yamcha the Desert Bandit”

At the age of 16,[4][5] she found the two-star Dragon Ball in her basement. She created the Dragon Radar to find the other Dragon Balls so she can wish for a lifetime supply of strawberries, but later decides she wants to wish for the perfect boyfriend instead. She began her quest for the other balls during her summer vacation and after a couple of days, she found the Five-Star Dragon Ball in the North Valley.[1][2]

Bulma seeing the signal on the Dragon Radar of Goku’s Dragon Ball

Nine days later, she went to Mount Paozu to find the next Dragon Ball when she accidentally hit a young boy named Goku with her car. Bulma was the first girl Goku had ever seen and even more so, the second human Goku had ever seen, after his guardian, Grandpa Gohan, who had died. After Goku took Bulma to his house, she finds out that he has the four-star Dragon Ball, and explains the legend and power behind them. After failing to seduce Goku for the Dragon Ball, she decides to become traveling partners with him to which he agrees, though she deliberately neglected to tell him that the Dragon Balls scatter after the wish is made.[1][2]

Bulma lifting her dress to Master Roshi in exchange for a Dragon Ball

Later that night when camping in a Capsule House in Skull Valley, Bulma ends up introducing Goku to several elements that he was deprived of in his isolation such as technology, bathing and even the anatomy of women (by accident). The next morning, Goku finds a sea Turtle lost and decides to walk him back to the beach, which Bulma unhappily agrees to since she does not want to be left alone and defenseless. After an encounter with a Bear Thief, they got him to the beach and met Master Roshi, who gave Goku the Flying Nimbus for bringing him back. Bulma, who saw Master Roshi’s Three-Star Dragon Ball, got it from him in exchange for showing him her panties (which she did not know were not on at the time because Goku removed them while she was sleeping that morning). Only later, she discovers that her underwear is gone and gets furious as Goku admits (after being explained what panties are) that he took them off. When the two continue their journey, Bulma tries to use the Flying Nimbus but was rejected since she is not pure-hearted.

Three days later, Bulma and Goku ended up in Aru Village which was under the rule of a shapeshifter named, Oolong, who kidnapped the young daughters of the villagers. Bulma was given the six-star Dragon Ball by an old lady in the village for coming up with a plan to have Goku defeat Oolong. Bulma forced Oolong to come with them on their journey since his shapeshifting ability can come in handy. The journey became hard for when they reached the Diablo Desert and lost her capsules after traveling through a river on a boat just before. While in the desert, she met Yamcha, who she develops a crush on.

Bulma wearing a Bunny costume

After spending the night in Oolong’s House-Wagon, she was forced to wear a Bunny costume, because it was the only clean clothes around she had to wear. Two days later, the Dragon Team arrived at Fire Mountain to find the next Dragon Ball before the Ox-King finds them. Bulma and Oolong almost got killed by the Ox-King but were saved when he found out that Goku knew Master Roshi. Bulma got the seven-star Dragon Ball when Goku and the Ox-King’s daughter Chi-Chi, retrieved Master Roshi to put out the flames on Fire Mountain but unfortunately for her, Bulma had let Roshi touch her breasts in return. Bulma had Oolong take her place in her shape, but Bulma got angry when he went overboard and exposed her breasts to him as well.

Bulma buys new clothes

While on their way to the final Dragon Ball, they end up getting supplies at a town. While there, Bulma is mistaken for a member of the Rabbit Mob because she is still wearing the bunny suit Oolong gave her. After getting new clothes, she is not feared by the townsfolk anymore with one shopper becoming angry at her for pulling such a stunt. After Goku defeats two members of the mob they call their boss Monster Carrot, who turns Bulma into a carrot after she makes physical contact with him. Goku got help from Yamcha and Puar (who have been secretly following them the whole time) to defeat Monster Carrot and have Bulma turned back into a human.

The gang got back on track to their last, one-star Dragon Ball which was in the possession of Emperor Pilaf who has the desire to use them to rule the world. Bulma and the others had to get a ride from Yamcha and Puar to Pilaf’s Castle since they had their previous car destroyed by Pilaf’s minion Shu and five of their Dragon Balls stolen by him. While travelling, Bulma cosies up to Yamcha who can barely keep his mind straight.

Bulma gets together with Yamcha

While in Pilaf’s Castle the gang was trapped in a room where Pilaf was able to steal the last ball from them that Goku had on. Oolong was able to save the world by stopping Pilaf from making his wish by shouting his wish for panties just a fraction of a second before Pilaf’s request for world domination. However, the Dragon Ball Gang was put into a cell to be fried the next morning. Bulma and the others were able to escape when Goku looked at the Full Moon, transformed into a Great Ape and broke them out. The next morning, Bulma becomes disappointed that she did not get her wish, but decides to hook up with Yamcha and head back to her home in West City.

Tournament Saga

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Bulma, Oolong and Puar cheering at the 21st World Martial Arts Tournament

After preventing Pilaf from taking over the world, Bulma, Yamcha, Oolong, and Puar decide to return to West City while Goku goes to train with Master Roshi. On their way back their airplane crashes into a jungle where they are forced to walk. While back at West City, Bulma and Yamcha start to date. She cheers Yamcha on while watching him defeat an entire dojo of fighters to train for the upcoming World Martial Arts Tournament. During the time Bulma decides to go visit Goku at Kame House but found that the house was moved to a different location.[17] Bulma becomes mad when Yamcha leaves West City to train in the wild. A month later, when coming home from grocery shopping, Bulma almost gets run over by a truck but is saved when Yamcha returns and saves her. Bulma becomes disappointed at him for being gone for so long and not contacting her. Afterward, she takes Yamcha to her house and gets him cleaned up.

When Bulma arrives at Papaya Island to watch the Tournament, She meets back up with Goku and Master Roshi while they were signing up. During the Elimination Rounds, Bulma used Oolong to help her get a good view into the room so she can watch Yamcha fight. When the Tournament started she got a front row seat. While Goku did an excellent job in the Tournament, Bulma proudly took credit for being the one to discover him. After Goku lost the final round against Jackie Chun (who was really Master Roshi in disguise) Bulma and the rest of the gang ate dinner and began to leave back home but she was unfortunately stranded in the desert again when Yamcha’s car broke down and was caught in a sandstorm bringing them back to the World Tournament Arena where they started.

Red Ribbon Army Saga

Main articles: Red Ribbon Army Saga, General Blue Saga, and Commander Red Saga

Goku and Bulma reunite in West City

Bulma returns to West City and continues going to school at the Senior High School. She begins to dislike Yamcha due to his popularity with other women. Goku meets back up with her in front of her house at Capsule Corporation one day when she ditched school and came home early. Goku came to have Bulma repair the Dragon Radar that got broken while traveling. Feeling bored with life in West City, she decides to join Goku and collect the Dragon Balls once more. Before Goku had arrived, she had made a new device, the Micro Band, so she can shrink and travel with him in his shirt while he is on the Flying Nimbus. Just before leaving, Bulma decides to show Goku around the city.

Bulma and the others at Dream Land

While traveling through the city, Goku and Bulma come across Yamcha, Oolong, and Puar, who decide to come along with them to Dream Land. At Dream Land, Bulma decides to be moody the whole time because of her fight with Yamcha and walk around by herself. When she decides that she wanted to apologize to Yamcha, she sees what looks like Yamcha holding another woman, however, Yamcha was actually trying to disarm a scimitar from Hasky. Angry at Yamcha for his “infidelity”, Bulma whacks him with a pot, knocking him out and allowing Hasky to escape. After Goku caught Hasky, Bulma officially breaks up with Yamcha and travels with Goku to find the Dragon Balls.

Bulma running from two Red Ribbon Army Soldiers

Bulma and Goku end up flying to an island that is right near the location of a Dragon Ball that is located in the ocean. When Bulma finds out that she did not have a submarine capsule on her, Goku goes off to find the ball underwater by himself, leaving Bulma on the island. Bulma wanders the island not knowing that it was a base for the Red Ribbon Army. While wandering the island, she comes across two soldiers who were attracted to her. Since they were on an island in the middle of nowhere, the two soldiers wanted to take advantage of her, but Bulma ran from them. This made them angry, so they got into their planes and started shooting at Bulma, but Goku came by just in time to defeated the soldiers and save her. Seeing that the ball was very deep underwater, they went to Kame House to see Master Roshi and got a submarine in exchange for her Micro Band (for perverted reasons on Roshi’s part). When they began to go off into the ocean, Krillin decided to come along and help them.

Bulma trying to charm General Blue

While searching in the ocean, they were chased by the submarine of General Blue into a Pirate Cave that was the site of some hidden treasure. While sneaking through the cave, they came across a trap that shot arrows by touching any of the black holes that were littered all over the hallway. Goku and Krillin were able to jump over all of them, but Bulma had to hang upside down on to Goku’s Power Pole as it slowly brought her through the hall. While continuing through the cave, Bulma ran away from a Pirate Robot that Goku and Krillin fought. During the fight, Bulma and Krillin left and went ahead of Goku, who decided to stay and fight the robot. At the end of the hall, they had no choice but to strip to their underwear and swim the rest of the way. When Bulma and Krillin found a room filled with the treasure, they encountered General Blue. Bulma stayed and watched Krillin fight against General Blue. Just as Krillin was losing, Goku caught up and took him on. When Blue released his telekinesis on Goku, Bulma tried to seduce General Blue with her body, but it failed because General Blue is not interested in women. After Goku was able to defeat General Blue, Bulma and Krillin went to escape the cave as it was crumbling and Goku went to quickly find the Dragon Ball. Bulma drives an ancient submarine out of the Pirate Cave once Goku got the Dragon Ball.

Bulma with the diamond she got from the cave

When they got back to the surface, Bulma shows Krillin and Goku that she hid a diamond from the treasure in her underpants while they were still in there. Bulma uses the diamond to pay Roshi back for not returning his submarine, but Launch reverted to her bad form and stole it. General Blue shows up at Kame House and has everybody tied up using his telekinesis while he takes the Dragon Balls and escapes leaving a bomb behind to kill them. Launch returned just in time to save them by untying Goku so he can throw the bomb and catch up to General Blue. At that point, Bulma decides to end traveling with Goku and stay at Kame House for the time being.

Bulma, Roshi and Launch awaiting Yamcha to pick them up

While Goku was out continuing his quest for his Dragon Ball, Bulma took the Micro Band back from Roshi, since he was using it for perverted reasons. While Goku was training at the top of Korin Tower, he looked through one of the water jugs and saw Bulma and Krillin cooking at Roshi’s house, where she accidentally burned her finger on the stove. Another time Goku looked through the Jug, she was seen teaching Roshi, Launch, and Krillin how to do aerobics. While she was Roshi’s house, she was using what little resources he had laying around to make a Scouting Plane and another Dragon Radar to track Goku down. When Bulma launched the scouting plane, she saw that Goku was heading to the Red Ribbon Army Headquarters to get their Dragon Balls. Bulma decided to make a phone using spare parts around the house so she can call Yamcha and have him take everyone to Goku. When everyone gets to the Red Ribbon Army Base to meet Goku, they are late only to find the Goku easily beat all of them.

Fortuneteller Baba Saga

Main article: Fortuneteller Baba Saga

Bulma as she appears in Fortuneteller Baba saga

Bulma fixes the Dragon Radar and is confused that it doesn’t pick up the trace of the last Dragon Ball. Bulma decided to stay behind while Goku, Yamcha, Krillin, and Puar go to meet Master Roshi’s sister, Fortuneteller Baba, to help them locate the ball, but Bulma and Roshi end up getting dragged to Fortuneteller Baba’s Palace by Goku as part of a plan Krillin has. Since Yamcha is a fighting See-Through the Invisible Man and was struggling to fight, not knowing where his opponent is, Krillin has Bulma face Roshi, while pulling her shirt off, exposing her bare breasts to Roshi. Roshi then has a nose-bleed onto the invisible man revealing him to Yamcha for him to easily defeat. Afterward, Bulma gets mad over Krillin pulling her shirt down and hits him.

Bulma meets Upa and spectates the rest of the fights in the Devil’s Toilet against Bandages the Mummy and Spike the Devil Man. When Goku finishes the final fight outside against his Grandpa Gohan, Bulma tells him about what Goku accomplished when he’s been dead. After Goku finished getting the Dragon Balls, Bulma had to promise Master Roshi that she would stay at Kame House if he would train Yamcha. While everyone was preparing for the World Martial Arts Tournament, Bulma saw pictures of Master Roshi when he was young and learned of InoShikaCho which she had a nightmare of Goku being slaughtered by.

Tien Shinhan Saga

Main article: Tien Shinhan Saga

Bulma’s appearance in the Tien Shinhan Saga

Bulma arrives with everybody else at Papaya Island by plane. While waiting for Goku to arrive, they meet Master Roshi’s rival Master Shen the crane hermit, who brought along with students Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzu. During the tournament, Yamcha got his leg broken by Tien in the first match and Bulma helped him at the hospital. While staying at the hotel, she shared a room with Launch. As a spectator in the tournament, she seemed to hit Oolong a lot (mostly by accident) and also argued with Master Shen on many occasions. Bulma is also shown to be a fan of Pamput and even debated to cheer for him instead of Goku.

King Piccolo Saga

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Bulma holding the Dragon Balls after they became active again

Bulma’s part in the King Piccolo Saga began to emphasize her role as a scientist. She lends the Dragon Radar to the Dragon Team so that they might locate the Dragon Balls before King Piccolo, however, the protagonists’ efforts are in vain when King Piccolo is successful in summoning Shenron, and the menacing Namekian is granted eternal youth. Bulma stores the lifeless bodies of Krillin, Chiaotzu and Master Roshi, all victims of King Piccolo and his deformed son Tambourine, to later be revived by Shenron, along with every other undeserving victim of King Piccolo’s campaign.

Piccolo Jr. Saga

Main article: Piccolo Jr. Saga

Bulma attending the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament with Master Roshi and Puar

Three years later, Bulma was once again a spectator at the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament, where she reunited with Goku, as well as the other friends she made during Dragon Ball. It is here when she notices how Goku has grown up into a young man. With Goku now being 18 years old and Bulma now 22, Bulma refers to him as handsome and almost takes a liking to him. However, any possibility of a connection was not going to happen since Goku ended up getting engaged to his childhood sweetheart, Chi-Chi in the Quarterfinals. Bulma becomes happy for Goku and looks forward to becoming friends with soon-to-be-bride.

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Dragon Ball Z

Saiyan Saga

Main articles: Raditz Saga and Vegeta Saga

Bulma, Oolong, Chi-chi, Master Roshi, and Ox-King watching the battle on Baba’s crystal ball

After five years of peace, Bulma is with Krillin, and Master Roshi at the Kame House, when Goku arrives and introduces them to his new child, Gohan. Bulma, Krillin, and Roshi are shocked by this information at first. Bulma also witnesses Goku’s brother, Raditz, arriving on Earth to investigate why Goku, revealed to be a Saiyan named Kakarot by birthright, failed to exterminate the population of Earth as a child. She witnesses Goku fall to Raditz by only one kick, and him kidnapping Gohan. After Raditz’s defeat at the co-operative hands of Goku and Piccolo, Bulma is able to repair and modify the warrior’s “scouter” device, so that it may display a person’s power level in Earth figures, rather than Saiyan ones. A year later, the two Saiyans arrive on Earth. Bulma watches the battle on TV as Yamcha is killed by one of the Saibaman and she breaks down in tears. When they lose the TV signal, Fortuneteller Baba arrives and they watch the battle on her Crystal Ball. Bulma is at age 28 at the time. When Goku fought Vegeta, Bulma read Goku’s power level through the scouter, but his power level went too high for the scouter and it broke.

Frieza Saga

Main articles: Namek Saga, Captain Ginyu Saga, and Frieza Saga

Bulma at the West City hospital

After many of Earth’s finest defenders, including Piccolo (and by extension, Kami, and the Dragon Balls), are lost in the battle against the Saiyans Nappa and Vegeta, Bulma attempts to get a trip to Kami and Piccolo’s home planet, Namek in hopes of retrieving the Namekian Dragon Balls to revive Piccolo (whose restoration would also revive Kami and the Dragon Balls of Earth). Bulma tries to use the remote to Nappa’s spaceship which was left behind but accidentally self-destructs the ship instead. Mr. Popo then assists Bulma by taking her with him on his Magic Carpet to help identify a large contraption in Yunzabit Heights as a spacecraft, particularly the craft used by Kami to escape Namek centuries earlier. After seeing that the ship was fast enough to travel to Jupiter within minutes, she has the ship repaired and modified at Capsule Corporation with the help of her father.

Bulma on fake Namek

During the preparation, Mr. Popo taught Bulma some of the Namekian languages in order to help use the ship. Joined by Krillin and Gohan, Bulma uses the spaceship to travel to Namek. En route to Namek, Bulma was captain of the Namekian Spaceship where she spent the next 34 days sitting around in only her underwear and complaining of boredom. During this time in filler, the group is intercepted by a platoon of orphans in their mirror spaceship, certain that Bulma, Krillin, and Gohan are henchmen of the space tyrant Frieza. They are later tricked into making a crash landing on a fake Namek, where after a complex plot by the aliens Zaacro and Raiti, the group is almost left stranded.

Upon reaching Namek, their troubles only multiply when Banan and Sūi, two of Frieza’s henchmen, deliberately damage the group’s spaceship during an investigation, rendering them unable to leave the planet. Bulma leaves the Dragon Radar in the care of Krillin and Gohan, who begin their search for the Dragon Balls. During the two’s departure, Bulma sets up camp in a Capsule House hidden inside of a cave. While relaxing in a bath, she receives a radio transition from her father that Goku is on his way to Namek. After telling Gohan and Krillin of the news of Goku coming, she meets the Namekian child Dende which they befriended.

Bulma showing attraction towards Zarbon

She is soon plagued by numerous misdeeds while on Namek, when she is caught in the middle of a devastating confrontation between Vegeta and Zarbon, one of Frieza’s top henchmen. She quickly admires Zarbon’s appearance prior to the gruesome revelation of his second form, which ends up scaring her. She also witnesses Zarbon’s demise as Vegeta obtains the Dragon Ball from them. After this, she is left out in the open to keep guard of the four-star Namekian Dragon Ball. When a Dragon Ball accidentally falls into the ocean, Bulma uses her capsule submarine to go underwater and get the Dragon Ball back from a giant crab and its babies. After getting it back on land, she is threatened and kidnapped by two more soldiers of Frieza, Blueberry and Raspberry. She managed to defeat the soldiers. She tricked them by luring them to the nest of the giant crab from earlier, narrowly escaping from them in time. Eventually, she was forced to wander around the landscape, weakened to such an extent that she believes she no longer has anything to live for except getting revenge on Krillin and Gohan for leaving her behind. However, she was forced to flee when several Namekian dinosaurs seemed to be going after Bulma with the intention of killing her, although it was later revealed that they had merely been stampeding due to fear at a huge power increase by Frieza and she had merely been in the way.

Bulma’s struggle with Blueberry and Raspberry

Bulma later briefly has her body snatched by Captain Ginyu, leaving her soul trapped inside the body of the Namekian Frog Ginyu had mistakenly snatched during his conflict with Vegeta. She later regains her body when Gohan interferes with Captain Ginyu’s body change attempt towards Piccolo by throwing Bulma’s frog body between Ginyu and Piccolo. Afterward, she is knocked back by one of the blasts from Frieza and Goku’s battle along with Ginyu and is eventually knocked back even further by the aftershock of the Spirit Bomb. Bulma, still feeling sore towards Ginyu for tricking her, has Ginyu try to scout ahead for her friends. After Ginyu reports back, she then notices the aura on a nearby island resulting from Goku’s transformation into the Super Saiyan. After Frieza in a last ditch effort against Goku tries to blow up Namek, Bulma, witnessing the cataclysm, expressed horror and stated she did not want to die as the ground began cracking underneath her, though she ultimately survived due to Frieza unintentionally holding back enough power to delay the destruction by five minutes. Bulma attempts to restart the ship when preparing to leave for Earth and tries to stop Gohan from trying to sacrifice himself to stop Frieza from escaping the dying planet.

Bulma’s short-lived body switch with Ginyu

After a wish made to Porunga, the Eternal Dragon of Namek, transports to all living beings on Namek except for Goku and Frieza to Earth. Bulma allows Vegeta and the Namekians to take shelter at Capsule Corporation for a year, until the Z Fighters could be revived and a new planet, suitable for the Namekians, could be found. She even offered Vegeta to stay at her home, which he does but he is bemused when she calls him cute. After half a year, the Namekian Dragon Balls are used to resurrect the deceased Z Fighters, including Yamcha, much to her delight.

Frieza-Androids Interlude

Main articles: Garlic Jr. Saga and Trunks Saga

Bulma and Master Roshi infected by the Black Water Mist

In the anime, Bulma attends Master Roshi’s party and quickly develops a grudge for Krillin’s beloved but frustrating girlfriend, Maron, as Maron relentlessly advances on Yamcha even in Bulma’s presence, and often calls Bulma an old lady. She inhales the coat of Black Water Mist that Garlic Jr. lays across the Earth, which degrades her into one of Garlic Jr.’s thoughtless and violent mind slaves. Like the other possessed residents of Earth, Bulma is eventually reverted to normal when Mr. Popo and Kami spread the Sacred Water through the Lookout’s seven air currents of the world.

Bulma in the Trunks Saga

A year later, after Vegeta returns as a failure for not finding Goku, Bulma berates him for smelling bad and orders him to clean up, much to everyone’s amazement of how easily she can control him. When everyone feels Frieza’s presence heading towards Earth, Bulma follows the Z Fighters to see what Frieza looks like. When Future Trunks mysteriously arrives and easily slays Frieza and his father, King Cold, Bulma is at first under the impression that the young man is an employee of Capsule Corporation, due to the logo on his jacket. The only two people who are made aware that he is actually the future son of Bulma and Vegeta are Goku, who is told this by Future Trunks, and Piccolo, whose powerful Namek ears inadvertently hear the confession. Still, Piccolo explains to the Z Fighters and friends the boy’s story of the androids and that he is a legitimate visitor of the future.

Bulma shows concern for Vegeta, after his rash behavior

In a set of filler scenes that cover the period in between the arrival of Trunks and the androids saga, Bulma is shown behaving concernedly towards Vegeta, constantly worried about his welfare and him overworking himself, especially when he ends up blowing up the gravity chamber as a result of his carelessness. As Bulma tends to an injured and barely conscious Vegeta, reassuring him that he’s powerful and doesn’t need to torture himself to prove his worth to others, Yamcha gapes at the duo, his expression a mix of disbelief and jealousy. Bulma later berates Vegeta for continuing his intense training, shortly after he barely recovers from the aforementioned incident, but the latter rudely brushes her off, in a manner that clearly hurts her.

However, Bulma tries to develop a relationship with Vegeta, which is more considered an affair and cheating due to that their mutual attraction was based on passion and loneliness and the fact that Yamcha and Bulma were still dating. As a result, Bulma gives birth to a baby boy named Trunks. But this doesn’t bring them closer together and they argue frequently, leading them to be estranged.

Androids Saga

Main article: Androids Saga

Bulma and Baby Trunks in the Androids Saga

Although she initially intended to reveal Trunks’ name as well as the fact that his father was Vegeta when the Z Fighters congregated at the area the Androids were to appear, Goku accidentally reveals both pieces of information to her confusion and shock, not knowing that Future Trunks revealed this. Despite Vegeta’s seemingly indifference towards her and their son, Bulma insists that he really loves Trunks and would never let anything happen to him, showing that she still harbors affection for him despite their rocky relationship. Eventually, with the return of Future Trunks not long after, the fact that he is the same person as her child slowly becomes clear to everyone including Vegeta, who assumes that having his blood is why Future Trunks could become a Super Saiyan at such a young age. When Bulma learns of Future Trunks being the same person as her child, she is greatly shocked to learn this but is soon relieved since she knows he won’t look like his father at an older age.

Cell Saga

Main articles: Imperfect Cell Saga, Perfect Cell Saga, and Cell Games Saga

Bulma finds Cell’s cocoon

Sometime after, she receives word of a person finding a device belonging to her company. She soon joins her future son and Gohan in doing the investigation and is shocked to learn that it is a time machine, the very same one Trunks time traveled with but he is confused as he had it on him and compares it with the older looking one. Bulma finds an eggshell in the machine while Gohan finds the shell of what could have come out of the egg which terrifies Bulma after Trunks states what emerged could be bigger and near the area. Bulma nervously leaves the area telling Trunks not to be afraid to come by the house when he feels like.

Krillin later gives Bulma blueprints for Android 17 that were confiscated by him and Future Trunks.

Bulma develops a remote device that can be used to deactivate Android 17 and Android 18, but when Krillin has the chance to use it and destroy Android 18, he chooses to destroy it because he has come to have feelings for 18. Bulma goes to Kami’s Lookout to give the Z Fighters the third-party model of Battle Armor she developed to help in their training for the Cell Games. After Android 16 is damaged while trying to prevent Cell from absorbing 18, he is repaired by Bulma and her father. During the repair, the unconfident pair decides to remove 16’s bomb, which proves to be a poor move as 16 later attempts to use the bomb against Cell, but does not realize until he is in combat with his opponent that he has no trump card, which causes his death. After Cell is defeated by Super Saiyan 2 Gohan, Bulma is seen at Capsule Corporation with the others, saying her farewells to Future Trunks before he returns to his time.

Great Saiyaman Saga

Main article: Great Saiyaman Saga

Bulma as she appears in Age 774

Seven years later, Bulma is properly living with Vegeta and their son Trunks. By now, she and Vegeta are married and have a better relationship. She designs a disguise Gohan can use with his Great Saiyaman Watch while fighting crime as the protector of Satan City, the Great Saiyaman.

World Tournament Saga

Main articles: World Tournament Saga and Babidi Saga When it is announced that the deceased Goku will be returning to Earth for a day, she is 40 years old. Bulma attends the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament, although she spends most of the tournament arguing with Chi-Chi over whose husband and son is better. At the end of the tournament, she witnesses Vegeta mercilessly slaughter hundreds of spectators after allowing the wizard Babidi to unleash his inner powers, with Vegeta close to hitting Bulma with the Big Bang Attack he fired at the crowds, leading her to faint in sorrow.

Majin Buu Saga

Main articles: Majin Buu Saga, Fusion Saga, and Kid Buu Saga

Bulma and Chi-Chi

After the tournament, she goes with the group to look for the Dragon Balls to resurrect the citizens Vegeta killed. As Vegeta sacrificed himself to stop Majin Buu, she senses that something bad has happened to him and spends the search worrying about him. She later takes shelter from Majin Buu on Kami’s Lookout with the rest of the group. When informed of Vegeta’s sacrifice against Buu, Bulma openly expresses her feelings towards Vegeta by breaking down in despair, admitting she truly fell in love with him after Cell’s defeat. A day later, Super Buu finds everyone on the lookout and spares them when using his Human Extinction Attack to kill all the other people on Earth. In addition, unbeknownst to her, in order to get Old Kai to unlock Gohan’s hidden depths of his power, Goku bribes him with having him grope/gain nude pictures of/go on a date with her.

When Super Buu escapes from the Hyperbolic Time Chamber during his fight with Gotenks, Bulma, along with the others, is transformed into chocolate and consumed by the monster. In the Other World, Bulma goes to Heaven where she gossips with Chi-Chi, Videl, and Dabura until the battle ends. Afterward, she is revived by the Dragon Balls along with her family and friends, Bulma hears Vegeta pleading for the Earthlings to give their energy to Goku to create the Spirit Bomb used to eliminate Kid Buu once and for all, and she is happy that he is back. She and all the Z Fighters oblige to Vegeta’s request and eventually, all the Earthlings do when Mr. Satan orders them to. After Kid Buu’s demise, Bulma happily declared her love to Vegeta. When all the Z Fighters reunite, Bulma happily greets Vegeta, showing she forgives him for his earlier actions. In a filler episode, Bulma later hosts a party at her home Capsule Corporation.

Dragon Ball Super

God of Destruction Beerus Saga

Main article: God of Destruction Beerus Saga

Bulma ready to accelerate the aircraft

Sometime after the conflict with Majin Buu, Bulma tells Trunks that if her cosmetics don’t work on her, she’ll give them to Videl so that she could keep her face smooth as she gets older. Later, Bulma goes to a resort area with Vegeta and Trunks for their first family vacation. While shopping for Trunks, Bulma is surprised the Vegeta chose his family over training for once. She questioned his motives and was delighted that Vegeta is spending more time with them. She furthermore points out that he has changed so much since fighting Buu and enjoyed their trip before Vegeta got annoyed and left to resume his training. Despite that, she was thankful he put up with it for a long time and enjoyed their time together.

Bulma is hosting her birthday party on a first-class cruise ship. Bulma gets furious with Good Buu for eating before the party started. She also gets mad when she hears from Gohan that Vegeta and Goku are off training on her birthday. While talking with Chi-Chi and Android 18, Bulma prevents Master Roshi from attempting to touch her breasts by slapping him.

Bulma after getting slapped by Beerus.

When Beerus and Whis arrive, she notices them with Vegeta and thinking the pair are his friends, takes them along with her and introduces them to the rest of the party guests, joining the guests in chanting Beerus’ name and clapping. After Beerus defeats Buu, Gotenks charges him and is defeated, Bulma cared for Trunks once the fusion wears off. She steps in when Beerus aims his finger at Vegeta in an attempt to execute him, taking his attention off of Vegeta by slapping him and mouthing off. Beerus returns the favor by slapping her back and she is knocked out, sending Vegeta into a rage.

When Goku arrives, she tells him to defeat Beerus immediately only to be shocked by his explanation of Beerus being the God of Destruction, which would make him way stronger than Goku and the others. With this, she understands Vegeta’s previous behavior towards Beerus. Shenron is summoned and Bulma takes note of his frantic behavior towards Beerus, finding it surprising. She later calls Vegeta out on not knowing about Super Saiyan God if he was the Saiyan prince before they are told of how to make one.

Bulma would cheer Goku on as he entered the form and battled Beerus as Vegeta prevented her from saying things that Beerus would hear and possibly destroy them for. Beerus ultimately did not destroy Earth and leaves the planet. Bulma was left dissatisfied with her party due to the ordeal.

Golden Frieza Saga

Main article: Golden Frieza Saga Bulma has been taking Whis out to various restaurants for quite a while since the battle between Goku and Beerus, in order to convince him to save her family’s lives if Beerus ever tries to destroy Earth again. As Vegeta returns home to Capsule Corporation, he is surprised to run into Bulma and Whis, who has just returned from the restaurant. Vegeta asks Whis where Beerus is, and when Whis replies that he is still sleeping back on his planet, Vegeta demands that Whis take him there so that he can show Beerus the true power of the Saiyans. Bulma angrily pulls Vegeta aside and explains her plan to bribe Whis with food, which she thinks is the only surefire way to keep their family safe, and orders him not to interfere. Nevertheless, Vegeta insisted and offered to serve Whis the best of Earth’s delicacies in return for being his student. Due to Bulma having taken Whis to every restaurant Vegeta can think of, Vegeta tries to cook himself but failed miserably and Bulma points out Vegeta is a terrible cook. Vegeta then serves Whis instant ramen noodles after deducing Bulma has been planning to use it as a trump card.

After Vegeta gained Whis’ approval, she gave him new Battle Armor to wear because his old armor was being scuffed up and Bulma not wanting herself (by extension) to be the “joke of the universe” by letting him go like that.

Six months later, Bulma was looking forward to getting a haircut at her beauty salon when two robbers bumped into her car and scratched it, prompting an angry Bulma to go after them and give them a taste of their own medicine. Krillin, who turned out to be the police officer chasing the robbers, thanks Bulma for her help, but gives her a ticket for speeding, much to her dismay. Just then his phone rings. He and Bulma are summoned over to Gohan’s house to try and help deal with the situation between him and Mr. Satan with Chi-Chi, with Goku and Goten showing up at the same time too. Bulma promises to help calm Chi-Chi down if Krillin gets rid of her ticket. Bulma and Chi-Chi compare how Saiyans seem to be more interested in fighting than family, as Bulma points out Vegeta chose training rather than attend Trunks’ birth. She assures Chi-Chi that she should look on the bright side: Gohan has successfully become a scholar, and even Goku is working as opposed to Vegeta, who has been off training with Whis for half a year without coming back home.

When Goku finds out Vegeta was training on Beerus’ Planet and wanted to go too, Bulma said he had to wait for Whis to arrive on Earth again. Desperate, Goku starts following Bulma around badgering her about Whis: at home, at work, and even when coming out of the shower! Finally, Bulma gives Goku a cellphone and promises to call him the next time Whis turns up. Chi-Chi oversees this, so Goku covers by telling her that he and Bulma are planning a surprise party for Pan and need to keep in touch. Eventually, Whis arrives and joins her for lunch at a restaurant and endures the impatience of Goku until they were finished. When Chi-Chi and her sons show up to see Goku, Chi-Chi reveals that Bulma told her about Goku’s plans with Whis. After Chi-Chi accepts this fact, Bulma promises to throw a big, flashy party for Pan.

Four months later, Bulma reunites with her friend Jaco, who has news about Frieza’s return. When told by Jaco that her sister, Tights said that she was friends with Goku, she wonders what Frieza looked like. She was shown a picture Jaco drew of Frieza which made her laugh but gets scared when told that Frieza and his forces will annihilate the Earth and its population. She tries to contact Whis with a strawberry sundae to tell Goku and Vegeta that Frieza is coming but they were training. When Bulma was told by Jaco that Frieza would show up in an hour, she calls several Z-Fighters about it. She arrives at the battlefield with Jaco and mocks Frieza for not accepting his first defeat but when told how much stronger Frieza is now, Bulma recanted and politely asks Frieza to wait until Goku arrives. Frieza agrees to wait only 3 seconds and sends his army to attack the Z Fighters. When Whis finally answers her message, Bulma orders Goku and Vegeta to return, and when they do, she yells at Vegeta for showing up late. She points out Goku as the person who beat Frieza to Jaco and then points out Vegeta as her husband, much to Jaco’s surprise. When Beerus said he had no intention of stopping Frieza from destroying the Earth, Bulma criticized him until he said he would protect her if she stayed close to his sundae. Ultimately, Frieza blew up the Earth, killing Vegeta and everyone else. Bulma survived with the remaining Fighters thanks to Beerus and Whis but she despaired the loss of her family. Whis reversed time by five minutes to give Goku the opportunity to kill Frieza and Bulma explains to Vegeta of the events when he died. She later throws a feast for the Z Fighters.

Universe 6 Saga

Main article: Universe 6 Saga Bulma is asked by Goku and Vegeta to invent a new Dragon Radar to detect a Super Dragon Ball. Bulma instead suggests that they simply ask Shenron the location of the Super Dragon Balls, and so Beerus has Vegeta collect the Dragon Balls. Bulma is amazed by how obedient Vegeta can be towards Beerus and jokingly wishes he can be that way to her.

Bulma summons Shenron

Beerus sarcastically compliments how fast Vegeta collected the Dragon Balls, and Bulma berates Beerus and proceeds to thank Vegeta by kissing his cheek. However, the wish to know where the final Super Dragon Ball is beyond Shenron’s power so she creates the Super Dragon Radar. Goku tries to use the radar but it doesn’t work because Bulma says that they’re at the edge of the universe to the ball can’t be detected where they were unless they went to the center of the universe. Bulma contacts her sister and asks her to get Jaco to go to Earth. When Jaco reaches Earth, Bulma insists that he take her to the center of the universe but he thinks she’s crazy because the universe has multiple galaxies. He suggests that she went to see a mysterious guy named Zuno, who should know everything. Bulma gets in Jaco’s ship since he’s taking her to see him.

On the way to Zuno’s planet, Bulma informs Jaco that there’s a universe six and the Super Dragon Balls. He says that it’s news to him and Bulma agrees, stating that she’s new to the information too. When Jaco is interested in going to the Nameless Planet when the tournament happens, Bulma suggests he bring his girlfriend but it turns out he got dumped.

On Zuno’s planet, Bulma and Jaco visit Zuno. Jaco is given one question because he is a male. He uses his question to ask Zuno about Bulma’s bust size, which is 83.4 centimetres after breastfeeding but before that, it was 87.2 centimetres. Bulma is angry that Jaco would ask such a question. She is given three questions but she would have been given more if she wasn’t middle-aged and plus she’s not Zuno’s type. Bulma uses two questions by mistake but manages to ask a question about the origin of the Super Dragon Balls. Bulma wants to get more questions by throwing herself on Zuno, but she is forced to leave and come back one year from then and ask more questions.

Bulma celebrates with her son

Five days later, Bulma is on her way to the Nameless Planet with the rest of the gang. Bulma is present at the sidelines with her friends and family, spectating the Tournament of Destroyers, expressing concern for her husband after he is defeated by Hit. After the tournament, the group locates the seventh and final Super Dragon Ball, which was actually the planet they were on. Bulma constantly nags Beerus about wishing for something good, threatening to tell Zeno on him if he doesn’t. Bulma then returns to Earth with everyone else.

Copy-Vegeta Saga

Main article: Copy-Vegeta Saga Bulma throws a party for Universe 7’s victory in the tournament and invites everyone, including Beerus and Whis. Bulma also tells the two Gods to invite Monaka. Later, Monaka appears, delivering some sweets for Jaco, and Bulma is surprised to see that Monaka has a job. After Beerus and Whis arrive, Bulma is told along with everyone else to protect the secret of Monaka’s weakness from Goku. Bulma constantly nags Beerus, which angers him, and Vegeta keeps telling her to stop, reminding her of what happened at her birthday party. Bulma watches as Beerus dons a life-sized Monaka costume and fights with Goku, who believes he is the real Monaka and is overwhelmed by their battle. The situation turns out to be good, as Goku does not find out about Monaka’s weakness, and the party starts.

One day, Bulma works on an experiment as Monaka appears, delivering the same sweets for her. Bulma then asks Monaka to assist her with her experiment, ignoring the fact that Monaka is running late on other deliveries. Monaka then leaves, as Bulma wonders where Trunks and Goten are. Later, Bulma realizes that Trunks and Goten are stowed away on Monaka’s delivery truck, having watched her surveillance camera footage. She asks Jaco to go to Planet Potaufeu to retrieve them, who refuses, saying he has more important matters to attend to. Bulma then blackmails Jaco using his possessed picture of the Galactic King with a drawn-on mustache, and Jaco says he will go. Bulma then tells Vegeta about the situation and tells him to accompany Jaco, much to her husband’s irritation and Jaco’s intimidation. As the two leave, Bulma calls Chi-Chi to inform her of her son’s whereabouts.

Later, when the group from Potaufeu return to Earth, Bulma scolds Trunks for sneaking onto Monaka’s spacecraft, as Trunks apologizes.

“Future” Trunks Saga

Main article: “Future” Trunks Saga

Bulma tries to nurse Future Trunks back to health

Bulma is called by Shu to the garden of Capsule Corp, as Future Trunks’ time machine has arrived and Future Trunks is beaten and unconscious inside. Bulma lays him in a bed and berates Pilaf and the gang for assuming that Bulma was a part of a “scandal” as Future Trunks and Trunks look the same. Bulma frantically looks for the communicator given to her by Whis, and she uses it to tell Vegeta and Goku about Future Trunks, and they teleport back to Earth. After Goku teleports to Korin Tower for some Senzu Beans, Bulma feeds Future Trunks one and is surprised to see Future Trunks suddenly wake up and attack Goku. Bulma slaps him in the face and then he realizes that he is in the present not in the future anymore. Future Trunks is happy to see Bulma again since his own mother from his timeline sadly died. The Pilaf Gang are still unaware that this is a Future version of Trunks and still think it’s the older brother. Bulma has to explain to them that he’s the same person as Trunks but from the future to their and present Trunks’ shock. She then shows the time machine and confirms Future Trunks’ statement of already meeting present Trunks when he was a baby.

Whis is a little worried that Future Trunks has been traveling through time as he notes about the butterfly effect. The butterfly effect is a concept where if one thing is changed in the past, it can have severe consequences in the future. Meanwhile, Beerus wants to destroy them and the time machine, Bulma tries to argue but Future Trunks intervenes and Bulma points him out to Beerus as God of Destruction (when he begged Whis instead). Beerus only agrees to stop so if he gets tasty food and Bulma gives Beerus and Whis some sausages and they love it.

Bulma notes that the time machine only had fuel for a one-way trip. However, she finds a note that has been written by her future self. The Future Bulma has given her past self a clue to where she can get more fuel and build a better time machine.

Future Trunks then mentions to the rest of the gang that the new enemy he faces looks like Goku. He says that the enemy is known as “Goku Black” when Bulma points out that name is silly. Future Trunks tells her it was her counterpart that gave him the name as she is mortified but says they are two different people. She is then shocked to hear that her counterpart was killed as Vegeta is angry at Future Trunks for the death of Future Bulma and running away to the past. Bulma tells him to overlook it as she shows them the notebook she found that would help Trunks to travel with present-day Goku and Vegeta to the future.

Bulma working on the Time Machine

After Goku Black arrives in the present timeline, Bulma noted that he really did look like Goku. He then battles Goku and destroys the time machine Trunks came in from before he is sent back to the future. Thankfully, Bulma reveals that she still had the Time Machine that Cell came in. Bulma wanted to keep Cell’s time machine to learn more about time travel, but she wasn’t able to figure it out. She then found notes from her other self-containing theories. Bulma and her father (who returned from his vacation) soon repair the time machine. Eventually, also with the help of the Pilaf Gang and Trunks, she completely restores it, also preparing enough fuel for it for a round trip. Future Trunks thanks her and he leaves for the future with Goku and Vegeta accompanying him.

Later on, she is shocked and greatly flustered to see the time machine return, with Goku, Vegeta and Future Trunks beaten and unconscious. Seeing her husband badly injured makes Bulma panic. Wasting no time, she immediately gives Senzu beans to Goku, Vegeta, and Trunks, scolding the former for leaving them in the bathroom.

Bulma arrives in the future

Later, Beerus returns with Whis and Goku to earth to inform them that he destroyed Zamasu and thus should have returned the future to safety. However, Future Trunks wasn’t completely satisfied with Beerus’ theory and decides to return to the future to check things out. After having dinner, Bulma decides this time to come along to the future along with Trunks, Goku, and Vegeta as they need someone to pilot it when they head back home. Upon arriving, they look in shock as they see that the future didn’t change at all. After landing at the ruined Capsule Corporation in Alternate Timeline, a member of the Resistance approaches them telling them that Future Mai’s life is in danger. Arriving at the Resistance’s base, Bulma spots Future Yajirobe and thanks him for saving Trunks and Goku.

Eventually, Trunks saves Mai with a Senzu, and Bulma exchanges pleasantries with Mai, offering the latter necessary supplies for the refugees and the Resistance. Immediately, the Saiyans sense Black and Zamasu’s ki and head to confront them, with Bulma, Mai, and Yajirobe watching the upcoming battle. Bulma, along with everyone else, are then surprised to learn that Goku Black is, in fact, the Zamasu of the unaltered timeline, who used the Super Dragon Balls to switch bodies with Goku and killed him in the process. He was able to negate his past self’s death with the Time Ring. She later witnesses Trunks’ new Super Saiyan form never seen before, after the latter being told by the two incarnations of Zamasu that he is responsible for their Project Zero Mortals, calling Trunks “a sinner” for his use of the Time Machine. Trunks then bought Bulma, Vegeta, and an injured Goku enough time so they could return to the past to figure out a plan to defeat Black and Zamasu.

Bulma and Beerus argue

Upon returning to their own timeline, Bulma angrily yells at Beerus telling him about what they have witnessed in the future, putting the blame on him for everything they have experienced. With Beerus denying the events of the future to avoid taking his responsibilities, Bulma was about to punch Beerus until Vegeta stops her and tells her that they should focus instead on finding a plan to defeat their enemies and not wasting the opportunity that Trunks gave them.

After Beerus and Whis’ departure, Bulma immediately begins to prepare the fuel for the Time Machine. Soon afterward, Gohan, a worried Chi-Chi, Piccolo, and Krillin arrive at Capsule Corporation. Bulma then tells everyone about the threats that are terrorizing Future Trunks’ timeline which especially shocks Gohan. After Piccolo gives everyone hope with the idea of using the Evil Containment Wave to seal their enemies, Bulma tells Vegeta that it would take half a day to gather enough fuel for the time machine.

Eventually, Goku, Vegeta, and Bulma return in the nick of time to save Trunks as he was critically injured by Black, the latter immediately notices them along with Zamasu and destroys the Time Machine preventing them from escaping again, thus destroying the vase destined to seal Zamasu and Black. After Goku and Vegeta went to face their nemesis once again, Bulma reveals that she made a special garage proudly claiming that she will repair the Time Machine. She is soon reunited with Future Mai and Future Trunks, relieved that the latter is alright. She then tells them about their plan to seal the duo inside the broken vase and that she needed Trunks to repair the vase with a super glue as he is good at solving puzzles much to his surprise.

Later, she is terrified to learn from Trunks that Future Zamasu is approaching them, she immediately suggests that Trunks should learn the Evil Containment Wave in order to seal Zamasu. Eventually, she is able to show the pose needed to perform the technique by showing Trunks a recording video of Piccolo doing the technique through her smartphone. She then tells Trunks that she will buy him enough time so he could master the technique and that he should have faith in her despite the latter’s worries.

Bulma afraid of Zamasu

She then approaches Zamasu, and tried to flirt with him but to no avail as Zamasu immediately grabs her by the collar apparently unconscious. Upon seeing this, Trunks is immediately reminded of his own mother’s death. Angry at witnessing the same thing happening to his past mother, Trunks finally performs the Evil Containment Wave and successfully seals Zamasu inside the fixed vase. Bulma immediately regains consciousness and congratulates Trunks much to his and Mai’s relief.

She then tells Mai to place the talisman on the vase to prevent Zamasu from escaping, but then remembers that they didn’t bring it with them. The 3 of them then tried hard to hold the vase in order to prevent Zamasu from escaping but to no avail as Zamasu gets out of the vase barely breathing.

Black then uses Instant Transmission to teleport himself to Zamasu’s, and the two of them performed a Potara fusion to form Fused Zamasu. Trunks evacuates Bulma and Mai away from the battlefield and Bulma used this opportunity to repair the time machine. Soon afterward, Bulma used her own garage as a shelter for the remaining survivors and refugees. After repairing the time machine, she is seen giving her energy to Trunks’ Spirit Bomb whom the latter absorbs it in his own sword and managed to defeat Zamasu.

Bulma arrives along with Mai in the battlefield congratulating Trunks for his victory wishing her future self was there to witness Trunks’ glory. However, their happiness is short-lived when Zamasu’s essence takes over Earth and kills the remaining survivors on it, which greatly devastated Mai. She later witnesses Future Zeno’s arrival after being summoned by Goku with the button he received from Present Zeno as a last resort to eliminate Zamasu. Trunks asks who Zeno is as Bulma informs him that he is the most eminent God in the universe which shocks the latter. Goku asks Zeno if he will erase Zamasu as the latter confirms along with the world. Goku immediately told Bulma and Trunks to prepare the Time Machine as they hurriedly do so.

Future Zeno wipes out the entire multiverse along with Zamasu while Bulma and the others use the time machine to and narrowly head back to the past, putting an end to the rogue Kai’s ambition at the cost of the future timeline. Afterward, Goku and Trunks use the machine to retrieve Future Zeno bringing him to his present counterpart to be friends.

At dinner, Whis convinces Future Trunks and Future Mai that they could go to live in the alternate timeline which Beerus created after he destroyed Zamasu, which is free of Zamasu’s terror. Bulma interjects by saying they would have to deal with Zamasu again but Whis states he will go that future and alert Future Beerus of the rogue Kai and have him take care of him. However, Whis states because of his alterations there would be two versions of Mai and Trunks which the two accept.

As Trunks and Mai prepare to leave, Bulma gives Trunks a box of supplies and wishes for both he and Mai a better life even teasing them by stating her future self will soon become a grandmother, much to their embarrassment. She and the Z Fighters bid farewell to the duo as they are heading to settle down to a new timeline where their friends and relatives are alive and free of the apocalyptic nightmare caused by Zamasu.

Shortly after, Bulma watches her husband, son, and friends have a friendly baseball game between Universe 7 and Universe 6. Bulma cheers for Vegeta and Yamcha, who blushes at her before being beaten by Vegeta and Champa throughout the game. She later tries to reinvent the time machine without Beerus’ knowledge and realizes she needs a specific mineral within Earth’s core. After wishing for the mineral from Shenron, Beerus figures everything out and destroys the time machine and mineral, ordering Bulma to never make another time machine again.

At a Scientific Award Ceremony, Bulma’s inventions earn her a nomination but the ceremony is interrupted by Arale who causes havoc. Bulma lets Vegeta try to deal with her but is quickly blasted away. Bulma then asks everyone via live camera to think of the most delicious food and uses the delicacy to get Beerus and Whis to help. After Goku deals with Arale, Bulma tells Trunks she is glad the day is over but realizes she is forgetting something, which turns out to be Vegeta who was blasted off elsewhere by Arale.

An illusion of Bulma appearing in the Forest of Terror

Afterward, Goten tells Gohan that Vegeta refused to train with Goku and Chi-Chi wonders if something happened with Bulma that made him refuse, unaware that Bulma had found out she is pregnant and Vegeta is opting to take care of her over training.

While trying to retrieve the Paradise Herb from the Forest of Terror in addition to the illusions of various villains, Goku and Krillin are confronted by an illusion of Bulma herself humorously demonstrating the fear she occasionally inspires in them.

Universe Survival Saga

Main article: Universe Survival Saga

Bulma and her newborn daughter Bulla

Several months later, Goku wants to ask Vegeta to train with him and Whis for the Zeno Expo. He visits Bulma and finds out she’s pregnant with her and Vegeta’s second child. She later exercises with Pilaf, Shu, and Mai as she is past her due date. As Chichi comes to visit and they talk, Whis shows up and uses his time warping powers to bring the baby girl out from inside her, leaving everyone shocked. Bulma is delighted by her daughter and lets everyone take turns holding the baby. She convinces a disappointed Trunks to hold his sister and tells him he needs to protect her, and she is happy when Vegeta eagerly holds the baby. When asked what the baby’s name is, Vegeta is about to suggest Eschalot but Bulma announces it is Bulla. Vegeta protests but relents because Bulla isn’t a bad name after all, much to Bulma’s delight. Later that night, Beerus wakes up from a nightmare and startles Bulla, and Bulma puts her to bed. The next day, Bulma is talking to someone on the phone about Bulla. Most of the Z Fighters gather at Capsule Corp to discuss a strategy. After putting Bulla to bed, Bulma gets a phone call from Mr. Satan about Majin Buu falling sleep and won’t wake up for a couple of months. As Goku left to wake Majin Buu up, Gohan reveals that Goku bribed everyone with a fake prize money to recruit them. Goku asks the money from Bulma but she refuses. However, Bulma changes her mind and offers to pay everyone for their participation, but makes Goku promise to fight his hardest since this is about survival. Bulma, like everyone else, is shocked when Goku suggests they recruit Frieza as a replacement and later when Goku reveals he promised to resurrect Frieza if they win until Whis agrees with Goku’s reasoning. Trunks questions Frieza’s picture on the team member board and Bulma, not wanting Trunks to know about the tournament, lies that those on the board are guests for a celebration of Bulla’s birth. When Trunks doubts this, Vegeta reluctantly lies that Frieza has redeemed. Bulma and Vegeta are irritated at Goku for using Trunks as a bargain to get Android 17 to participate, however Bulma helps Goku to find a gift for Baba as payment for bringing Frieza. After Goku shows up with Frieza and everyone is leaving, Bulma cheers for everyone to do their best and she is counting on them.

After Universe 7 emerges victorious, Bulma hugs Vegeta, relieved he came home safely, while he holds Bulla. A celebration party is then held for Bulla, during which Bulma and 18 converse with 17 while he is taking a vacation on her cruise. Bulma holds Bulla as everyone showers the baby with presents but she is dismayed when Goku and Vegeta decide to have a rematch.

This is contrasted in the manga as after Universe 7’s victory in the Tournament of Power, and the return of Team Universe 7 back to Capsule Corp., Bulma is glad that everyone is safe and welcomes them back. After everyone leaves to go back to their respective homes, except for Beerus and Goku who stay behind to discuss with Vegeta about how tough of an opponent Jiren was that they couldn’t put a scratch on him, Beerus explains that the multiverse is big full of powerful fighters that may rival Goku and Vegeta’s power respectively but Goku replies that 17 also rarely does anything yet his strength still rivals theirs. Bulma overhears this and is mad, retorting that 17 is a proper, hardworking man and has a job unlike Goku and Vegeta who don’t because they like to spend most of their time training. Vegeta is mad that Goku brought 17 up as Bulma hasn’t forgiven him for promising 17 a ship without talking about it to her beforehand. Due to her fury, Goku decides to leave while Vegeta promises to change Bulla’s diaper and make her milk in exchange for not going through Bulma’s fury.

Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga

Main article: Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga While at Capsule Corporation, Bulma receives an urgent call from Mr. Satan informing her that a mysterious gang has showed up at his house and are trying to capture Buu. Bulma then passes on the message to Goku and Vegeta while they are in the middle of training.

Bulma shows up on The Lookout

One week later, Bulma is angry due to the fact that both Goku and Vegeta have since vanished, she questions Mr. Satan and determines that the Galactic Patrol appear to be behind it so they head to her sisters island so that Bulma can use her communicator in order to get in touch with Jaco. When she reaches the island she successfully reaches Jaco who informs her that Goku and Vegeta have currently joined the Galactic Patrol. Bulma warns Jaco that her husband had better be safe and demands that a ship be sent to her so that she head over to the headquarters though Jaco instead pretends that his phone has ran out of minutes and hangs up on her.

Later, Bulma heads to the Lookout with Mr. Satan and Bulla to ask Dende where Piccolo is and Dende replies that Piccolo had just left. Bulma explains to Dende that they got word from Jaco that he wants to recruit Piccolo to the Galactic Patrol and Dende assumes that the Galactic Patrol must be battling someone currently and asks Bulma to tell him everything she knows about the situation. Bulma says she doesn’t have the full details so she uses Tights’ communicator to contact Jaco to tell them about the situation. After Jaco explains, he asks Bulma to gather Gohan, Krillin and Tien Shinhan in preparation for Moro’s arrival and warns them that Moro has also sent some scout squads into space in search for possible planets for Moro to eat. Dende agrees to come along with Bulma, Mr. Satan and Bulla to find Piccolo and inform him about the situation. After finding Piccolo who had apprehended the Macareni Gang they return to the Lookout where they are joined by Krillin with Bulma asking where Gohan and Tien Shinhan are. Shortly after Jaco arrives in order to recruit the fighters and when he finds that Seven-Three and two other minions are coming to Earth, he attempts to leave but Bulma stops him saying that he should stay and fight as he’s the only one who knows about them. The minions appear using a warp portal and when Krillin and Yunba’s battle moves away from the Lookout, Bulma, Mr. Satan and Dende enter a ship to follow after them to see if they’re alright.

Two months later, when the Galactic Bandit Brigade and Moro arrive on earth, Bulma along with her friends are still at the Lookout. Bulma sets up monitors linked to drones so that they can watch the battles taking place below and is upset when she sees Vegeta being defeated.

Granolah the Survivor Saga

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Peaceful World Saga

Main article: Peaceful World Saga

Bulma with husband Vegeta, and children Bulla and Trunks at the end of the DBZ series

A decade has passed after Majin Buu’s defeat, Bulma and Vegeta have a second child, a daughter named, Bulla. Bulma and Vegeta visit Goku while he is training Goten. Bulma is mad that she hasn’t seen him in five years. After Goku remarks that Bulma is starting to look older, Bulma gets angry and says that she may use the Dragon Balls to wish herself younger because Goku and Vegeta don’t age. The next day, she attends the 28th World Tournament with her family and friends. Bulma watches the match between Goku and the reincarnation of Majin Buu, Uub. Bulma is surprised that a kid like Uub could be on “par” with Goku. After their match, Bulma is said farewell to by Goku because he’s going to live in Uub’s village to train him.

Dragon Ball GT

Black Star Dragon Ball Saga

Main article: Black Star Dragon Ball Saga

This ship carries five people comfortably, but you being as small as you are now, it shouldn’t be cramped at all. You know, seeing you like this reminds me of the first time we met.

— Bulma seeing Goku in his child form and explaining him about the spaceship

Bulma realizing an important part fell off the ship

Five years later, Bulma helped to prepare the spaceship for Goku, Trunks, and Goten to go into space to look for the Black Star Dragon Balls. She is now 56 years old. When she sees that Goku is a child again, thanks to a wish made by Emperor Pilaf using the Black Star Dragon Balls, she reminds him of her first meeting with Goku from the Emperor Pilaf Saga.

Baby Saga

Main article: Baby Saga

A Tuffle-possessed Bulma

Bulma and the majority of the Earth’s population, becomes possessed by Baby, and organizes most of his operations, such as the mass-migration of Earth’s residents to the restored Planet Vegeta (renamed “Tuffle Planet”), and creating the Blutz Wave Generator used to help Baby Vegeta transform into a Golden Great Ape. However, the Sacred Water hidden in Kami’s Lookout is used to free her and the rest of Earth from Baby’s enslavement. She is seen having a party at her home, Capsule Corporation.

Super 17 Saga

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Bulma at Chi-Chi’s house

Some months later, Bulma is seen having dinner at Chi-Chi’s house with Bulla, Goku, Pan, Gohan, and Videl. Trunks later comes injured by Android 17. There is a hole that leads from Hell to Earth. They watch on TV resurrected villains destroying the cities. After Super 17 is defeated by Goku and Android 18 Bulma tells Goku that the planet is out of balance.

Shadow Dragon Saga

Main article: Shadow Dragon Saga

It’s been a long ride. A lot of years. I must’ve been only sixteen when I first went looking for the dragon balls and stumbled into Goku. The decades sure seem to fly by huh. I’m gonna miss that guy.

— Bulma remembering her first time meeting Goku when she was young while seeing Goku leaving with Shenron

Bulma yelling at Old Kai

While Goku and Pan were finishing off each Shadow Dragon, she and Vegeta figure out an easier way for Vegeta to achieve Super Saiyan 4 quickly so he can assist Goku. Thus, she helps Vegeta achieve Super Saiyan 4 through the use of her Blutz Waves Generator in order to help defeat Omega Shenron. Bulma also attempted to destroy Omega Shenron using the Blutz Wave Generator’s Blutz Waves, but Omega Shenron destroyed it with a Finger Beam. For most of the fight against Omega, she is carried around by other Z Fighters while yelling at Omega. After Omega is defeated, she is seen saying her final farewell to Goku as she remembers her first time meeting Goku when she was a teenager and realizes that she is going to miss him and continues to live the remainder of her life with Vegeta, Trunks, and Bulla, before meeting an unknown fate. Bulma is last seen in a few of the flashbacks in the final scene of the Dragon Ball GT series.

Film appearances

Curse of the Blood Rubies

Main article: Dragon Ball: Curse of the Blood Rubies

Bulma at Kame House in Curse of the Blood Rubies

In this alternate retelling, Bulma meets Goku in the same way as the anime and manga but instead they go after King Gurumes after his minions Bongo and Pasta steal Goku’s Four-Star Dragon Ball. Bulma who still has her Dragon Balls travels with Goku where they meet Pansy who was chased by Oolong. Once teaming up with Oolong, they all travel to Master Roshi’s Island where they meet Master Roshi himself. Bulma requests Roshi for his Dragon Ball but Bulma then has to have Oolong turn into her and show him her breasts for it. After receiving the Dragon Ball, She has them stolen by small robots working for King Gurumes. Afterward, Bulma and everyone else goes to the Land of Gurumes to try to get them back. Bulma throws the last Dragon Ball into King Gurumes’ mouth to summon Shenron causing him to explode and return to his normal state after Pansy wished for her land to become peaceful again. In the end, Bulma is disappointed that she does not have a boyfriend but then realizes Yamcha is around and they decide to hook up.

Sleeping Princess in Devil’s Castle

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Bulma in Sleeping Princess in Devil’s Castle

Bulma comes to Kame House with Oolong, Yamcha and Puar to ask Master Roshi where Goku is and Master Roshi informs them that Goku is at Devil’s Hand doing some hiking. In response, Bulma bets that Master Roshi had sent off Goku to get him something he wants but Master Roshi denies it and in a slip of tongue mentions the Sleeping Princess. Bulma hearing Master Roshi mention the Sleeping Princess, she thinks that Master Roshi might have sent Goku to get a girl for him and his reaction confirms it though he tells them it is just myth. Bulma, Yamcha, Puar and Oolong then head off to Devil’s Hand in a jet to find Goku where they are soon after attacked by demons once they get near to Devil’s Castle. One of the demons ends up kidnapping Bulma, separating her from the others, and there Bulma is taken a bedroom where she soon wakes up and meets Lucifer and Igor, not realizing where she is at or who Lucifer is once he steps in. Lucifer introduces himself to Bulma and upon Lucifer handing Bulma tea, Bulma bears an attraction toward Lucifer due to his handsome look and kindly accepts his offer of tea. Lucifer tells her that she had a run-in with his castle security and Bulma seemingly angry tells him that his security tried to kill her and her friends. Lucifer replies that his security wouldn’t do such a thing but says they’re a bit overprotective and tells Bulma that she wouldn’t be in a comfortable room if they tried to kill her so Bulma believes Lucifer.

Bulma captured

Bulma then request Lucifer if she can see her friends and Lucifer agrees to let her see her friends and offers her a hand along the way. Lucifer then takes Bulma to a room full of demons gathered for the ceremony of the awakening of the Sleeping Princess and upon having Bulma sit on a chair tied with vines, Lucifer reveals his dark side to her, intending Igor to drain her of her blood through a giant syringe in order to awake the Sleeping Princess as part of his master plan to wait until the Sleeping Princess has absorbed enough energy, expose it to one final full moon, and use the resulting power to fuel the Devil Castle Cannon which would destroy the Sun which Igor agrees to do showing his evil side also and causing Bulma to scream for her life as she is now made fully aware of Lucifer’s evil plan. Yamcha, Oolong and Puar hear Bulma’s screams and go to the room where Bulma is held captive while disguised as demons, thanks to Oolong and Puar’s shapeshifting ability, in attempt to rescue Bulma. They are soon caught once Oolong and Puar’s shapeshifting ability gives away while being distracted when Bulma, Oolong, Puar and Yamcha suddenly see Goku and Krillin chasing after Launch for the Sleeping Princess after Launch takes it and they discover it is a Giant Crystal. Goku, Krillin and Launch eventually get caught by Lucifer and his men and Lucifer retrieves the Sleeping Princess locking Goku, Krillin, Launch, Yamcha, Puar and Oolong into a stone wall but they are eventually freed upon Goku breaking the Stone Wall after turning into a great ape and eventually gets his tail cut off by Puar to ensure everyone’s safety.

Bulma poses with her friends

They then go back to the Devil’s castle to rescue Bulma and there they quickly battle Lucifer but are no match against him while Yamcha quickly takes out Igor equipped with an axe and rescues Bulma. Just when Lucifer activates the laser cannon to destroy the sun, Bulma screams out to Goku what it is about to do knowing Lucifer’s master plan revolving the Sleeping Princess and Goku blasts the cannon with a Kamehameha, knocking it off its foundation and causing it to point straight at Lucifer where the cannon fires at Lucifer killing him and causing an explosion on part of the castle but the heroes successfully escape from the Devil’s Castle.

Mystical Adventure

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Bulma in Mystical Adventure

Bulma is with Yamcha, Puar, and Oolong in her plane searching for the Dragon Balls and locate one in the ocean. Just when Bulma pilots her plane toward the ocean to retrieve the Dragon Ball, they are attacked by an attack jet sent by Shen to prevent anyone from taking the Dragon Ball as they detected it in that same area as well due to using a Global Dragon Radar. Bulma then fires back at the jet with her plane causing the jet to explode but more jets continue to pursue the group and attack them. Bulma then maneuvers her plane toward the ocean to trick the jets into flying into the ocean which she successfully does upon flying away as the jets crash and explode in the ocean while pursuing the group. Bulma turns her plane into a submarine and there she goes with Oolong, Yamcha and Puar under water to retrieve the Dragon Ball they had detected under the ocean and they eventually spot it. Just when they go to retrieve the ball, they are attacked by a submarine from the Mifan Army which fires a few torpedoes at them that causes Bulma to move her submarine away from the torpedoes which she successfully does upon dodging the submarine away from them, however the torpedoes hit a few under water mountains causing an explosion that pushes back her submarine and causes it to spin around uncontrollably much to the group’s fright. Eventually the group make it back to Capsule Corporation and Bulma sends a spy bot to Mifan to check out where Shen kept the rest of the Dragon Balls. She finds out where the balls were stored but Shen notices the bot and Bulma programs the bot to flee away as a soldier shoots it.

Bulma and the rest of the gang

Bulma, Oolong, Yamcha and Puar all agree to go to Mifan to retrieve the balls again after having unsuccessfully tried to retrieve one ball before being attacked by the Mifan Army. They make it to Mifan where Bulma meets Goku, Krillin, Launch, and Master Roshi and confirms that Goku is currently in possession of one of the dragon balls and tells Goku that the last 6 balls are stored somewhere in the Mifan palace. During a tournament that was taking place in Mifan, Bulma goes with Oolong, Puar, and Launch to find and retrieve the Dragon Balls in the palace with Oolong and Puar having shapeshifted to look like Shen and Chiaotzu, while Launch and Bulma claim to be their nuns to make the gatekeepers allow them to enter inside the palace. They eventually find where the Dragon Balls were stored and Bulma retrieves them though an alarm sets causing Shen and his guards to be alerted that the Dragon Balls were taken and eventually ambush the group. Bulma barely makes it out of the palace just after Yamcha comes for her help and moves her away from a Dodon Ray fired by Shen that would’ve hit her. They both jump into the moat surrounding Chiaotzu’s castle, but accidentally drop their Dragon Balls into a deep fissure. After General Tao and Master Shen’s defeat by the Dragon Team, Bulma and Yamcha make it to shore where they meet up with the rest of the Dragon Team and informs them that the balls fell into a fissure while they were in a moat and won’t be able to retrieve them after Goku asks for them. Goku has an idea and decides to throw the final ball in his possession into the moat and it eventually falls into the fissure where the other balls were at. He summons Shenron and asks him to resurrect Bora who is reunited with his son upon being revived.

The Path to Power

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Bulma in The Path to Power

Bulma appears in a retelling of Goku’s first journey leading up to his battle against the Red Ribbon Army. Similar to Bulma and Goku’s first encounter toward each other in the original Dragon Ball manga and anime, Bulma drives to Mount Paozu and uses her Dragon Radar to find a Dragon Ball when she almost hits a monkey tailed boy named Goku with her car. Bulma meets Goku but is initially hostile toward him using her handgun and shooting him in the forehead after he confused her car for a monster and flipped it over but Goku seems to take no damage from the shot much to Bulma’s shock that he shouldn’t be alive. Despite this and after getting to know each other a little bit especially Bulma being the first girl Goku has ever met, both Goku and Bulma eventually managed to become friends and went on a quest together to collect all 7 Dragon Balls only because Bulma needed Goku’s 4-Star ball to collect along with the other two Dragon Balls in her possession to make a wish for the perfect man to Shenron once all seven Dragon Balls are collected but Goku initially disagreed to give her his ball and only came because Bulma told him he would get stronger and told him (though it is a lie) she was only going to borrow the ball.

Bulma finds a Dragon Ball

They then go to a forest to look for a ball when they are stopped by a bull demanding to have Bulma but Goku ends up fighting the bull who turns into a robot, and then a bat but when his five minutes are up, and he turns back into Oolong, the pig. Bulma then witnesses one of the trees in the forest falling down after Yamcha shot it with a rocket launcher to attack them and the falling tree crushes her motorcycle. As she runs away for safety, her crushed motorcycle’s tire hits her in the head which knocks her out. Eventually just when Yamcha and Puar are robbing and fighting Goku and Oolong for the capsules, Bulma wakes up and sees Yamcha. Yamcha also notices her as well causing him to flee with Puar due to his girl phobia. Upon Yamcha leaving, Bulma shows some affection toward him and even notes he has nice biceps. Oolong decides to come along with Goku and Bulma to collect the Dragon Balls and lets them use his van. They eventually find one Dragon Ball in a blossom of flowers. Afterwards they head north near Muscle Tower where they are confronted by some soldiers that Goku takes head on and manages to enter the tower. After defeating General White and a few of his forces including Major Metallitron, Goku befriends an Android named Android 8 and collects the ball inside the tower to give to Bulma.

Bulma on the beach

Afterward, they eventually meet Turtle who is quite lost, and needs help getting back to the sea so they help bring him to the sea and as a result Turtle has a reward which he will bring back with him the next day so, Oolong, Goku, and Bulma spend the night on the beach. While everybody was sleeping, Goku wakes up early in the morning and tries to sleep in Bulma’s lap, but freaks out when he removes her panties and discovers her lack of male genitalia yelling that her “balls” are missing which wakes up and freaks out Bulma as she thought he meant the Dragon Balls are missing so Bulma checks in her bag to see if they were there and she discovers that they were still in the bag much to her relief. Turtle then brings his reward which is the Turtle Hermit Master Roshi and Roshi offers them the Flying Nimbus which Goku is the only one of the bunch who can ride it, so it becomes his instead. While Goku is riding the Nimbus, Bulma notices Roshi wearing a necklace that is holding a Dragon Ball. Bulma asks if Roshi can give it to her since they’re collecting the Dragon Balls. Roshi agrees only on the condition that Bulma shows him her underwear so she agrees, not knowing she doesn’t have any on, and both Roshi and Oolong are pleasantly surprised but she eventually finds out that she wasn’t wearing any underwear after she goes in to change and finds her underwear still inside. Bulma then watches as General Blue and his fleet of battleships attack them only for both Master Roshi and eventually Goku to fire a MAX Power Kamehameha that almost destroys the whole fleet but Goku is knocked out while Bulma, Oolong and Master Roshi are captured by General Blue and his whole soldiers who demand them to hand over the Dragon Balls for the Red Ribbon Army. When Yamcha decides to make a rescue attempt by sneak attacking General Blue, Bulma is so excited to see Yamcha that she yells at him making the Desert Wolf freeze and lose his cover eventually leading him and Puar to be captured with everyone else as well.

Bulma and the others escape the prison

They are sent off to prison near Red Ribbon Headquarters where they try to make their escape plan that eventually works while Goku having just woken up after being knocked out flies to the Red Ribbon Army Headquarters to rescue his friends but is forced to fight Red Ribbon soldiers along the way resulting in General Blue being killed for forgetting to capture Goku. After Bulma, Yamcha, Oolong, Puar and Master Roshi manage to escape the prison especially after Bulma shares an accidental kiss with Yamcha after an explosion rocks the prison, they notice Goku carrying a pile of tanks signifying Goku defeating the soldiers while Goku notices that they are all okay. Bulma then watches the fight between Goku and Staff Officer Black who Black is eventually defeated by Goku and the gang finds the Dragon Balls again including the last one to make a wish to Shenron. When Shenron appears, Bulma seems to have given up her wish for the perfect man since she has gotten affection for Yamcha and the wish was instead used to bring Android 8 back to life along with the bomb inside of him removed.

Dead Zone

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Bulma tells Goku to be careful

Bulma is present at Kame House when Goku informs her and Master Roshi that Gohan has been kidnapped by Garlic Jr. and his henchmen and has taken the Dragon Ball lying above Gohan’s hat. Looking at the Dragon Radar, Bulma informs Goku that Garlic Jr. and his henchmen have currently collected 5 Dragon Balls and their current location is at the Crimson Sea to the south so Bulma lets Goku borrow her Dragon Radar so he can find and rescue Gohan. Both Bulma and Master Roshi are concerned for Goku’s safety once he gets ready to leave and Bulma tells Goku to be careful.

The World’s Strongest

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Bulma at Kame House

Bulma is at Kame House where she forces Oolong to make a meal for her after stealing and breaking her Dragon Radar. When Dr. Kochin comes to Kame House with 4 Bio-Men to confront Master Roshi that his mentor Dr. Wheelo needs him for a special purpose because they think he is the strongest fighter, Bulma walks outside just as Master Roshi effortlessly defeats the Bio-Men that attacked him after he refuses their request but she is soon taking as a hostage by two Bio-Men as a way to convince Master Roshi to come with them to which it does and leaves Oolong to tell Goku the whole story.

Bulma held captive

Bulma is taken to Dr. Wheelo’s Fortress and asks why she is there as she is not a fighter. After Master Roshi is defeated by the Bio-Warriors, Bulma reveals that despite Master Roshi being one of the strongest fighters from 50 years ago she knows someone even more stronger than him. Dr. Kochin and then Dr. Wheelo in the background asks who it is but in response Bulma wants to know who was talking. Dr. Kochin reveals to her that it was Dr. Wheelo and that they are one of the former experts of biotechnology. Though Bulma remembers hearing of them she says that she should be dead and the truth is explained to her. Dr. Wheelo demands Bulma to tell him who is the strongest which she reveals is Goku. She is eventually rescued and watches the Dragon Team’s battle against Wheelo up until both Wheelo and Kochin are defeated. Bulma and the rest of the Dragon Team all have a laugh when the battle ends.

The Tree of Might

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Bulma in The Tree of Might

Bulma goes out camping with Oolong, Gohan and Krillin. During the night time while the Dragon Team was asleep, Bulma is woken up by Krillin when he notices a forest fire (caused by Turles) after waking up from it. A startled Bulma screams and yells out that the forest is on fire which wakes up Oolong and Gohan as well. Gohan and Krillin are forced to put it out and while saving the animals that were in the forest, Gohan befriends a Dragon named Icarus. Bulma then agrees to let Krillin and Gohan use the Dragon Radar to collect all the Dragon Balls to make a wish to Shenron to restore the forest where the animals lived to which they do once fulfilled. After learning of the Tree of Might from King Kai, Bulma is with the Dragon Team as they agree to stop it from sucking the Earth dry as well as facing the warriors who planted the seed for it. After the defeat of Turles and his men as well as the destruction of the tree, Bulma is with the Z-Fighters, enjoying their time on another camping trip while Piccolo meditates peacefully near a waterfall.

Lord Slug

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Bulma in Lord Slug

Bulma learns of the news that an asteroid is approaching to destroy Earth along with being informed by her father that the asteroid is currently inhabited due to finding life signs. Goku along with Krillin having been informed by Bulma that there are life signs in it, decide to fire multiple Kamehamehas to redirect its path away from Earth instead of destroying it as to not kill the inhabitants in it, while Bulma comes along with Chi-Chi, Oolong, Gohan and Icarus to watch them but Goku and Krillin fail this attempt and the clash sends Bulma, Chi-Chi, Gohan, Oolong and Icarus flying away. After realizing that they are still alive and well, Bulma notices the ship that Slug and his minions used to arrive on Earth and is present when the Slug soldiers terrorize the civilians after declaring control over Earth. Bulma then meets Lord Slug, who uses telekinesis on her to draw her closer to him and uses telepathy to discover from Bulma’s mind how to find the Dragon Balls to which Bulma faints afterwards. Bulma is taken back to Goku’s house where she is given hot chocolate by Chi-Chi and they eventually realize that Oolong and Gohan have gone to the battle with the other Z Fighters against Slug leading up to his defeat.

Broly – The Legendary Super Saiyan

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Bulma with her baby

Bulma attends a hanami picnic with the Dragon Team and listens to Krillin’s terrible karaoke singing as she holds baby Trunks, who appears to take Krillin’s singing quite funny and laughs continuously. Bulma remarks the overly drunk Master Roshi as being berserk due to his dirty magazines being hidden though this is only in the Funimation dub. After Paragus arrives in his ship to inform Vegeta that he is recreating a new Saiyan empire along with needing his help to defeat the Legendary Super Saiyan, Bulma watches as Krillin, Gohan, Master Roshi, and Oolong tag along with Vegeta who follows Paragus to New Planet Vegeta. Not liking the fact that Vegeta focuses more about being king and his other selfish desires rather than spending time with his family, Bulma remarks that Vegeta being “the king of his own planet is just what he needs”. Future Trunks also tags along with them and tells Bulma that he will bring Vegeta back home to her safely so Bulma wishes him good luck once he and the other members of the Dragon Team that follow Paragus depart for New Planet Vegeta.

Bojack Unbound

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Bulma guards her baby

Bulma attends the Intergalactic Martial Arts Tournament with baby Trunks to watch the Z Fighters compete in it with Chi-Chi also present and watching in the stands. Bulma asks Chi-Chi why she allowed Gohan to compete in the tournament and Chi-Chi replies that Gohan has been doing more studying lately and allowed him to compete to give his body more exercise. Bulma then says that it is good for Gohan to compete since he wouldn’t have gotten to see Future Trunks competing in the Tournament as well since coming back after defeating the Androids in his time. Chi-Chi then asks Bulma if she told Vegeta to enter but Bulma replies that she hasn’t since he has lost all passion for fighting due to Goku’s death during the Cell Games which also explains why Chi-Chi allowed Gohan to compete in the tournament in memory of his father. After seeing Yamcha laying on his back not competing, Bulma comments that Yamcha may have lost his motivation to compete in the tournament. Bulma then has an argument with Chi-Chi over whether Future Trunks or Gohan will win the tournament. After the battle against Bojack and his minions leading up to Bojack’s defeat by the hands of Gohan, Bulma comes to the hospital with Chi-Chi, Trunks, Master Roshi, Oolong and Chiaotzu to check up on Gohan, Future Trunks, and Krillin at the hospital healing from their injuries after the battle.

Fusion Reborn

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Bulma with Videl

Bulma is present at her home when the Dragon Team gathers the Dragon Balls to make a wish to Shenron to send back the dead including former defeated villains on Earth back to the Other World to restore the natural order but Shenron informs them that he is able to send them back but there is nothing to stop them from returning due to the barrier between the dimension closing the Other World from Earth failing and being beyond his power to restore, with Bulma remarking that it is bad. Shenron then asks them if they have anymore wishes.

Wrath of the Dragon

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Bulma and the others in West City

Bulma is at her home in a lab analyzing a music box that was brought to her by the Dragon Team, after an old man named Hoi that they rescued told them about a man named Tapion trapped inside the music box and he needs help opening it or else the Earth would be endangered. Bulma tries to figure out what’s inside the box but the scans come out inconclusive and reveals they won’t find out what’s in the box until they open it so everyone agrees to collect the Dragon Balls to make a wish to Shenron to open the box for them and let out whoever or whatever is inside to which they do. Bulma then watches with the others as Tapion gets released. Trunks takes a liking to him and wants to follow him but Bulma warns him they don’t know much about him other than he can’t say thanks after being released from the box but Trunks and Goten proceed to follow him and Bulma tells Trunks to come back. Later at Capsule Corp., everyone notices that Hoi is gone and wonders where he went. Master Roshi thinks he might’ve gone out in a hot date and in response Bulma sarcastically says that dating advice from a pervert is just what they need. Master Roshi then walks up to Bulma and tells her she can warm his heart and in response an angry Bulma slaps Roshi due to his perverted behavior.

Bulma with her son Trunks

Later Bulma is seen washing dishes with Videl and explains that Trunks has been sneaking food for Tapion and lets him stay at her house due to Trunks being her only child and needing a friend to play with at the house when Goten isn’t around and also Trunks envying Goten for having a brother much to Videl’s surprise that is Tapion she is letting stay. After Tapion hangs out with Trunks for while also telling him a bit of his backstory, Tapion is seen by Bulma about to leave after Trunks falls asleep in his room. Bulma asks where he is going to and offers him to still stay but Tapion tells her that it is dangerous for him to stay. Bulma wants to know why so Tapion tells her his whole story. After hearing Tapion’s story and learning Hoi was a villain all along, Bulma decides to create a room based on the broken music box design and the music the Hero’s Flute produces so that Tapion can finally rest but in exchange he spends time with Trunks. Later, Tapion tries sleeping inside the new chamber, but he has a terrible nightmare that causes him to destroy the chamber waking up Bulma due to the ruckus and finding that Tapion has left. The next morning Goku, Gohan, Goten, and Videl arrive at Bulma’s house after being called by her to inspect the destroyed chamber. Tapion appears suddenly, warning everyone about Hirudegarn. Bulma watches the battle between the Dragon Team vs Hirudegarn. After Hoi is killed by Hirudegarn and Hirudegarn is killed by Goku’s Dragon fist, Bulma gives Tapion her time machine so he can go back to his own planet.

Battle of Gods

Main article: Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods Four years after Kid Buu’s defeat, Bulma throws herself a huge birthday party at Capsule Corporation, and nearly all her friends and family are partaking in the celebration with the exception of Goku and Vegeta, who much to her annoyance, are off training. She’s then asked about her age by Krillin, but refuses to answer and tells Android 18 about the prizes in the bingo tournament, as well as giving cash instead if the prizes are too much trouble. Master Roshi asks if dirty movies are included in the prizes and Bulma annoyingly replies no. Later, a drunken Bulma finds Vegeta with Beerus and Whis and introduces them to the others, telling them that Vegeta actually brought friends. Bulma then starts the bingo tournament and explain the rules with the main prize being the Dragon Balls. However, Yamcha notices that one of the balls is missing until the Pilaf Gang are revealed to be the culprits. Bulma then takes the ball back and threatens them, continuing her bingo game. Afterwards, her party turns into a battlefield between Beerus and the Z-Fighters after Good Buu refused to give Beerus some pudding. Upset, Bulma confronts Beerus for ruining her 38th birthday party and slaps him. Beerus then slaps her back, causing Vegeta to get angry and attack Beerus out of sheer rage, but is still defeated.

Bulma watches Goku ascend

When Goku returns, Bulma lets him use the Dragon Balls to find the Super Saiyan God and is surprised to see Shenron nervous in front of Beerus. When the Saiyans first attempt at the Super Saiyan God ritual failed due to needing one more Saiyan, Bulma asks Vegeta about Tarble, but Vegeta says he lives on some far away planet and he doesn’t know where it is. She then watches as Goku becomes a Super Saiyan God and battles Beerus. After the battle, Beerus apologizes to Bulma, who in turn will give him a whole swimming pool of pudding at the next party but shouldn’t complain if he doesn’t like it. After Beerus leaves, Bulma continues her party and when Goku needles Vegeta about shouting “My Bulmaaa!!!”, she then tells Vegeta that she felt loved when he defended her against Beerus, though Vegeta denies having said such a thing. She then slaps Goku when he jokingly says they should let the next powerful enemy hit her. When it’s revealed that Goku was watching everyone fight Beerus, Vegeta suggests Bulma slaps Goku again calling it her signature slap, which she agrees to do with pleasure. Goku starts crawling away as Bulma prepares to slap him and, off-screen, she slaps him several times.

Resurrection ‘F’

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Bulma in Resurrection ‘F’

Four months after Frieza’s revival, Bulma is astonished to see Jaco again and asks why he’s come back after so many years. Jaco explains that her older sister, Tights, informed him that Bulma is friends with the man who defeated Frieza. Bulma explains to Jaco that it was not only Goku but her son from the future who defeated Frieza as well before she gave birth to his present timeline incarnation, shocking Jaco who tells her that time traveling is forbidden by Galactic law but Bulma considers it stupid. She then learns that Jaco has a message for Goku, but Bulma explains to him that Goku and Vegeta are training on Beerus’ Planet. However, Jaco considers Beerus to be a myth and reveals that Frieza has been revived and is coming to Earth with a thousand soldiers. Bulma then tries to contact Whis by using a strawberry sundae to grab his attention but he doesn’t respond. She asks Jaco how long until Frieza arrives and Jaco replies about an hour. This angers Bulma, who wished she knew earlier as she has little time to warn anyone and calls Krillin to inform him of the situation. She also contacts Gohan and tells him not to tell Trunks or Goten about Frieza as they would’ve challenged him to a duel.

Bulma at the battlefield

Bulma arrives to the battlefield with Jaco and informs the others that she’s unable to get Goku and Vegeta. She then makes Jaco help fight with her friends as it’s his job as a Galactic Patrolman to fight invaders. Bulma tells Frieza to leave as Goku has gotten stronger since then, but learns from Gohan that Frieza has also gotten stronger. She then begs Frieza to give Goku more time but is angered after Frieza only offers 10 seconds. She then watches the others defeat Frieza’s soldiers and is contacted by Whis about the sundae. Bulma yells at him for not answering sooner as Frieza’s already on Earth after being resurrected and needs Goku and Vegeta to return home. Bulma tells Goku to use his Instant Transmission and for everyone to power up for Goku to get a better signal. She and the others watch as Goku and Vegeta return and Goku battles Frieza. During the battle, Beerus and Whis arrive for the sundae and Bulma gives it to them. Jaco asks Bulma if that’s really Beerus to which Bulma told him that she’s been telling him the whole time that he’s real. Jaco asks Bulma if he can take a picture of him though Bulma says he should asks him himself and warns him that he might destroy him if not pleased. After a while, Goku is being beaten by Frieza with the help of his henchman, Sorbet, and Vegeta steps in so he could kill Frieza. However, Frieza destroys the Earth before Vegeta could kill him. Bulma and the others are saved by Whis, however she mourns the loss of her family. Whis reveals he has the ability to turn back time three minutes prior and he lets Goku kill Frieza. Vegeta is angry that Goku took his spotlight but Bulma explains to Vegeta what happened and why Goku needed to do the finishing blow. After Goku kills Frieza, Bulma asked Jaco if it’s really alright for him to not arrest Whis, since control over time was a serious offense, so he pretended he didn’t see a thing when he reported it to his boss about Earth.


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Bulma watching Goku and Vegeta spar

While at her summer home, on an island far to the south of West City, Bulma and Bulla are watching Goku and Vegeta spar from a distance. Whis is getting all worked up over some food, and Beerus is trying to take a nap. Bulma remarks that the island is uninhabited, so Goku and Vegeta don’t have to worry about collateral damage, but Beerus gets angry when they wake him from his nap with their noise, so they take a break to join the others for food. When Goku and Vegeta argue over Frieza’s second revival, Bulma is surprised when Goku mentions how Frieza help saved their universe in the Tournament of Power. She then receives a call from Trunks, who informs her the six Dragon Balls that she had collected in her lab have been stolen. Trunks sends the surveillance footage through the watch, which reveals that the thieves were wearing Frieza-style armor.

The adults instantly recognize what is going on, but none of them say anything until Bulma ends the call with Trunks. Vegeta thinks that Frieza must have sent grunts so that no one would sense them. Fortunately, Bulma has a spare Dragon Radar, and reveals that the last ball is on the Ice Continent as she saved it for last because it’s so cold there. They then prepare to go retrieve it and stop Frieza while Beerus is forced to take care of Bulla. As they fly to their destination, Goku asks Bulma why she wants to collect the Dragon Balls. After some prodding, Bulma admits that she wants to become 5 years younger, and Goku can’t believe she would waste a wish on something so trivial. Whis proceeds to asks “Why only 5 years?”, with Bulma responding that anything more would be “too noticeable”.

Bulma and Whis watch as Goku and Vegeta prepare to fight Broly

As they reached the continent, Bulma spots Frieza’s soldiers and lands the ship. She then watches Vegeta, Goku, Frieza, Whis, and Gogeta take on an unknown Saiyan that was recruited by Frieza himself. Sometime after the battle, Bulma is asked by Goku to make some capsules for Broly in order for him to survive on Planet Vampa.

Super Hero

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Other Dragon Ball stories

Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans

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Bulma in Plan to Eradicate the Super Saiyans

When a device in West City begins to spread Destron Gas over the Earth, Goku and Gohan visit Bulma at Capsule Corporation. She explains that the gas will destroy all living things in seventy days time. While the members of the Dragon Team head out into West City to destroy the device, Bulma analyses the gas. After finishing, she heads to the location of the device using an airplane and spreads a prototype neutralizing agent that stops the Destron gas which in turn leads to the Dragon Team members energy being restored.

The Return of Son Goku and Friends!

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Bulma and Chi-Chi

Bulma attends a party at a hotel belonging to Mr. Satan with her family and friends. The party is interrupted by the arrival of a Saiyan and an unknown alien, however, she is more shocked to learn that the Saiyan is Vegeta’s younger brother Tarble, making him her brother-in-law.

Origins 2

Bulma has several bonus episodes:

Episode 3-5 – “A Maiden’s Pure Heart

Sometime after escaping from the Pirate Cave, Bulma is relaxing in her room when Dr. Brief’s had seen the Capsule that was on his desk reminding her of the Capsule containing her father’s stash of Dirty magazines causing her to get angry though she does her best to hide that she had accidentally taken it and discovered his stash. However she becomes horrified when he informs her he wrote his name, address, and its contents on the capsule and believes someone will return it. Bulma realizing it was left behind travels back to the island to find it as she is worried of people finding out her father’s perversions. After fighting and killing various hostile animals including two T-Rex with her arsenal of weapons, she searches and searches as the sunsets and it starts to rain. She finds it in a bush and though relieved is angry at her father’s nonchalant attitude about doing such things given the potential for scandal and effect on her father and his family’s public image and is glad no one picked it up. She leaves with the Capsule, but unbeknownst to her Master Roshi had found it and kept it as his treasure due to the stash of magazines being the most high-class stuff he’d seen (Dr Brief’s being able to afford much better quality stuff given he’s the richest man in the world). Roshi left it in the bush as he couldn’t read it at Kame House so he planned to leisurely gaze at it where Bulma had left it, becoming infuriated that it is gone. Ironically Bulma had little to fear, as a lecturer like Roshi had no intention of returning it or exposing Dr. Brief, preferring to keep it for himself instead.


Main article: Dragon Ball Fusions Bulma is transported to the Timespace Rift as a result of Tekka and Pinich’s wish to Shenron. After Tekka and Pinich are sucked into the Timespace Rift and find the Capsule Corporation, they meet Bulma, who explains to them about the Tournament. Upon first meeting Tekka, she will take offense if they refer to her as Ma’am due to her being sensitive about her age, though she will be pleased if they refer to her as Miss. Regardless, she will introduce Tekka to Ziku a robotic device she created to help Tekka navigate the Timespace Rift and suggests they seek out Trunks and Goten who are looking for teammates to join enter the tournament. After finding Trunks and Goten, Tekka returns to Bulma who offers to help Tekka master Flight by going through a Flying course she set up. After Tekka’s group encounters Kid Goku who had come from the time period when he was training under Kami, they return to Bulma, who is reunited with Goku’s younger self, though Goku spoils their reunion by carelessly commenting on Bulma’s age, causing her to yell at him before explaining that they should be able to break the Sky Barrier, allowing Tekka’s team to travel up Korin’s Tower to find more teammates. After Tekka’s Team defeats the Ginyu Force, Trunks decides to ask his mother to modify Frieza’s abandoned Spaceship for the team to use. She remains at the Capsule Corporation providing support to Tekka’s Team. In addition to Ziku, she also creates a metallic Android duplicate of Goku, called Mecha Goku to serve as a sparring partner for her husband.

Xenoverse 2

Main article: Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Bulma appears in Capsule Corp time rift anomaly. If the Future Warrior is a Saiyan, they will be sent to investigate this rift during the game’s prologue. They witness Bulma telling Vegeta she has created some new armor for him, though he ignores her to go train causing Bulma to become angry over her husband’s obsession with training all the time. The warrior is later called off to take on a critical mission by Elder Kai. If the Future Warrior visits the rift after this, Bulma will tell them her new invention she is working on is not ready at the moment. Later Chronoa will ask the Warrior to check each time rift. Returning to the Capsule Corporation they learn from one of the Murasaki Brothers sent there by Chronoa that they can create QQ Bangs using the machine Bulma invented. Talking to Bulma she reveals she has finished her invention which allows one to mix clothing and armor to create a special type of equipment called QQ Bangs, which overwrite the stats of clothing worn with the QQ Bangs stats, allowing the Warrior to wear any clothing they want without worrying about stats as they can equip a QQ Bangs to add the stat boosts they want. Bulma asks the Warrior to help her product test her invention in order to gather data before the Capsule Corporation releases her invention to the general public.

If the Warrior is a Saiyan and has sparred a few times with Vegeta, they must speak to Bulma about the Super Saiyan form in order to convince Vegeta to help them unlock their Super Saiyan form, which results in Capsule Corp Quest:Saiyan Awakening“.

If they Future Warrior manages to complete all of Vegeta’s Sparring Quests and speaks with Bulma, she will tell them about a mysterious egg that was left by a man with spiky hair and a device on his face. She jokingly suggests that the man might have been a Saiyan wearing a Scouter, but quickly dismisses the idea. She tells the Warrior that she has studied the Egg, but was only able to discover it contains a massive amount of energy. She also explains that Vegeta is eager to fight whatever is inside it, though she refuses to allow it to put the Earth in danger and asks the Future Warrior to take it off her hands as her woman’s intuition tells her that it will be safe with them and to thank them for sparring with her husband and helping her with her invention. It is implied that Turles was the one responsible for placing the Egg in the Capsule Corporation, which Chronoa reveals was a failed attempt by Towa to artificially replicate Tokitoki’s Egg and that its placement inside the Capsule Corporation is what caused the time rift anomaly. After all of the Distorted Time Eggs are collected, Chronoa decides to allow all 5 large time rifts remain in Conton City as they are stable and are not a serious threat, thus the Capsule Corporation time rift remains in Conton City, where Bulma that lives their presumably lives peaceful with her husband and family.

Hero Colosseum

Bulma fuming over the lack of interest in the Hero Colosseum in Xenoverse 2

After the 1.08.00 update, the Hero Colosseum appears in Conton City. Accessing the Battle Simulator in the Hero Colosseum will lead to a new minigame complete with its own story. The story centers around Bulma from Dragon Ball Super coming to Conton City to promote the Hero Colosseum, a battle simulator where people can use Hero Figures to fight. Future Trunks reveals to Chronoa, Elder Kai, Tokitoki, and the two Future Warriors that Bulma created the figures using data she collected on a previous visit to Conton City. Future Trunks gives the Future Warrior some figures he got from Bulma noting they are definitely his mother’s handy work as they’ve been built done to the smallest detail. Future Trunks and the Future Warrior learn how to figure battle from Goten and Kid Trunks with the warrior defeating both of them despite being new to the game. Unbeknownst to them Bulma had been observing the battle. When the warrior and Future Trunks return to play with Kid Trunks and Goten, Bulma appears.

She reveals she had watched their previous battles and offers the warrior the job of chief promoter of the Hero Colosseum to everyone’s shock. Bulma reveals her promotion efforts haven’t worked as Time Patrollers prefer real battles and admits Trunks and Goten are the only fans of the Hero Colosseum she’s got. Even if the warrior refuses Bulma will force them and Future Trunks to promote the Hero Colosseum. As they are talking Vegeta appears curious as to what his wife has been up. She and Trunks explain the Hero Colosseum and Trunks reminds his father he had been given some figures causing Bulma to complain about how he never appreciates her work. Though it takes some goading she and both Trunks manage to convince him to try a figure battle with the Future Warrior. Vegeta is defeated taking the loss hard as he would a real fight before running off to get stronger and better at figure battles. Bulma, Future Trunks , and the Warrior notice Vegeta’s new found interest in figure battles has cause Saiyan Time Patrollers to become interested as well which Future Trunks attributes to his father being the Saiyan Prince whom most Saiyan Patrollers look up to. Bulma realizes it is perfect for promotion and suggests they get more famous fighters to figure battle though leaves it to the warrior and Future Trunks to handle.

Bulma will then appear in Conton City where the warrior can speak to her to see how popular the Hero Colosseum is with Bulma rewarding them with Hero Colosseum items each time its popularity level increases. After defeating Frieza in a figure battle, Bulma finds herself being stalked and convinces the warrior to deal with them under the impression they are an admirer. The stalker turns out to be Dodoria who reveals he is after her figures. Future Trunks , however, arrives to defend his mother and Dodoria is forced to figure battle with the Future Warrior with him getting the figures if they lose but if Dodoria loses Bulma says they get a free punch at him for calling her a hag. Dodoria is defeated but flees causing Bulma to call him a coward. Later Bulma is approached by Zarbon who tries to charm her into giving him a figure but Future Trunks steps in reminding his mother Zarbon is Frieza’s henchman causing Bulma to remember their encounter on Namek and Zarbon’s Monster form. Zarbon is forced to fight for the figures like Dodoria with Bulma stating she gets to write ugly on his forehead if he loses. Zarbon is defeated and prepares to transform to take the figures by force but Vegeta’s presence stops him with Bulma yelling at Zarbon for fleeing while Future Trunks wonders what spooked him asking Vegeta if he has any idea about it.

While congratulating Future Trunks and the Warrior on their success, Goku drops by to say hi and wonders if Bulma is working as an Instructor like him and Vegeta. Bulma and Future Trunks explains the Hero Colosseum. Goku notes Vegeta has been too busy with the game to train causing Bulma to suggest he try it convinced he will find it fun. If the Future Warrior disagrees Goku will surmise Bulma forced them into it. Bulma convinces Goku to try one figure battle and after he is defeated Goku reveals Bulma was right and goes off to practice with Vegeta. With Goku interested Bulma and Future Trunks note the Hero Colosseum is bound to become even more popular causing Bulma to suggest they hold a special event now that the Hero Colosseum is so popular.

World Mission

Main article: Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission

Chapter 3, Sub Chapter 1 – “Great Saiyaman 4

In Chapter 3, Sub Chapter 2: “Great Saiyaman 4“, Goku (Teen) may randomly appear on the Ruined Hero Town map and if he spots Beat this leads to a side story involving the game world Bulma (Teen), Goku (Teen), and Yamcha (Teen).

In her typical fashion, Bulma is yelling at Goku and Yamcha telling them to stop twiddling their thumbs and tell her where the heck they are as they have apparently wondered into the real world of Dragon Ball due to an anomaly. As a result, Goku and Yamcha have no idea where they are either causing Bulma to says sometimes the two of them are about as useful as a box of clear crayons. Beat and Note of the DBH Team are surprised to see them in Hero Town. Note points out the entire Dragon Ball Saga started with those three and Beat says they really struck gold this time as it gives them a chance to meet them. Beat says they look like they need help. Beat asks if everything is okay and Bulma hoping they are locals, tells them they could use a little nudge in the right direction and explains they are on a hunt for the Dragon Balls and asks if they know of them. Beat and Note decide to keep their knowledge of the existence of the Dragon Balls a secret and play it cool. Bulma is disappointed and concludes it’s a dead lead. Meanwhile, Goku says they have another important manner which in his typical fashion is lunch causing Yamcha to quip food is the only important matter to Goku and that they need to work on that. Bulma however relents and decides to take a lunch break to satisfy the ever hungry Goku. Beat realizing its his last chance to strike up a conversation wishes them good luck on their journey to find the Dragon Balls and that they are bond to face many trials along the way, but that he knows they’ll find the strength to overcome them all. Bulma notes Beat is one “weeeeeird kid” and Beat says he knows they’re putting life and limb on the line to find those Dragon Balls and that to him their heroes exactly what he aspires to be. Goku says Beat’s a hoot and that he likes him. Since he wants to be like them, Goku suggests he fight them noting lunch can wait a little longer as the prospect of battle excites Goku’s Saiyan blood. Beat is thrilled and Goku asks Yamcha and Bulma if they have any objections. Yamcha is ready tp rumble while Bulma asks if they are seriously dragging her into this but does not object completely. The leads to a battle between the three of them against Beat and Note.

Beat and Note manage to defeat the trio. Goku notes that the fight was extreme and that they don’t play around. Yamcha in pain notes that they read his moves like a darn picture book, while Bulma complains the two have lost their marbles and asks where they get off making her join their testosterone-charged punch fest. Goku however tells her to lighten up and that fighting is good for her, but Bulma completely disagrees. Note can help geek out by say how cool it is to see them argue right there in front of them and Beat says it really feels like the start of a mystical adventure. Goku bids them farewell and says next time they meet they’ll be much stronger. Note says they better step up their game too, though Beat is already planning on it.

If Beat encounters Goku (Teen) on the map after this, there is a brief cutscene with Goku, Bulma, and Yamcha before they fight Beat and Note again though the cutscene after the fight is the same as the one after the first fight between them.

Teen Bulma from right before she went on the summer vacation where she would meet Goku is suddenly transported to the Tournament of Time present day after Tournament of Power, despite not being a fighter like the other time displaced participates. Fortunately she is found by Jaco who is secretly working under Beerus to determine the mastermind behind the tournament. During he time in the present, she learns of the Saiyans though is for the most part unfamiliar with them due being from the period before she met Goku. She is also shown to be curious about her future and wishes to meet her present day self which Jaco prohibits as present Bulma wouldn’t let him hear the end of it if he allowed that to happen. While driving around with Jaco, she ends up hitting the Saiyan protagonist Shallot with her car. She and Jaco are surprised to find he is a Saiyan and learn that he has amnesia, thus they have no idea which time period he comes from. Soon they are attacked by two Combatants who are acting as little more than highway robbers due to the tournament. Shallot is able to defeat them. Requiring knowledge of how to survive on Earth as Shallot is unfamiliar with technology and Earth customs, Bulma convinces him to act as a bodyguard, though Shallot insists the arrangement is only temporary. With Shallot’s help, Bulma and Jaco eventually arrive at the Capitol. During their time there, Bulma goes shopping while Shallot finds a place to eat with Jaco pointing out he can let Bulma pay for it due to her wealth. Eventually they encounter Beerus and Whis who introduce themselves and reveal they know Jaco.

Eventually, they are forced to leave the capitol and end up rescuing Kid Gohan from his uncle Raditz with the help of a mysterious magic user and swordsman named Zahha. They later encounter Piccolo whom they first assume to be an enemy due to his harsh treatment of Gohan unaware he is Gohan’s mentor. During another confrontation with Raditz, Piccolo tried to take advantage of Raditz’s weakness by grabbing his tail only to discover that Raditz has removed his weakness by training his tail (Piccolo is unaware of this due to being from the period before he confronted Nappa) and is badly injured. However Zahha uses his magic to teleport them all away to safety.

Determined to avenge Piccolo (who is left in the care Bulma, Jaco, Beerus, and Whis) and stop Raditz, Shallot and Gohan seek to grow stronger to defeat Raditz. Beerus and Whis agree to help find them a mentor though they select Vegeta and Nappa from the period before they invaded Earth though neither Shallot or Gohan is aware that Raditz is subordinate to them. Beerus reminds Vegeta of their past meeting on Planet Vegeta and Vegeta reluctantly agrees though forces them to face Nappa as he does not consider them worth the effort. Shallot at first refuses to train under them after losing to Nappa so he, Gohan, and Zahha elect to train on their own with Zahha pointing out it would be best to fight against other tournament participates. Having supplied Shallot with a communicator, Bulma observes his training and has her first encounter with an incarnation of Vegeta unaware that the present Vegeta is her present counterpart’s husband. Bulma dislikes Vegeta’s bad attitude and even argues with him to the point Vegeta demands Shallot turn off the device but Shallot cheekily points out he has no idea how the thing works. Jaco also finds some of Bulma’s comments to Vegeta humorous due to him being aware of their present day counterparts marriage, while managing to keep both Teen Bulma and Vegeta in the dark about their future relationship.

Eventually Shallot and Gohan grow strong enough to face Nappa whom Shallot is able to knock down, which due to Nappa promising to train them personally if they can knock him down leads to Nappa being put in charge of their training which consists of repeat battles against Saibamen one after the other. Eventually Vegeta forbids Nappa from wasting anymore Saibamen, leading Nappa to take over their training. Whis eventually informs them that Beerus has decided that Shallot and Gohan will take on Vegeta and Nappa as their final test, though declares Beerus will destroy Vegeta if Shallot fails. At the Capitol, Teen Bulma finally meets Vegeta and Nappa in person before Shallot and Gohan’s final test. Bulma cheers on the two as they face Vegeta and Nappa. Vegeta is surprised by his defeat. Shallot and Gohan thank Vegeta and Nappa for their training before seeking out Raditz. However during their search they encounter Frieza Force members who accuse Shallot of attacking them and destroying a nearby town. They eventually encounter Raditz who is revealed to be under the influence of Dark Ki which grants him a dark aura while increasing his power level. Ultimately Shallot defeats Raditz and afterwards Shallot, Zahha, and Gohan return to the Capitol where they are greeted by Bulma, Jaco, Beerus, and Whis. While Beerus is asking Shallot, Zahha, and Gohan about their long term plans, Piccolo regains consciousness and announces that Gohan will continue to train under him. Gohan however reveals that in addition to training with Piccolo, he wants to see if he can find his dad, though Beerus points out Goku is hated by villains from various eras meaning any Goku participating in the tournament could find themselves facing various villains that want Goku dead. However Gohan has hope his father won’t give up regardless of whatever challenge he faces. Shallot says he has no long term plans just wants to get some rest and meal. Bulma suggests celebrate by enjoying themselves in the city which Shallot agrees to as he can’t wait to eat. After having rested, Bulma asks Shallot if they could stay safely in the city some more but Shallot says that would be boring and notes he’s strong enough now to protect her and Jaco. Suddenly, they hear a familiar voice who says he doubts that and it turns out to be Vegeta with Nappa in tow. Jaco is shocked to see Vegeta in the city, while Bulma cheekily asks Vegeta if he got lonely out in the wilderness and came to the city for some company. However Vegeta angrily states he has no need for her or anyone’s company. Vegeta asks where Gohan and Zahha are. They tell him about Gohan leaving with Piccolo and mention that Zahha is in the middle of his morning meditation. Vegeta says that its fine as his main reason for coming was to recruit Shallot to take Raditz’s place revealing to them that Raditz was his subordinate. Vegeta notes Raditz was a weakling and since Shallot defeated him he has proven himself to be a fine replacement. Shallot however says its more like being a servant. Vegeta tells Shallot he should know by now there is only one way and Shallot says he knows due to the time he spent training under him and Nappa that he’ll have to defeat them to send them packing as he refuses to work for Vegeta now that he knows he was in once in league with Raditz. Shallot manages to hold his own against the pair but Vegeta and Nappa have gotten stronger and Vegeta is determined to recruit him. Bulma tells them to knock it off as they’ll destroy the city if they keep fighting any longer. Fortunately, Beerus arrives and tells Vegeta he should listen to her and tells Vegeta to back off as he already staked his claim on Shallot. Nappa tries of being ordered around by Beerus defies Vegeta and confronts him unaware of Beerus’ divine status and power. However Beerus uses Headshot to send the mid-class Saiyan flying. Shallot and Bulma are amazed that Beerus defeated Nappa with just the flick of a finger. Beerus tells Vegeta that he should take care of his remaining subordinate or he will lose another one and even asks if Vegeta is prepared to be destroyed as well. Vegeta decides to back down for the time being but remains determined to recruit him the next time they meet before leaving to recover Nappa who manages to survive. Zahha appears due to the commotion and Shallot says it was just a little fight. Bulma however inquiries about what Beerus said regarding Shallot. Beerus decides to clear some things up and is joined by Whis. Beerus then calls out to the present era’s Goku who Bulma doesn’t recognize due to having never met the Goku of her era yet. Goku reveals he was excited to see the young Vegeta and is surprised to see the young Bulma. Bulma wonders how he knows her and even ironically wonders out loud if he is her future husband perhaps, though Jaco is quick to shoot that idea down. Whis reminds everyone that they need to get down to brass tacks and steers the conversation back to the matters at hand. Beerus explains he, Whis, and Goku has been covertly trying to determine the person behind the Tournament of Time. Bulma asks about King Kai who telepathically informed the participates about the tournament. However Beerus reveals that he was the one who asked King Kai to do that causing Bulma to jump to the conclusion that Beerus behind the tournament, but Beerus points out he hadn’t finished his explanation. He reveals that he was forced to set up the Tournament of Time as he was ordered to by the mysterious person who he dubs the Mastermind who had kidnapped the Supreme Kai Shin in order to force Beerus to comply due to his Life Link with Shin. Due to Goku’s association with Beerus and Whis, he is forced to remain on the sidelines to keep the mastermind in the dark. He wants Shallot and Bulma to work for him to help uncover the Mastermind’s identity with Shallot playing the role of just another Tournament participate. It is also revealed that the Super Dragon Balls had already been used previously in the aftermath of the Tournament of Power thus the reward of a wish on the Super Dragon Balls is another lie. Beerus also reveals he has hidden the Earth’s Dragon Balls so they can be used to fix things after they identify the Mastermind. Bulma realizes this is why her Dragon Radar hasn’t detected any as Beerus as hid them so well that it is unable to detect them. Beerus gives Shallot, Bulma, and Zahha time to think about it while Jaco is already effectively working under Beerus. Zahha decides against working for Beerus, though he assures Shallot that he’ll be investigating things his own way as he doesn’t trust Beerus. Shallot chooses to work for Beerus with Bulma following his lead due to him being her bodyguard.

Eventually Shallot encounters some Frieza Force members who seem terrified of him. Eventually he, Bulma, and Jaco hear the Frieza Force members claim that Shallot was responsible for attacking the city they were in. Shallot, Bulma, and Jaco knowing Shallot is innocent decide to investigate encountering Zarbon and Dodoria.

After Shallot defeats Dodoria and Zarbon, he encounters the mysterious Saiyan in Red who looks identical to Shallot and even utilizes his Wild Cannon technique. The Saiyan in Red proves to be a challenging opponent who seems to know Shallot. Ultimately, present day Goku arrives to assist Shallot after having been informed of Shallot’s plight by Beerus. Together they drive off the Saiyan in Red who refers to Shallot as cryptically possessing the “blood of the defeated” and Goku ask possessing the “blood of the tainted”. Returning to the Capitol, they inform Beerus and Whis of what happened and everyone wonders who Shallot’s mysterious doppelganger is. Suggestions include him being Shallot from another time with his memories intact while Beerus and Whis wonder to one another whether they are dealing with a situation similar to Goku Black. Goku decides to test the theory that Shallot and his doppelganger are counterparts by facing him in battle to get a better read on Shallot’s Ki to compare to the doppelganger. In typical Saiyan fashion, Shallot and Goku are eager to fight one another. After the fight, Goku is confused as Shallot’s Ki and the doppelganger’s are very similar but there is something different about it at the same time. Whis reminds Goku and Shallot of the doppelganger referring to them as the “blood of the defeated” and the “blood of the tainted“. Whis explains that he believes that Shallot is an righteous Ancient Saiyan given that his doppelganger referred to Shallot as possessing the “blood of the defeated” and Goku’s “blood of the tainted” refers to his being a descendant of the evil Ancient Saiyans that historically defeated the righteous Ancient Saiyans and became the ancestors to all modern Saiyans in Universe 7 such as Goku, Raditz, Vegeta, and Nappa.

Shallot continues to train with Goku in the hopes of learning how to become a Super Saiyan as the first incarnation of Goku he encountered was in his Super Saiyan form. Shallot is impressed by Goku’s Super Saiyan form and becomes determined to become one himself. To the point, he passes on the meal Bulma had prepared for everyone to continue training. After defeating a few tournament participates, Bulma and Jaco appear to check in on Shallot’s training, even managing to bring some of the food Shallot passed up earlier. Shallot points out the amount they brought is small and would barely count as a snack, causing Bulma to sarcastically call him “Master Shallot” due to him treating her like some kind of maid. Suddenly some strange voice suggests he try some fruit and Bulma mistakes the Saiyan stranger for Goku, though Shallot’s sharp nose reveals to him that the stranger is not Goku. The lookalike reveals himself to be Turles who proceeds to kidnap Bulma despite Shallot’s warning to get away. Turles orders some Frieza Force soldiers under his command to stall Shallot and Jaco. Meanwhile, Turles reveals he has heard she is quite the genius before ordering his underlings to get Bulma to a location he had discussed with them previously.

Meanwhile, Shallot defeats the soldiers before trying to locate the scumbag that took Bulma. Unfortunately, they encounter someone unexpected, Frieza himself. Seemingly he mistakes Shallot for his counterpart causing Frieza to reveal he has come for payback for his men which is noticeably out-of-character for the tyrant. In his 1st Form, Frieza is strong enough to overpower Shallot and and Jaco. Frieza prepares to kill Shallot firing a Death Beam, though it strangely misses. Frieza then reveals they have passed his test and that the whole spiel about avenging his men was just him was just a lie to he could test Shallot’s power.

Frieza reveals that most of the Frieza Force are being lead by someone else. Shallot assumes it is another incarnation of Frieza, but Frieza insists that no incarnation of him would oppose another saying they would work together to gain the upper hand. The imposter Frieza has apparently convinced most of the Frieza Force that the real Frieza is an imposter. Shallot agrees to work with Frieza temporarily and the two form an alliance. Shallot and Appule are tasked with finding recruits among the tournament participates. Shallot manages to find his old mentors, Vegeta and Nappa who he hadn’t seen since they tried to recruit him to take Raditz’s place following his defeat. Vegeta agrees to Shallot’s request, hoping to take advantage of the turmoil caused by the infighting between the Frieza Force factions. However Appule ends up recruiting Android 19 who is later revealed to be a spy for the imposter’s faction. After dealing with the Frieza Force troops that attack them, Frieza executes Appule for leading the enemy to them, which enrages Shallot. Shallot is eventually subdued with Vegeta telling Shallot to put up with Frieza’s ruthlessness as they need his help rescuing the captive Bulma from Turles. Eventually it is revealed that Frost is the imposter using his resemblance to Frieza due to being of the same race to deceive the Frieza Force. Frost wanted revenge on Frieza for being manipulated by his counterpart during the Tournament of Power. Using the Fruit of the Tree of Might supplied by Turles to increase his strength, Frost faces Frieza, Shallot, and Vegeta though Frieza realizes that consuming too many of the fruit can backfire on the user and Frost is defeated and Bulma is rescued with Goku arriving vis Instant Transmission to pickup Bulma and take her back to Beerus and Jaco. Unfortunately, Frieza forms an alliance with Turles and Dr. Gero who had been using Bulma to help with his experiments, turning on Shallot and his mentors. Ultimately, Nappa seemingly dies while holding off the Ginyu Force and Vegeta is killed while protecting Shallot. Inheriting a sense of Saiyan pride from Vegeta as one final lesson, Shallot transforms into a Super Saiyan due to his anger over the sacrifices of Vegeta and Nappa. Ultimately he kills Frieza and discovers Turles is under the influence of the Dark Ki, like Raditz.



She is an untrained Earthling and not a fighter, although during the Garlic Jr. Saga, largely thanks to her inhibitions being destroyed thanks to Black Water Mist infection, she was shown to be a difficult adversary and even utilized some superhuman abilities such as high jumps, as demonstrated when she alongside a similarly infected Chi-Chi cornered Maron as well as when she and the other infected pinned down Piccolo. In addition, while arguing with Chi-Chi after Maron not only called the pair “middle-aged”, but Bulma falsely implied that Chi-Chi was older, she alongside Chi-Chi comically proceeded to unleash electric bolts from their eyes towards each other.

Statements by authors and guidebooks

The movie pamphlet for Dragon Ball Z: The Tree of Might states that Bulma has a power level of 12.

Video Games

In Dragon Ball Z: The Anime Adventure Game, her power level is 16.



Bulma, with a calculator

Although her physical strength is that of a regular human, Bulma possesses a practically superhuman level intellect, being able to create technology capable of feats beyond contemporary science. She usually displays keen analytical skills and ability to recognize design and engineering styles, even being able to understand the engineering sensibilities of her alternate future counterpart’s time machine. Given that her father was the inventor of the Dynocap technology that is frequently used throughout the series, it stands to reason that Bulma is well versed in compressible micro-technology, which is shown in her creation of Saiyan battle armor, which adjusts to fit the size of the wearer, which likely possesses the ability to stretch to Oozaru-sized beings just as the original models did. Her inventions are often used for her quest for the Dragon Balls or for her father’s company, as well as for helping her friends on winning important battles. Many of these creations, like Dragon Radar, are so complex that experts and scientists have not been able to understand them.

With time, she obtained a great understanding of alien technology and biology, as she was able to design Saiyan battle armor that mimicked the properties of Vegeta’s armor that he wore on Planet Namek, and made her own variant that could keep up with the rigors of Super Saiyan and above-levels of exertion and physical stress. Her understanding of Saiyan biology comes into play with her ability to design training equipment for Vegeta and Trunks, knowing the parameters of Saiyan physiology. This is likely due to having witnessed the increases in strength that Saiyans are capable of due to having seen Goku gradually improved his strength and abilities for decades as well as having raised half-Saiyan children and having had close contact with Gohan and Goten during their lives as well. She has also had the opportunity to improve her scientific knowledge by studying various pieces of alien technology from Jaco’s Spaceship as a child, Raditz’s Scouter, to the Nameless Namek’s Spaceship, an Attack Ball remote, and Battle Armor which she either repaired and/or reverse engineered. Additionally she’s studied the technology of other scientists such as Android 17’s blueprints, Android 16 while repairing him, and the Blutz Wave Generator originally developed by herself for Baby while infected with a Tuffle parasite. She also studied her future self’s work in the field of Time Machine development after receiving access to her late counterpart’s notebook thus potential knowledge of future developments in the technology of an alternate future timeline.

Bulma also has proven several times to be a very capable pilot, even being able to drive spaceships and large airplanes. Her skills as a pilot are such that she is able to perform many complex and daring maneuvers at supersonic speeds both in the sky and in sub-aquatic environments, even being able to intimidate her son when she is properly motivated. This was best seen when trying to goad a reaction out of her stoic husband in mid-transit to an island for a family vacation, with her aerial antics being enough terrify and unnerve Trunks.

Though she does not possess the ability to manipulate ki herself, according to an anime filler scene where Captain Ginyu possessed her body, Bulma has been able to sense the power of other fighters. However, this was a temporary skill obtained from Captain Ginyu. Although she is not a fighter, Bulma is skilled at shooting by using different types of guns and machines. From time to time, her strength has been exaggerated for comedic purposes, even to the point where she is able to perform feats of strength normally thought to be impossible for a regular woman.

Her abilities as an inventor even as a teenager was enough out do even the likes of Senbei Norimaki who had trouble figuring out how to fix the Dragon Radar she had created despite his own talent as an inventor. Even as a young girl, Jaco was so amazed by the power of a Ray Gun she had invented he even asked her if she would join the Galactic Patrol when she was older in recognition of her skill.

However despite her intelligence it is shown to be rivaled in certain areas by Emperor Pilaf such as programming skills as shown in Dragon Ball Super when he rewrote the Time Machine’s software which Bulma herself noted was better and allowed it to remain showing she is smart enough to recognize when someone’s talent is greater than her own.

In Dragon Ball Fusions, she even develops a device called the Metamo-Ring through her research into Fusion which results in the creation of a new type of fusion called EX-Fusion demonstrating she has developed enough understanding of fusion techniques and the processes that make fusion possible to develop an entirely new form of it through the combination of technology and Metamoran Fusion Dance technique.

In Xenoverse 2, Xeno Trunks notes that the Hero Figures created by main timeline Bulma are definitely her work given that the had been detailed down to the tiniest points indicating she has a fine attention to detail. He also explains she created the figures and Hero Colosseum Battle Simulator using data she collected while in Conton City. Bulma considers them to be one of her greatest inventions.


  • Irome – A technique used when she tries to seduce General Blue. Bulma can also use this seduction technique in the Origins series.
    • Blow A Kiss – A variation of Irome used by Bunny Girl Bulma (Youth) as her Special Quirk Skill in Dragon Ball Legends. While winking she performs a sexy pose as she blows a kiss triggering various supportive effects.
    • Stripping – Bulma uses this technique to get the Dragon Ball from Goku, but it did not work due to Goku’s naïve pure hearted nature.
  • Hikou – In both Dokkan Battle and Dragon Ball Legends, Bulma utilizes a jetpack due to her inability to use ki-based flight.
  • Blutz Burst – Bulma fires powerful Blutz Waves from the Blutz Wave Generator for both supplementary and offensive purposes. Named in the Dragon Ball Z Collectible Card Game.
  • Elbow Strike – An attack used in the Dragon Ball Z Collectible Card Game.
  • EX-Fusion – The fusion technique from Dragon Ball Fusions that utilizes the Metamoran Fusion Dance and Metamo-Rings developed by Bulma which allows two people with strong affinity to fuse together resulting in a fusion weaker than their Metamoran counterparts though gives them the advantage of being able to remain fused as long as they continue to wear the single Metamo-Ring created by the fusion and can defuse at will by removal of said ring. Bulma claims it combines the strengths of Fusion Dance and Kaioshin-based Potara fusion. While Bulma is never shown using this technique herself she is responsible for its development.



Main articles: Carrot and Magic Touch

Bulma after being turned into a carrot by Monster Carrot

During her encounter with Monster Carrot in Dragon Ball, Bulma fell victim to Monster Carrot’s Magic Touch which magically turned her into a carrot. In this form Bulma lacks the ability to speak or move, leaving her virtually helpless, forcing her friends Goku and Puar to protect her from Monster Carrot who was using her carrot form as a hostage, even threatening to eat her. Goku manages to defeat Monster Carrot who is forced to restore Bulma back to her normal form.

Namekian Frog

Main articles: Namekian Frog and Body Change In the anime, during the Frieza Saga, Bulma fell victim to Ginyu’s Body Change technique after she inadvertently created a Universal Translator for Frog Ginyu allowing him to utilize his Body Change to swap bodies with her. Bulma was horrified by her situation which was made worse by Ginyu in her body removing the translator preventing her from speaking. However she managed to follow Ginyu and managed to get Gohan to realize that Ginyu had stolen her body. Gohan then helped her return to her body by throwing her in the path of Ginyu’s Body Change when he tried to swap bodies with Piccolo allowing Bulma to return to her original body trapping Ginyu in his frog body again until he managed to perform a written variation of Body Change on Tagoma in Dragon Ball Super with Bulma expressing hatred towards that “frog” (referring to Ginyu) for having stolen her body previously once she realized he had returned to join his master Frieza in taking revenge though her husband later killed Ginyu effectively avenging what Ginyu had put her through.

Demon Clan

Main articles: Black Water Mist and Demon Clan

Bulma under the influence of the Black Water Mist

During the Garlic Jr. Saga, Bulma is infected by the Black Water Mist becoming a vampire-like Demon Clansman. In this state the evil desires, she would normally suppress take control driving her mad to the point of being willing to kill her own friends for it. She also becomes a devoted follower of Garlic Jr. and the Spice Boys whom she worships. On a similar note, largely because of her lack of inhibition as a result of these evil desires taking control of her, she also demonstrated superhuman strength and reflexes such as her jumping onto the roof of Master Roshi’s house in a single bound as well as leaping back off to corner Maron, as well as her and the other infected managing to pin down Piccolo with little effort.


Main article: Tuffle Parasites

Infected Bulma standing alongside Baby Vegeta

During the events of Dragon Ball GT in the Baby Saga, Bulma along with her husband, daughter, and son (as well as almost all the inhabitants of Earth) was Infected by Tuffle Parasites. While infected Bulma acted as Baby’s second command (which is somewhat fitting as Baby had taken Bulma’s husband Vegeta as his host) applying her scientific genius to assisting Baby Vegeta in his plans. She was also instrumental in developing the Blutz Wave Generator which allowed Baby Vegeta to transform into his Golden Great Ape form. The Tuffle Parasite infecting her was later destroyed by the Sacred Water. Though she retains her scientific genius, the Tuffle parasite makes her an evil and loyal follower of Baby who despises the Saiyan Goku.


  • Blutz Wave Generator– A large vehicle used to fire Blutz Waves created by Bulma in Dragon Ball GT. Used to help Vegeta to attain Super Saiyan 4.
  • Bunny costume – A Bunny Girl costume Bulma was briefly forced to borrow from Oolong when she was out of spare clothes. She wore it until coming on the town that the Rabbit Mob was terrorizing and acquiring her Arabian Outfit from a local shop. Often appears as a special outfit worn by Teen Bulma in various video games.
  • Arabian Outfit – Arabian style clothing that Bulma acquired from the town terrorized by the Rabbit Mob, which she wore for the remainder of the Emperor Pilaf Saga. Named in Xenoverse 2.
  • Wild Rider Suit – Clothing worn by Teen Bulma during her search for the Dragon Balls. Named in the Xenoverse series and featured as an outfit worn by Bulma in some video games such as Dragon Ball Heroes and Dragon Ball Legends.
  • Bulma’s Armor Model – A variant of Battle armor which is largely based upon the basic model. While the basic model implements an actual armored section to cover the clavicles, Bulma’s uses two straps instead, which provides less protection comparatively. It is implying that Bulma’s model is more durable than previous models, as the other models were often easily destroyed by energy blasts. Normally worn by Vegeta, Bulma made extras for the other Z Fighters though it was only worn in battle by Vegeta and Future Trunks, while Goku and Gohan worn it once during their training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.
    • Bulma’s 2nd Armor Model – An even more durable armor model with a black long-sleeved jumpsuit and a chest piece. Whis later playfully wrote his signature on the chest piece while training with Goku and Vegeta. As a result, this battle armor model is called Whis Symbol Battle Suit in the Xenoverse series. In the Prison Planet Saga, Vegeta wears a modified version of this armor which features the Capsule Corporation’s logo on the chest piece instead of Whis’ signature.
  • Capsules – As the daughter of the founder of the Capsule Corporation, Bulma often carries around an assortment of capsules containing everything from vehicles, to Capsule Houses, to weapons. As a brilliant inventor like her father she is also capable of developing capsules herself.
    • Advanced Airplane – A type of airplane created by Capsule Corporation. It is far much faster than a regular one, being almost of the level of a spaceship. Called Bulma’s Airplane in Dragon Ball FighterZ.
    • Grand Tour Spaceship – An extremely fast spaceship created by Bulma in Dragon Ball GT. It uses water as fuel, and can be made compact by using the capsule system.

Bulma firing her Laser Gun at Nappa in Extreme Butōden

Bulma (Teen) preparing to fire her Shooting Star Super Attack in World Mission

    • Laser Gun – Even as a child, Bulma created a ray gun with an arrow on its side pointing to its gun barrel which has amazing blasting capabilities that were enough to impress Jaco – himself the owner of a similar blaster -, to the point that he asked if she’d be willing to join the Galactic Patrol recognizing her talent as a scientist and inventor. She is also seen wielding a Ray Gun in a piece of artwork made for the 1989 Weekly Shōnen Jump #47. In Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butōden, her childhood Laser Gun appears as one of the random items spawned from Capsules she throws and fires it at the opponent. She can also be seen in the game’s opening cutscene giving a thumbs-up while holding the smoking Laser Gun after firing it at Cell while he was fighting with her husband.
      • Shooting Star – Bulma (Teen)’s Super Attack in Dragon Ball Heroes & World Mission where she brandishes a large Ray Gun that she aims before winking and fire a powerful energy blast. As Bulma (Teen) is a Special-type character, she can only perform this Super Attack when the Attack Effect criteria for her Goddess of Victory Ability 1 had been met.
      • Surprise Blaster – A Ray Gun used by Bunny Girl Bulma (Youth) as part of her Ultimate Attack Arts in Dragon Ball Legends. Contained inside a hidden capsule that Bulma stores inside her costume within her cleavage which she will stealthily remove while feigning surrender, before pulling it out and shooting the opponent at point blank range while winking and posing provocatively.
  • Communicator – A holographic communication device utilized by teenage Bulma (pre-Dragon Ball) and Jaco to communicate with their Team Beerus teammate Shallot in Dragon Ball Legends. The communicator has a holographic screen that shows the person the user is talking to. Unfortunately it is a little too high-tech for Shallot to work at first to the point it gets left on constantly something which Vegeta (Pre-Saiyan Saga) finds irritating when Shallot reveals he doesn’t know how to turn it off thus is forced to deal with Bulma’s loud mouth commentary. However it allows Bulma to become familiar with Vegeta before she finally meets him in person when he and Nappa came to the Capitol for their students’ final test. Additionally it is just as sturdy as the spaceship remote that Vegeta carries.
  • Dragon Radar – A pocket-watched shaped radar designed by Bulma to detect the energy signature of the Earth Dragon Balls after studying the Two-Star Dragon Ball she had discovered. Can also detect the Namekian Dragon Balls and Black Star Dragon Balls.
    • Super Dragon Radar – A slightly larger version of the Dragon Radar created by Bulma to locate the planet-sized Super Dragon Balls.
  • Great Saiyaman Watch – A device used to instantly change into the Great Saiyaman Suit. She designs both the watch and the costume within only two hours of Gohan’s request.

Bulma shooting Goku

  • Gun – Bulma uses a gun very early in Dragon Ball to shoot Goku when he attacked her car, only for it to have no effect. Also used in the Dragon Ball: Origins series.
  • Machine Gun – Bulma often shoots people such as Goku, Master Roshi, and Krillin with a MAC-11 when they anger her. Also used in the Origins series as her super attack, “Flailing Machinegun”.

The jetpack used by Bunny Girl Bulma (Youth) in Dragon Ball Legends

  • Jetpack – A jetpack used by Bulma to fly in Dokkan Battle and Dragon Ball Legends.
  • Scouter Drone – A tracking device created by Bulma to find other people, such as Goku. In Dragon Ball: Origins 2, Bulma can use it to explore distant areas, as well as an explosive weapon to attack enemies.
  • Scouter – Bulma repairs and uses Raditz’s scouter to find others Z fighters and later to figure out their Power Level. In several video games, she reverse engineers Scouter technology for the Dragon Team to use which allows them to scan enemies and allies data which is wireless transmitted to a computer at the Capsule Corporation for further study.
  • Shut Down Remote – A device originally created by Dr. Gero to shut down Android 17 and Android 18. Bulma later uses the schematics retrieved by Future Trunks and Krillin to construct a new remote. It has to be ten meters of the target for the remote to be effective. However this remote was destroyed by Krillin due to his feelings for Android 18.
  • Time Machine – A machine built by Bulma in Future Trunks’ alternate timeline which was later repaired by present Bulma. It could be used to go to the future or to the past. It was also equipped with airplane functions too. When traveling back in time, the Time Machine creates a new timeline that branches off from its original one at the moment in time where the Time Machine arrived (due to an unknown flaw in its design according to the Xenoverse series). She also creates a Time Machine for Tapion in Wrath of the Dragon.
  • Rocket Launcher – Used in the Origins series and as her Special Move Arts in Dragon Ball Legends.
  • Shotgun – Used in the Origins series.
  • Shooting Star (シューティングスター Shūtingu Sutā) – Bulma’s Super Attack in Dragon Ball Heroes.
  • Metamo-Ring – A device developed by Bulma in Dragon Ball Fusions through her research into Fusion which allows two people to fuse by each wearing a Metamo-Ring and performing the Fusion Dance, result in a new type of fusion. While Bulma does not use it herself she supplies them to Tekka’s Team and teaches them how to use them with the aid of Goku. The two rings fuse together with their wearers resulting in a single Metamo-Ring that maintains the fusion itself and causes the fusion to end when it is removed.
  • QQ Bang Mix Machine – In the Capsule Corporation Time Rift in Xenoverse 2, Bulma develops a machine that mixes clothing and materials to create a new type of equipment called a QQ Bang which overwrite the stats of clothing with that of the equipped QQ Bang. The machine is operated by a Capsule Corp. Robot clerk.
  • Hero Colosseum Battle Simulator – A floating battle simulation gaming device designed to work with specially designed Hero Figures loaded with historical fighter data she collected while visiting Conton City in Age 852 in Xenoverse 2. The device allows players to take part in figure battles using the data recorded in each collectible Hero figure which can also be tweaked, customized, and upgraded to make them stronger. Each figures strength is based on both its current stats and rarity (Normal, Rare, Super Rare, & Ultra Rare).

Goku holding the makeshift Saiyan tail made by Bulma in Kakarot

  • Makeshift Saiyan Tail – A artificial tail modelled after Goku’s Saiyan Tail. Created by Bulma for Adult Goku to use to fish with like he did as a boy using his original tail due to his tail having been removed by Kami. Developed by Bulma some time before the arrival of Raditz and used by Goku to fish with in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot.
  • Multimech – A mech utilize by Bulma in the 2017 Dragon Ball Super Card Game.

Appearances in other media

Cross Epoch

Bulma as a Space Pirate in Cross Epoch

Bulma is partnered up with the One Piece character Nami in the crossover manga Cross Epoch. Both are space pirates, and Bulma is shown to be an older sister-like figure to Nami (due to Nami calling Bulma nee-san; which is used in Japanese to call a close senpai “older sister”). Later, at the end of the story, Bulma and Nami are seen at Shenron’s tea party.

Live-action movies

Main article: Bulma Brief/Dragonball Evolution

Bulma’s appearance in Dragonball Evolution, portrayed in live action by Emmy Rossum

Bulma appears in the live-action adaptations of Dragon Ball. In Dragonball Evolution, where she is played by Emmy Rossum. Rossum describes her portrayal of Bulma as, “pretty bad-ass, but still quirky and fun, and kind of ridiculous in the way she is in the anime.”

Bulma also appears in the 2010 live action battle show Dragon Ball Kai: Super Battle Stage, which is loosely based on the 1993 movie Broly – The Legendary Super Saiyan.

Video Game Appearances

Voice Actors

  • Japanese: Hiromi Tsuru † (all Dragon Ball media up until FighterZ), Aya Hisakawa (DBS: Broly onwards)
  • English:
    • Harmony Gold dub: Wendee Lee
    • Ocean Group dubs: Lalainia Lindbjerg (DB, DBZ Seasons 1-2, DBZ Movies 1-3), Maggie Blue O’Hara (DB movie 1, DBZ Seasons 4-8), France Perras (DBZ Seasons 8-9)
    • Funimation dub: Leslie Alexander (DB movie 2 only), Tiffany Vollmer (most media; before DBZ Kai), Monica Rial (DB movie 1, DBZ Kai and most media after it)
    • Blue Water dub: Leda Davies (DB), Kristin Nowosad (DBGT)
    • AB Groupe dub: Sharon Mann
    • Bang Zoom! dub: Wendee Lee
    • Creative Products Corporation dub: Mitch Frankenberger Pellicer[18]
  • Spanish:
    • Latin American Spanish dub: Rocío Garcel (until DBZ ep.186, DBZ Kai, DBS and DBS Broly); Mónica Manjarrez (rest DBZ and DBGT); Laura Ayala (DBZ eps 238-240); Isabel Martiñón (DBZ; ep.60 and The Path to Power); Constanza Faraggi (DBS Broly) (Argentine redub)
    • Spanish dub: Nonia de la Gala
  • Italian dub: Beatrice Margiotti (DB ep.1-54 Play World films), Emanuela Pacotto (episodes and films dub Mediaset), Monica Ward (Dynamic Italia film dub; Battle of Gods, Resurrection ‘F’, Dragon Ball: The Magic Begins), Francesca Guadagno (Dynamic Italia film dub second voice), Barbara De Bortoli (Dragonball Evolution)
  • Portuguese:
    • Portuguese dub (Portugal): Cristina Cavalinhos (DB, DBZ, DBGT, and DBS)
    • Brazilian Portuguese dub: Christina Rodrigues (DB 1996 dub; Gota Mágica), Tânia Gaidarji (most media), Sílvia Suzy (DB 2002 dub; some episodes)
  • German dub: Katja Liebing (DB), Claudia Urbschat (DBZ & DBGT), Carmen Katt (DBZ Kai & DBS)
  • Hebrew dub: Yif’at Zandeni Tsafrir
  • Croatian dub: Zrinka Kušević
  • Catalan dub: Anna Pallejà (DB ep. 1-26); Roser Contreras (next episodes and films)
  • Albanian dub: Ledia Nure
  • Arabic dub: Amina Omar (DB, DBZ), Raghda Khateb (DBZ Kai, DBS)
  • Polish dub: Agnieszka Kunikowska (Fusion Reborn and Wrath of the Dragon), Agnieszka Fajlhauer (DBS)
  • Greek dub: Matina Karra (DB, DBZ), Emi Stilianidou (DBGT, Movies), Diana Kavetsou (The Path to Power), Ifigenia Staikou (DBS)
  • Vietnamese dub: Phạm Thuý Hằng.


Dragon Ball Z
  • Bulma (submarine) vs. Giant Enemy Crab (anime only)
  • Bulma (Infected) Spice, Vinegar, Mustard, Salt, Yamcha (Infected), Master Roshi (Infected), and Chi-Chi (Infected) vs. Piccolo (anime only)
Dragon Ball Super
  • Bulma (illusion), Tambourine (illusion), King Piccolo (illusion), Vegeta (illusion), Nappa (illusion), Ginyu (illusion), Burter (illusion), Jeice (illusion), Recoome (illusion), Guldo (illusion), Frieza (Final Form) (illusion), Cell (Perfect Form) (illusion), Super Buu (illusion), Dabura (illusion), Raditz (illusion), and Super Shenron (illusion) vs. Goku (Base/Super Saiyan/Super Saiyan 3/Super Saiyan Blue) and Krillin


Toriyama’s early draft depicting Bulma as a western girl

  • Bulma was originally a parody of a character from Journey to the West (like Goku was too). She was adapted from Xuanzang (also called Tripitaka), the monk and the main protagonist of the novel. Like in the original novel, she leads the band of five consisting of herself, Goku, Oolong, Yamcha and Puar (each an adaptation of a Journey to the West character) in search of the Dragon Balls.[15] Despite Xuanzang being a male, Bulma being a female follows a tradition in Chinese opera where the role is performed by a female actor.
    • It’s also worth noting that in recent Japanese culture, it’s also quite common for Xuanzang to be portrayed by a woman, if not at least be portrayed as an effeminate male, which dates back as early as the 1978 drama Monkey.
  • Bulma was revealed a month before the Dragon Ball manga started, in postcards sent to members of the Akira Toriyama Preservation Society.[19]
  • Bulma’s name is an allusion to an undergarment, modern bloomers in particular.
    • Bulma is sometimes incorrectly assumed to have the surname Briefs due to her father’s name. This is actually his given name, not a surname; no other member of his family uses it. This is further clarified in Dragon Ball Super where Bulma is simply called “Dr. Bulma”.
  • Bulma is the most recurring female character in the Dragon Ball series.
  • She is the source for most of Dragon Ball’s examples of fan service as she can be seen either partially or completely exposed in a sexually suggestive manner in numerous situations, most of which take place during Dragon Ball.
  • Bulma’s hobby is inventing.[6]
  • Bulma’s favorite food is strawberries.[6] Originally her wish with the Dragon Balls was to have a lifetime supply of them.[6]
  • Bulma’s favorite vehicle is all vehicles.[6]
  • Her Citizen Number is SSC 41453.[20]
  • She has a blood type of B.[7]
  • Bulma’s brassiere measurement at the beginning of Dragon Ball is 34C.[21]
  • Her very first appearance in Anime Media

    Bulma’s first animated appearance was a cameo outside of Dragon Ball in the film Urusei Yatsura 3: Remember My Love, which came out very shortly after the manga had began. She wears the outfit from the cover of Chapter 4. [22]

  • Bulma’s hair has wandered between green, blue and even purple tones inconsistently throughout the series. It is worth noting that Dragon Ball was animated all the way back in the 1980s and the 1990s, long before digital colors were brought into the production process. As such, her hair color occasionally varies from episode to episode, as it simply depended on how the inks were mixed in back in the day. Throw the constantly rotating animation supervisors into the situation, and it is easy to see how such a discrepancy arose. Modern character sheets sometimes even have the hex values for the colors written to avoid this. In Weekly Shōnen Jump #31, 1989 power level list, her hair is colored blond in the background.
  • In all 4 of the Dragon Ball series, Bulma carries a habit of not watching her mouth which could’ve often get her killed or get her into serious arguments.
  • In episode 47 of Dragon Ball, “Kame House – Found!”, Krillin accidentally calls Bulma “Bloomer”, the garment of which she is named.
  • Bulma likes her men to have short hair as said in episode 19 (this is more obvious in the Japanese dub).

Bulma smokes during Great Saiyaman Saga

  • Bulma was a smoker at one point. She is seen smoking in the unedited Dragon Ball and in the manga. She can be seen later smoking again, at some points during Dragon Ball Z, such as the time during the Great Saiyaman Saga when Gohan asks her to make him a suit. Its possible she picked up the habit from her father, a well-known chain smoker in the series.
  • Bulma has been turned into food twice in her life: a carrot once in Dragon Ball, and chocolate once by Super Buu in Dragon Ball Z.
  • In Dragon Ball Forever’s poll of the top 20 best characters, Bulma was voted number 17 by Japanese fans, placing her above Android 17, Yajirobe, and Videl.
  • There is a rumor surrounding Budokai 3 that Bulma is playable, due to the fact that she is seen in the 11th stage of Training Mode, where she explains how to use capsules during a duel. She hardly moves, but it remains evident that a full 3D model of Bulma exists in the game. Also in the bonus DVD packaged with the special edition of the game, Tiffany Vollmer can be seen recording combat voice work for Bulma. There is some truth to this rumor, however, as using cheat methods, Bulma can be played in Budokai 3, but has no techniques, nor can she be designated skills.
  • She has several characteristics of her zodiac sign, Leo. She is self-centered, bossy, and vain at times, but she can be kind, generous, loyal and protective, too.
  • Bulma, though no one ever calls her on it, married the man who murdered and/or wounded several of friends and was responsible for ordering the Saibaman that killed her ex (as he told it to go all out or perish as the Saibaman that lost to Tien had been, thus the Saibaman had little choice but to self destruct and take Yamcha with it as it would have been killed by Vegeta if it hadn’t).
    • However it should he noted that Vegeta unlike Yamcha has been faithful to Bulma and loves her for her personality which reminds him of strong willed female Saiyans. Additionally Vegeta is a bit more prudish then other men she knows, as he considered Bulma vulgar for telling him out loud not to try anything naughty with her when inviting him to stay at Capsule Corporation. He is also protective of her too the point of defending her honor such as his reaction to Goku promising Elder Kai a kiss from Bulma without discussing it with her or Vegeta first or when Beerus retaliated against Bulma for slapping him, and was angered to learn of her future counterpart’s death at the hands of Goku Black.
  • In Dragon Ball Legends, Bunny Girl Bulma (Youth) finds certain versions of adult Goku attractive to the point during her battle intro dialogue, she is totally flabbergasted that Goku grew up to be such “a hottie” as she puts it.


Main article: Bulma/Gallery

See also

  • Bulma (Collectibles)


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