2021 World Championship






Single Elimination

Prize Pool:

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$2,225,000 USD

The 2021 World Championship is the crowning event of League of Legends esports for the year. The tournament welcomes 24 teams from all regions of the game in a months-long race for the Summoner’s Cup.

This year’s World Championship was planned to be held in China, with various stages being held in Shanghai, Qingdao, Wuhan, Chengdu, and Shenzhen–who would have also hosed the finals. China would have been a back-to-back host for Worlds due to the COVID-19 pandemic disallowing spectators from 2020’s event. They have also previously hosted it in 2017. North America’s Worlds event has been pushed to 2022. The starting prize pool for the tournament is $2.225 million, which is expected to grow with in-game item sales.

Due to the changing COVID-19 situation and epidemic control policies in China, the LoL Esports team announced on August 24th that the event has been moved to an as of yet unannounced location in Europe.[1]

On September 9th, the LoL Esports team reveals that the 2021 World Championship will take place in Reykjavík, Iceland.[2]


  • Qualification
    • 24 teams from professional leagues will qualify for the event.
Note: Unfortunately, due to travel restrictions, the two teams from the VCS will still not be able to attend this year’s Worlds.[2]
  • Play-In Round 1October 5th – 7th
    • Ten teams are divided into two groups where they play a Single Round Robin format.
    • All matches are played in a Bo1.
    • Top teams in each group advance to Group Stage.
    • 2nd, 3rd and 4th teams in each group advance to Play-In: Round 2.
    • Bottom team in each group is eliminated.
  • Play-In Round 2October 8th – 9th
    • Six teams from Play-In: Round 1.
    • The 3rd and 4th placed teams of the same group of Round 1 face each other, winners compete against the 2nd placed team of the other group.
    • All matches are played in a Bo5.
    • Two winners will advance to Group Stage.
    • Four losers will be eliminated.
  • Group StageOctober 11th – 13th and 15th – 18th
    • Four teams from the Play-In Stage join twelve teams with direct entry from China, South Korea, Europe, North America and Southeast Asia.
    • All sixteen teams are divided into four groups where they play a Double Round Robin format.
    • All matches are played in a Bo1.
    • Top two teams in each group advance to Playoffs.
    • Bottom two teams in each group are eliminated.
  • PlayoffsOctober 22nd – 25th, October 30th – 31st and November 6th
    • Eight teams play in a single elimination bracket where 1st placed team of each group faces 2nd placed team from another group.
    • Side Selection Privilege
      • Teams with Side Selection Privilege can choose the side in game 1, after that, the team lost can choose the side in the next game.
      • In Quarterfinals, 1st placed team from each group will have the Side Choice Previlege.
      • In the following matches, the Side Choice Previlege will be determined by coin flip.
    • All matches are Bo5.
  • Patch Information

Worlds Draw Show[edit]

The Worlds Draw Show was held on September 22, 0908603917:00 GMT to place teams into groups for the Play-In Stage and the Group Stage of the 2021 World Championship.

Broadcast Talent[edit]

  • Desk Hosts:
  • Interviewers:
  • Analysts:
  • Color Caster and Analysts:

Prize Pool[edit]

The initial prize pool of the tournament is $2,225,000 USD.

Group Stage MVP
Player MVPs

Participating Teams[edit]

Note: The listed rosters without substitutes or staff are based on the last line-up each team competed with, they can change ahead of the tournament.

Group Stage Teams[edit]

1 Rogue was promoted to the group stage, as the VCS teams were unable to attend.

Play-In Teams[edit]

1 The two VCS representatives were not selected due to COVID-19 regulations in Vietnam and a lengthy delay of the VCS 2021 Summer season.


Play-In: Round 1[edit]

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Play-In: Round 2[edit]

Group Stage[edit]

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Knockout Stage[edit]

Additional Data[edit]



Total Blue Side Red Side Match Length (mins)
Champion W L WR W L WR W L WR Played By Played With Played Vs. <25 25-30 30-35 35-40 40-45 >45
0 games played 0W – 0L (0%) 0W – 0L (0%) 0 games 0 games 0 games 0 games 0 games 0 games
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Country Representation[edit]

# Country / Region Representation Players
1  South Korea 34 / 110 (31%) Alive, Aria, Bdd, BeryL, Canna, Canyon, Chovy, Clid, CoreJJ, Crazy, Deft, Doinb, Faker, Gaeng, Ghost, huhi, Keria, Khan, Life, Morgan, Nuguri, Oner, Rascal, River, Ruler, Scout, ShowMaker, Ssumday, Steal, Tarzan, Teddy, Viper, Vsta, Willer
2  China 15 / 110 (14%) Ale, Crisp, Cryin, Flandre, GALA, icon, Iwandy, Jiejie, Light, Lwx, Meiko, Ming, Tian, Wei, Xiaohu
3  Taiwan 7 / 110 (6%) Doggo, Hanabi, HuSha, Kino, Liang, Maoan, Maple
4  Australia 5 / 110 (5%) Aladoric, Babip, FBI, Fudge, Tally
4  Brazil 5 / 110 (5%) Aegis, Grevthar, Guigo, Jojo, TitaN
6  Russia 4 / 110 (4%) AHaHaCiK, BOSS, Nomanz, SaNTaS
6  Turkey 4 / 110 (4%) Armut, Closer, Mojito, Zergsting
8  Denmark 3 / 110 (3%) Jensen, Santorin, Zven
8  Germany 3 / 110 (3%) Abbedagge, Kaiser, Upset
8  Hong Kong 3 / 110 (3%) Kaiwing, Unified, Violet
11  Argentina 2 / 110 (2%) Ackerman, WhiteLotus
11  Belgium 2 / 110 (2%) Bwipo, Nisqy
11  Czech Republic 2 / 110 (2%) Carzzy, Humanoid
11  France 2 / 110 (2%) Adam, Hans Sama
11  Japan 2 / 110 (2%) Evi, Yutapon
11  Poland 2 / 110 (2%) Inspired, Trymbi
11  Sweden 2 / 110 (2%) Bolulu, Larssen
11  United States 2 / 110 (2%) Blaber, Tactical
19  Bulgaria 1 / 110 (1%) Hylissang
19  Canada 1 / 110 (1%) Vulcan
19  Chile 1 / 110 (1%) Cody
19  Croatia 1 / 110 (1%) Perkz
19  Hungary 1 / 110 (1%) Vizicsacsi
19  Peru 1 / 110 (1%) SolidSnake
19  Romania 1 / 110 (1%) Odoamne
19  Spain 1 / 110 (1%) Elyoya
19  Ukraine 1 / 110 (1%) Argonavt
19  United Kingdom 1 / 110 (1%) Alphari
19  Uruguay 1 / 110 (1%) Buggax

Worlds Appearances[edit]

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Peter Dun & IWDominate’s ranking[edit]

Source: [7]


EDward Gaming’s quarter final curse[edit]

2-3 against Star Horn Royal Club in 2014, 0-3 against Fnatic in 2015, 1-3 against KOO Tigers in 2016, a group stage exit in 2017 and 1-3 against Fnatic in 2018. EDward Gaming has had a rough time at Worlds so far. With a line-up almost completely different, they’ll be looking to make it far this year with only Meiko and Scout remaining from these rosters.

Khan’s final tournament[edit]

Khan announced the possibility of retirement after the 2021 season, which means this might be his last tournament. [8] He will be playing with DAMWON Gaming as one of the tournament favourites, but the player he replaced, FunPlus Phoenix’s Nuguri, could just be one of the strong competitors trying to deny this chance. With a title win, Khan would potentially end his career on a high with his first ever international title.

From NA academy to becoming LCO’s unexpected team at Worlds[edit]

Babip and Tally qualified for Worlds on PEACE, the Oceanic entry for 2021. Following the announcement of the disbandment of the LCO in 2020, both players moved to North America to continue their careers. Babip joined TSM Academy, placing just 5-6th at the Proving Grounds Tournament, while Tally joined Golden Guardians Academy, not making it further than 7-8th. With a return to Australia for the summer season, the two put any doubts to bed with PEACE’s incredible run through the LCO Lower Bracket to secure the title.

Vizicsacsi’s return[edit]

Vizicsacsi retired in 2019 after finishing top 8 at Worlds 2019 with Splyce. After 1,5 years of inactivity, he returned, competing in the Magyar Esports Kupa 2021. From here on, he announced that he was interested in competing again, and even coached MAD Lions for a brief period of time. On September 22nd, Vizicsacsi was announced as stand-in for Oceanic team PEACE, replacing Apii who is unable to attend the event. This means a return to competition at the event he ended in 2019, where he could potentially prove himself for LEC teams ahead of 2022. [5]



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